The Hero Disciple Is Back
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The Hero Disciple Is Back

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Hero Disciple Is Back

My disciple is a candidate for the hero.

However, it is said that he became a real warrior and defeated the demon king.


, “Master, do you want to see me go crazy?”

The state of the returned disciple is strange.

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  1. SenatorArmstrong says:

    I love it tbh. The MC acts as a therapist/guidance councilor for people who loses their way or stumbles upon him. He is self aware that he really shouldn’t be getting these supernatural encounters but eventually tells himself “oh well, might as well have fun”. Some arcs are touching especially the second to the latest arc about the Wandering Saintess.

    Honestly, just ignore the guys saying this is just a cookie cutter “MC raises OP disciple cliche” trope since they probably just read a few chapters of this. The plot is indeed like that but it doesn’t revolve around MC being surrounded by shitty harem girls and his disciple being jealous (really it doesn’t). No jealousy drama, and no harem. MC sacrificed his heart (literally his aura heart) to help his student just cause he doesn’t want the child to suffer like him, unaware that the heroine is a regressor who had regressed 10000+ times and had experienced being taught by different kinds of people but still fails to kill the demon king. Shes on the verge of giving up because she is so tired and no one even bothered to lend her a shoulder, even hindering her or showing her that the world doesn’t deserve to be saved.

    The review about this being MC wanting to enjoy his peaceful life is correct but at the same time really just scratches the surface. Unlike the other “Retired MC wants to enjoy his laidback life”, the MC (Jade) is fully aware of every responsibilities and consequences of his action and current position. As the person who had taught the heroine Serah, he knows that he might be assassinated or kidnapped then hostaged to be used as a bargaining chip against the hero so he went to the most recluse place to stay in for retirement then filled it with traps. And even then hes not just “bing chilling”. Hes actively training and becoming stronger despite being in retirement.

    He is not a dense moron like the other retired plot MCs who is unaware the entire time that they could had been killed if not for plot armor or their student helping them. He actively prevents such events from happening. Though latest chapter was unavoidable.

    The obsessive tag is honestly softcore. The Heroine is obsessed but in a way that she only wants to protect him. No “tie him up in a basement” bullshit (at least not yet).

    Overall, I’ll give it an 8.5/10 – 9/10 so far. A gem in this site full of shitty novels.

  2. Hu Tao Hu Tao says:

    I kinda like this. This is more of a “guidance counselor” type of genre than it is an action one. Although I kinda prefer this one to have the Disciple as the sole POV and discovering his master’s past and personality through other character conversation rather than a constant switch in POV that we have in this novel. The constant switching POV seemed slighlty unfocused this way and the emotional investment is not that high as compared to having one POV.

    Overall I am looking forward for more and I want to see how this novel ends.

  3. NeverTalks says:

    Same vein as your popular ln/manga tropes

    A retired [insert whatever title you want] wants to live a laidback life raised an op disciple.

    Or any title that sound like that.

  4. Kibik says:

    Update please

  5. Do i like it or dislike it? Still can’t decide it.

  6. I haven’t finished it so im not gonna review it thoroughly though i can still give you my thoughts on it. The basic premise about this novel is the retired A-Class Mature Hunter / Mercenary with a golden and good heart in nature is tasked to traik the chosen and destined hero but the hero is actually a tired regressor whose personality is cold and depressed. And if you want a basic logline about this web novel…. nah, i dont think you really need me to write whole one paragraph to give a futher explain about the basic premise. After all, you can read the preceding comment on this novel comment section. And about the thorough storyline, i haven’t read that far yet so i can’t give you that. Okay lets get to my thoughts

    The first thing i want to give you is the fact that this novel has a little of action scene and lot of talks. Well, that is not the author false since it is what this novel was intended to be, so i don’t know if you mind this or not but for me it’s not bothering me at all since i dont mind a little action as long as it’s written properly. If you mind this problem, you might find this novel quite boring if you can’t be engaged with the story and the world inside of it.

