The Heroine Who Was Taken Away by the Main Character Becomes Obsessed With Me After Returning
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The Heroine Who Was Taken Away by the Main Character Becomes Obsessed With Me After Returning

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주인공에게 빼앗겼던 히로인이 회귀후 내게 집착한다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Heroine Who Was Taken Away by the Main Character Becomes Obsessed With Me After Returning

The main character of the original story took away My lover, and returned.

So, in this life, I tried to give up.

…But the heroine who regressed started to obsess over me.

Clearly, along with several heroines who didn’t obsess over me in the past life.

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  1. Contrary to many opinions here, I didn’t find this story plainly bad, but there is indeed something that prevents it to shine brightly.

    So, basically (and this isn’t a spoiler, it is, litereally, the introduction o the story, made through the firs and second chapters):

    MC reincarnated as a second rate villain character of a novel he read, who was fated to be dumped by his fiancee, the main heroine of the story. Knowing this, MC tries to get away from this entanglement and live his life peacefully, away from all the problems which would come, but, when he meets the heroine for the first time, he falls in love with her and decide to fight for her love. As time passes, he achieve his goal, making the heroine madly in love with him, but his happiness doesn’t last long. The trashy 1st prince, who was supposed to be the real love of the heroine in the novel, secretly uses a magical artifact to alter the heroine’s mind, making her dump MC and stay with him, the prince, which makes MC looses his will to live, culminating in him taking his own life, right in front of the heroine, which triggers MC’s regression.

    Once regressed, MC decide to not fight for the heroine’s love anymore, believing that the trashy 1st prince was indeed her real love and, as initially planned, decide to live his life peacefully, away from the main characters of the story.

    Well, in truth, when MC toke his own life right in front of the heroine, that scene triggered the recovering of her mind, but it was too late for her to do anything. MC, the one she really loved, was arelady dead. In a fit of rage, the heroine (who was a very strong mage-like character) killed the trashy 1st prince, burned the capital of his kingdom to the ground and used the power of an acient spirit to roll back time and correct all the mistakes that happened.

    Once I read this introduction, what came to my mind was: “WOW!!! There is no way for this story to be bad”.

    Both MLC and FLC love each other madly, but having memories of the events of the previous timeline will make it quite hard for them to be together again. Even if the “betrayal” wasn’t real, the pain caused by this fake betrayal was real, and pain isn’t something easy to forget.

    So, I expected from this story good romance and a lot of drama, but here comes the problem, the “thing” I said prevents this story to shine.

    The author, although using this setting as introduction to the story, barely touches it during its progression. Seriously, I already read around 80 chapters and, excluding the first two, the author used, if much, 3 chapters to tells us events related to the relationship between MLC and FLC. This is only my opinion, but I think the author uses way too much time writing about things without much importance to the setting he proposed at the beginning of the story. As time passes, this writing behavior starts to make the story boring.

  2. kono dioda kono dioda says:

    dropped at 53
    way too slow so far most of the 50cps is about a tournuments aginst weaklings that never seems to end

  3. CrovoloDesu says:

    More chapters please

  4. Su 183 says:

    Don’t let the comments discourage you

    For me it’s just average story but at least not poisonous

  5. Muhammad says:

    Unsurprisingly I guessed the title from the first line

  6. info. says:

    1.Mc lost everyone on war, the last straw was fmc “betrayal”.
    (HE DIDNT REBEL OR ANYTHING, nor he even hold any feelings against prince, thats just fake charges against mc…)
    Dont call him hogu cause he lost everyone he hold dear and is backstabed by the end

    2.Fmc was not eaten by prince, what prince likes is the man utter despair… Not se… U get it, right?
    Which she kill the whole imperial family and prince in rage.
    And goes back in time… Apart from this everything they said is true.

  7. I remembered from reading the prologue again. It had some potential and premise but it had cliche fillers so i dropped it in the middle. So going in again

  8. Totally forgot this existed

  9. Enter says:

    108 chapters
    had to read the original because there are no chapters here after 53.
    General content of the story:
    before us standard One-Piece story: 1000500+ chapters in which absolutely nothing happens, not a single villain is killed, and all the series are only about where to look for a new waifu in the harem
    MC – cuckold, protecting the main villain, in addition to their own love lines between potential members of the harem (for example, the love line of the Bastard Prince’s sister – the princess and the MC escort knight).
    harem list and status:
    Elena (brainwashed, reincarnator, hides her innocence from MC)
    Lisa – (reincarnator) – hides from MC Elena’s innocence and that she is a Reincarnator, mage
    Selene – a dragon-blooded rabbit maid
    Rin is the ice princess of the nomadic tribes, running after the MC
    Klischen – the head of the mercenaries and the strongest fighter in history – is intrigued by the incredible MC
    Ren is the bastard prince’s sister, sick and will live another year, rescued by MC, in love with MC escort knight
    on the way:
    mermaid – I’m tired of this cuckold shi*t.

  10. D says:

    Surely the original lover isnt going to end up with her time spirit as a consolation prize right? Because that would be horribly lazy writing

    But its already horribly lazy that she didnt explain things to the mc

  11. D says:

    So wait, the original female lead was sweet and beautiful and loved the mc and got mind controlled so she said she didnt love the mc, but in reality the prince didnt actually have s*x with her? Did he have s*x with her?
    What are the details of that? Was she aware of what was going on?
    And she killed herself and turned back time but shes still being treated as a villain by the author, while another girl gets to be the new main female lead?
    But if the comments are true then the original lover did nothing wrong (even if the mc doesnt know that)… is the author not going to have her end up with the mc too?
    Is the original fml working to be with the mc? Kill the prince/take his artifact or whatever? Shes not being ntrd in this life or anything right?

