Kidnapping the Hero Party
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Kidnapping the Hero Party

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용사 파티를 유괴한다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Kidnapping the Hero Party

Kidnapping the Hero Party novel mtl

A warrior party made up of warriors, thieves, wizards, and saints.

I must abduct that hero’s party. If I don’t kidnap them, I die.

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  1. Tito c says:

    this story is over, please complete it

  2. Imperador imortal says:

    finally an update

  3. This novel has already ended at chapter 196, and the author is now writing a similar story with the MC rehabilitating the crazy villain. It would be greatly appreciated if Noblemtl finished all the novels previously uploaded in particular for the story already complete.

  4. says:

    The Mtl translation is kinda bad in this novel Won’t lie but still readable.

  5. Please update.please.please.please.

  6. [Last Read: Chapter 11]

  7. I read it in a volley in 2 days. Something like a hike on “Kidnapped Dragons”. In general, interesting, fun, dramatic.

  8. 😘😍😍 says:

    read the villain who robbed the heroines instead

  9. Faker says:

    I like it, I will wait for this story update.

  10. Rone Allza says:

    The story is… Very amusing to say the least. I think the hero is the most normal one atm, the thief is a yandere, the wizard is an emotionless psycho, and the saint is just straight out a drug addict. And well, you know the drill, all of them is girls of course. Not a really bad one tho, but I can’t keep reading the drug addict arc lmao

  11. cblaker says:

    로맨스 판타지의 악당이 되었습니다
    i’d be nice if this got added

  12. Nitro says:

    Le falta el tag “síndrome de stockolmo

  13. Reina Vena Reina Vena says:

    Hey Is that alice from black so…. i mean alicesoft?

  14. Mamito0996 says:

    Finally!! A R-18 novel about confinement.. or so I thought when I saw the title. So dissapointing.

  15. Also mc is treated as mister by heroines so snu snu scenes can’t be much expected lol

  16. The Extra The Extra says:

    This any good? It looks very interesting

  17. Hmm some may like it some may not but it’s nice to pass and kill time, thanks admin to once again adding a yandere regret obsessive novel. Love this site ^^
    It’s a 6.5-7/10 for me from the title I thought there would be serious mindbreak blackmail brainwash r18 scenes but it was sure to disappoint expectation lol it’s pretty chill read.

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