    The second thing i want to say is that… i dont really understand about this but can this web novel count as romance? I swear the relationship between them and the writing upon the scene and event on the plot of this novel story is kinda beautiful and sweet, but i also have a guts feeling that somehow this isn’t really a romance. I dont know. Maybe, because i have read a lot of romance novel, i get a spidey sense-like (in this case, maybe reader sense?) to determine something with just using my instinct and feeling. And also, most of the time, misunderstanding is mainly paired with romance or if not a comedy. This novel clearly is more biased slightly towards the romance part. So, there’s no really a comedy, but more slight to romance. But again, im gonna be honest, as far as ive read the story, im gonna count this novel as kinda a slow romance? Because this novel is sweet but the sweet part is mainly caused by the misunderstanding which can lead to romance most of the time but it just feels that it doesn’t progress to there as long ad i read it. And to be fair, this novel doesn’t have romance genre on it. Go check it. Maybe i am wrong. It does have that sweet obsessive love though. You see how a little weird this is? Misunderstanding but no comedy. Misunderstanding but not really a romance. Obsessive love and obsession but no romance as the main genre. No romance genre and even tag and theme but still sweet. You see… this is… a bit…… weird…? It’s up to you to decide, but give it a try to taste it by yourself. Its not like this is the worst poison you’re gonna taste. Clearly better than the frustrating ‘Academy Overpowered Instructor’ novel posted before that is not really overpower 💀

    The third part i want to mention is that you dont need to worry to get pissed when reading this novel. Even if you hate it, that’s still gonna be a “meh” so it’s not like its gonna kill you. Dont fret. As i have said, this is just my thoughts on the novel. So you can give it a try by yourself amd choose to continue or not. Its up to you. Me? I want to continue read it first to see more information about this novel.

  7. Rader says:


    It’s at least better than many genius academy novels. Premise here is that a person with noble soul was born and he is our MC Jade. This was not a god chosen hero but a natural born hero, meaning more purer and great. Just like heroes in our myths the world imposed many trials for him, his family got killed, his reputation tarnished, betrayed and many more but he still survived and evolved to greater karma, his soul became way powerful.

    Now world laid out another trial for him who retired, raising a regressed hero. She who was broken was fixed with his soul and in this trial he even got the fragment of power of gods, a power to do the impossible as even after giving up his power he was able to grow again.

    Hero part is simple. She is a regressor and will move like a seasoned regressor.

    Main part is the story of Jade. He is a special being because he cleared most trials given by the world and the story is about the last of his trials before be become a new god or something similar for the world without gods.

    You may like the Novel if you can digest many long talks and little action. Most of the scenes here are people coming to him to seek his guidance and him learning new things by facing his trials and growing up even more.

  8. Lku says:

    Not recommended it’s meh

  9. Phobi 21 Phobi 21 says:

    Let’s see, the protagonist is a retired A-class mercenary who didn’t want to climb the power ladders any further, he just wanted to be moderately strong and live a quiet life.

    But, in the midst of his retirement, an order from royalty came, he had to raise one of the hero candidates, so that he would defeat the demon king.

    The protagonist becomes fond of and pities the girl, a poor little girl who must carry an impossible task on her shoulders, what a pitiful girl who has a sword without emotions.

    However, the girl is not normal, it is impossible for her to be, after all, she is a regressor.

    Tired and anguished from losing the war so many times, she no longer wants to continue, she could still do it but she needs someone’s help, she needs the heart aura of a teacher, but nobody wants to give it to her, it is obvious it is something so precious that it is impossible to ask for it .

    However, this time if there was someone who did it, unexpectedly, the mercenary that he considered as one of the bunch, decided to give it to her…

    (All that from chapter one… if she keeps the same level then it will be interesting)

    Chapter Two.
    It is clarified that the Aura Heart is practically the life of a warrior, losing it suddenly could lead to death.

    The little heroine knows it, she can hear the protagonist vomiting blood, she is happy to get the hope she wished for, but she was also worried…

    But she would not allow her descent so easily, she was a returner, she had more knowledge than anyone else, therefore, she had thought of a method to save whoever gave her her Aura Heart.

    But the unexpected happened again, even when she gave him a method for the protagonist to survive, he thought that such a method would be useful to her, even ignoring her health.

    I don’t want to keep writing because she doesn’t let me enjoy the story, so far this is beautiful, I hope she stays this way.

  10. Aria says:

    poison testers unite!? so is it good to go already!?

  11. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    Well atleast it provides a lot more information about the novel than some other synopsis.

  12. Lku says:

    Finally new obsession yandre novel 😭

  13. Any information about the poison testers

  14. Bring back the goods successfully, Rennna, good luck.

  15. Anyway, I’ll take myself as a poison tester. Wish me luck.

  16. I-Impossible! The sypnosis is more than a sentence?!

  17. _ Izanami9 _ Izanami9 says:

    at least synopsis is in a paragraph.

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