    Can anyone tell me if the MC is going to find out the truth? and if theres any chance this will have an actual harem ending where the original fml gets to be one of the MCs lovers? Or is she just going to be a sad victim who gets left in the dust

  12. GameOn says:

    Although found the premise interesting but not the story. Will wait to read again after it is completed.

  13. Blue Shadow says:

    Bro @Feng chill down

  14. Feng says:

    Did fker actually commit sucide beacause a little bch left him? Already -100 points. On that note guys who might be going through the same or had similar experiences please remember NO A SINGLE FUCKER IS WORTH GIVING UP YOUR LIFE OVER. SO LIVE. LIVE TO THE FULLEST . BECOME BETTER THAN YESTERDAY. AND PROMISE TO BECOME EVEN BETTER TOMORROW. CAUSE THIS IS SPARTAAAAAAAAAA.

  15. GoDofNovel says:

    I would say Lucia is best girl, after mc died she destroyed the whole empire to get revenge on mc then went ahead and go to the past with the first fl to save cale, I just hope her obsession is just on the outside I don’t wanna see mc get kidnap broad daylight

  16. rrobz says:

    I think a couple elements get lost in the above reviews, particularly about the MC, who is definitely not a beta-type isekai’ed Japanese MC (spoilers below, but generally from the first chapter).

    First, the reviews make the MC sound like sound heartbroken p#ssy who gets NTR’d and in a fit of depression offs himself. Not so. After finding out the FMC betrays him, the guy gets pissed, starts a rebellion against the imperial family (which is ultimately unsuccessful), gets captured, is about to be executed, breaks out of his bondage, gives a great last line, and only then offs himself with a smile. Basically, he goes out with style.

    Second, when he regresses, he doesn’t worry about BS like “I need to act like the character originally did so no one knows I’ve changed” as is so common in Japanese light novel possessor / regressor stories – he immediately plans for an alternate future getting away from the FMC and starts to act on that plan.

    Third, the FMC gets blamed above for misunderstandings between her and the MC, but there is equal blame to go around to several, and in fact I place the majority of the blame on Chrono (won’t reveal anything about who / what that is).

    Pots Potato is right though = after chapter 8 (chapter 9-15) is a really crappy arc you just need to get through, and I couldn’t stand the behavior of the new female character that was introduced (she gets better though).

  17. Some people may disagree but I like the characters in this work.

    The Mc who was supposedly betrayed by his love gives up on everthing. The heroine who was brainwashed to betray Mc awakens from hypnosis after the shock and finds a way and goes “It’s rewind time”

    I like the Mc because after regression he doesn’t goes all soft and forgives. Also doesn’t kill everything in rage. He could have done it in his first life but relatably he just gave up.

    The heroines are also good snough because they’re not “I like him because he keeps saving my life” types. They have their own paths of growth. And they’re strong.

    But in the end the story itself is not that much exciting. I mean events themselves didn’t take my interest that much. To be honest best parts are where last life was mentioned and how the heroines were powerful guys making the world upside down and how the Mc was a swordmaster.

    If I give a score I’ll give 3.5/5

    Note: Too much love might cause trouble lol

  18. I will keep it short mc thinks he got cucked by the original protagonist prince and fmc with whom he was in supposedly true love. But actually Prince had some shitty artifact that can brainwash females and his fetish is to steal other person lovers, but the brainwashed person body still show resistance as a result Prince can’t be intimate with brainwashed female. Mc commit suicide and return to first day after transmigration then it’s your usual generic plot -heroines also return , for some shitty xyz reasons like in all regressed novels they can’t tell our mc that they too returned , fmc who actually loved mc a lot (as she also killed herself when mc did suicide) just keep her mouth shut and not reveal anything just letting piles and piles of misunderstandings pile up and so are other heroines. As for redemption and harem arc there’s hardly any development as chs are very less that are released. Mc is also a very simple -minded person like your Japanese isekai naive transmigrators who will probably take lot of chs to build up his character.
    To be honest this type of revenge -redemption stories need a strong dominant-villain type of domineering character otherwise I don’t find them spicy enough to read xd.
    3/5 average read for me to time pass before sleeping lol.

  19. Zdoger says:

    The main problem of such novels is that it doesn’t make sense that the hero is a resident of that world or a hitman does not make much difference in the logic of the work and why it is needed.

  20. ginnashi says:

    i’m tired of these plots where the fmc should be a bitch seeking redemption but is actually a r’pe victim

  21. (Spoilers, read at your own risk)

    So basically mc posessed the villlain of a story and mc and fmc fell in love with one another, but mc gets ntr’d by fmc with a bitch-a-
    Ahem, a mf called prince Evans, the original protag of the story, who loves seeing the reactions of victims after they are ntr’d. So mc kills himself but fmc rewinds time and mc in the current life avoids the fmc, trying not to be heartbroken again. He goes out and interacts with other fmcs (I think) and improve their talents. Obsession-start.
    Personally, I’d prefer to see Evans burn in hell in the future, but that’s just me 🤷‍♂️.
    Read up to chapter 8 and see whether you’d like to continue or not, but be warned that the chapters get a teeny-weeny tiny bit boring the further you continue (this might just be my opinion though).
    Thanks for the novel noble.

  22. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    Well from the synopsis I think he knows they regressed because he also regressed, I mean there is that said ‘So, in this life, I tried to give up’ meaning he knows the future.

  23. Salty1 says:

    Any poison tester here ?

  24. Misib says:

    Forget what i said above, my mistake.

  25. Misib says:

    I mtl author comment so i can be wrong.

  26. Putu says:

    please give me a masterpiece or something readable with fantasy genre

  27. Aether says:

    Dude i have a concern with the title. Tbf i don’t give a shit about how long it is. But how dafuq did he know that those heroines are regressor? Hmm. Might jump in.

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