Possessed as a Tutorial-Exclusive Cheat Character
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Possessed as a Tutorial-Exclusive Cheat Character

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튜토리얼 전용 사기캐에 빙의함
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Possessed as a Tutorial-Exclusive Cheat Character

Latent combat ability S.

I was possessed by a tutorial-exclusive cheat character, a member of the dragon race.

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  1. amogustimestwo says:

    I honestly didn’t dislike what happened at ch 11 but i read 21 then skipped ahead to 64-65 and didn’t really like how everything was going. I don’t feel like reading anymore unless someone can go past 21 and give a full review.

  2. birch hero slayer says:

    can someone tell me what happen at chapter 11?

    1. Hehe says:

      I saw the comments and was curious then read chapter 11, there was someone named Scarlett who said she loved MC but she sacrificed so that MC could be free from enemies. maybe he died…

      I just read and completely skipped

      and wow I opened the comments over 10 times today, waiting for comments from the murdered poison tester…it feels good

      1. birch hero slayer says:

        i see, thanks.

  3. You make my day worse at ch 11

  4. Su 183 says:

    Dropped after reading ch 11
    I don’t know if it’s noble sama or the ducking auther who puts the tags

    You should add dark fantasy/tragedy or regret tag at least

    Sh*t man i got hit in the feeling really hard
    Only 11 chapters but it feels like 50 chapters

    Sigh i just started my day but i feel like sh*t already

  5. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    I swear I posted a review saying it’s boring but it isn’t showing up. Anyway Mc becomes a slave after a boring training arc. War slave Mc fights, talks sh*t, sleeps, and plans for the future then fights again. It’s all very dull and boring so dropped it quickly.

  6. Jabs says:

    Someone tell me Scarlett is okay

    1. Cero says:

      F bro 🙁

  7. Rone Allza says:

    Wtf this took a dark turn, pass for me for now until a decent review/spoiler comes out

  8. milky violet says:

    Y’all say that magic is simple, but then when the story goes

    “To use magic, you have to use the law of thermodynamics along with plentiful of formulas including Grand Maffs Formula of Hershingwza (Pythagorean theorem) alongside the mental stability of master Nicilous VII of Great Rhywhea who pioneered the mental arts of —(stoicism), oh yeah and you need to say a bunch of words like ‘Arise Mistress of flames, to burn is thy duty, thee begs for her grace, thy demands the ability to flame thy opponent, I shall grant my desires onto you for she has the graceful dignity of a majesty’ all in quick succession with another chant ‘father of sun father of sun, I demand your majesty to bow upon me just once’ to cast a low tier spell like fireball”

    1. Milkyviolet'sdoctor says:

      Man I read ton of novels and I saw lots of ypur comments.You finally broke your mind.I hope you will heal🙏

    2. milky violet says:

      I apologize. They didn’t say that magic was simple- but rather the medieval world. Pfff okay, watch some noble family called the Papesburg marry into the royal houses of Rhywhrea, Empire of Alstraticia, Owberyon, Frankes, Northern Enwish, South Donlond, Continental Senate of the federations of Midwestern Ghalaritz

      and then begin a series of social, racial, political and other conflicts that will lead to an eventual world war 547 years later- all this happening because the diverse interconnections or yababadabadada etc etc I’m making this seem more complex than usual

  9. Hehe says:

    dropped in chapter 5, I don’t like the apocalypse world. This is not a zombie apocalypse but AI robots?

    and confusing flows of technology, networks, IDs or whatever

    so this is about a fantasy world with elements of super modern technology

    1. Hehe says:

      What I like about isekai is the medieval simplicity with magic.

      not about super awesome technology that’s better than the world before.
      So I skip genres like this

  10. Insufferable says:

    The mc reveals his transmigration to someone else.

    I’m not saying this trope is bad by any means, but I just don’t like it personally. So if there are others like me who don’t like it then please know this.

    Anyway, it seems to have a solid plot and prgression so if you’re fine with the trope of identity revelation then you can enjoy this.

    1. Insufferable says:

      Plus it seems the revelation will stay with one character (as far as I see). And this character also seems to be the closest character to mc during this novel so it’s actually not that bad.

      I just prefer different I guess.

  11. 🍁MeAndMe🍁 says:

    Let me test it!

  12. Ag Sen Ag Sen says:

    tutorial cheat character? is it like the first character OGMC meet like “i want to be a hero…. reason? it might sounds childish but in the past, when my village was attacked, i met someone slays all monsters attacking my village, he’s so cool and i want to be like that guy!”.

    And MC become ‘that guy’??

    1. Arcus101 says:

      Or perhaps the other option, which is a super strong character that had helped you in the tutorial, but suddenly the Big Bad came and said OP character sacrifice themselves to help OGMC escape. And now MC has to somehow save the OGMC as well as himself and break the story.

  13. Insufferable says:

    We’ve been getting the no-cover novels consecutively for a while now.

  14. Hated Author KR says:


  15. Eyepatch says:

    First 🥇

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