The Half-Puny Priest Hopes To Retire
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The Half-Puny Priest Hopes To Retire

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반푼이 성직자는 퇴직을 희망한다.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Half-Puny Priest Hopes To Retire

I want to quit. please let it stop

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  1. A decent read I guess.

    MC escapes from the hero part half a year before the first chapter. There are twists in the relationships with the hero and her brother.

    Saintess was an emotionless doll who couldn’t even breathe/eat but was kept alive because of all the holy energy in her body. She has the mental capabilities of a 3 y/o in the beginning of the novel and is 16.

    MC had his pinky nail ripped out for standing in her shadow one time and most of the higher ups hate him for being an orphan with a messed-up ability (lore behind the reason of it). He would be hanged if they found out he did anything with the saintess. Combine that with the fact that MC has morals from his old world, and he doesn’t want anything to do with the saintess because she’s constantly after his lips and that could end with his demise.

    There’s a decent backstory as to why the hero likes him, and he left because he could die in one hit from any of the monsters that the hero party is fighting + the fact that he’s super guilty about the hero.

    There are actual reasons for his decline to enter a romantic relationship with them.

    I got to chapter 85 before I realized that while it’s an okay read, it wasn’t for me.

    I’d give it a 6.4/10

  2. Enter says:

    smoking promotion
    It’s clear
    story trash
    it’s a pity

  3. SleepDeprived says:


    The story starting to turn
    Romance/obsession/chaotic/action/smut?/manipulation/revenge/deep past/ mystery/ ????
    After chapter 35 and beyond!!!


    At chapter 97,98,99 , there’s a inter*** with ????

    1. Enter says:

      go fu-k yosel is ass

  4. Didn’t read much of it but so far the story isn’t bad. Mc becomes a somewhat caretaker for a saint, and said saint is the one obsessed with him. However knowing a bit of the lengths of which the saint is obsessed with him (after she does something to him), he wants to quit his job.
    The premise is eye catching for me, however the downside to this novel is that the storytelling (writing) is slightly incoherent and makes understanding the story more confusing than it has to be.
    But honestly, this is a machine translated novel so not really sure what I was expecting. If you’re debating on whether to read or not, just try a few chapters and see if you like it.

  5. Buyanaa says:

    To be honest this is unreadable not from bad story perspective. It is from perspective of writing. Too many metaphors descriptions it is too annoying. 2 words stretched over 5 sentences

  6. Misib says:


    Protagonist is a shit priest chosen by a saintess, he wants to quit but cant, cause he is a runway member from the hero party, the twist here is that the hero party want him badly, he is pessimist thats why he ran away, he also has no women cause he is pessimist.

    its funny and sad seeing him working like that, but he is very loved, still he is a idiot forcing himself so the plot keep going.

    he is also a transmigrator or posessor or something.

    The mtl here is hard sometimes.

    The main girl is the Saintess here and she doesnt talk like a normal person hence the mtl twist it even more, good look making sense.

    some chapters jump to much between, making it hard to get the info correctly.

    didnt read much, good comedy, mc is dumb as hell too, the saint is very very pretty, but she is a pain in the ass, protagonist suffer and she dont really help…

    The hero act normal without him before deafeating the demon king afterwards she is getting depressed without him, here none gave up on mc even if he was weak.

    Hard mtl sometimes more often than u think, funny but a pain in the ass too, protagonist the only f… priest without a women rofl.

  7. Phobi21 says:

    I would try it but I’m working, later, when I’m done I’ll do it.

  8. Dera says:

    Me sinto triste lendo os capítulos iniciais. MC extremamente miserável, com uma santa extremamente birrenta e caprichosa. Me senti muito mal lendo isso.

  9. Reinhardt says:

    This novel is good, at first novel present itself like the generic exiled member from the hero party kinda novel but the unique plot unravel itself in the later chapters.

  10. han says:

    Bro, does anyone want to test to see if this novel is good? I honestly have very low expectations.

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