Alright, Let’s Turn Slaves Into Adventurers
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Alright, Let’s Turn Slaves Into Adventurers

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그래, 노예를 모험가로 부려먹자
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Alright, Let’s Turn Slaves Into Adventurers

He wants money.
The merchant, who inherited the tool shop from his father, was getting fed up with the break-even selling method.

Since he couldn’t earn much, each day was ordinary.
So he decided to buy a slave.

An adventurer, who if successful, could bring in vast wealth. However, he doesn’t like danger. In that case, he can have a slave do it.
Because what belongs to the slave belongs to the master.

Yes, it’s the era of the slaves business.

This is the story of a merchant who buys slaves and raises them as an adventurers.

As he continues to provide support to raise the slaves , the slaves gradually becomes stronger.
He doesn’t know yet. The fact that he is raising an incredibly strong adventurers.

A merchant’s plan moves history.

PS: This is a Japanese novel from Novelpia Japan. It won a contest and was translated into Korean. I don’t have access to the Japanese version of Novelpia, so this is a mtl of the Korean translation

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  1. Oh I remember now. A few months ago, I read this banger of a Japanese novel that was basically something like “mhmm I want a yandere harem”. It wasn’t great in a critical view but I enjoyed it because it was stupid fun and it didn’t take itself seriously.

    The MC is some Mary Sue that is a genius, handsome, proficient in the ways of everything and the author does a good job using those to his advantage. Basically any yandere trope, MC can get out of. Awww is someone getting a little stabby stabby because I flirted with my childhood friend?? Alright now watch your knife get broken because my body is some Greek chiseled statue chad of a man, 6 pack and everything. Yes that literally happens in the novel, HE LITERALLY STOPPED A KNIFE BECAUSE HE’S SO FIT! So goofy, I recommend it haha

  2. D F D F says:

    This is jp novel, even isekai smartphone is award winning in japan

  3. I don’t know how thus win cause this is beyond bad.
    Read up to chapter 26, not a single character in this novel have personality

  4. shiki says:

    Maybe because this was originally a JP novel translated into KR and then mtl into ENG. First chapter MC tells his child slave how much money she is worth/cost to him. Then the child gets hit by money in the face and MC tells the kid to keep it. Wtf is up with this author.

  5. Wow, now we have a book on the exploitation of child labor, built on how a person buys people and then sends them on potentially deadly journeys, and the bought people love him in return? Even I don’t feel inhumane enough to say that the exploited children I buy (for some reason, I think the bought slaves will be young enough) whose lives I am willing to scatter for the elusive possibility of a happy outcome, as if they were just some lottery tickets, should love me in return for this. I sincerely want to thank the author for opening up new horizons for me.

  6. Insufferable says:

    I think it’s not the concept of slavery but rather the very persistent trope attached to it.

    Subservience and dependency. The fact that dominantly slave tropes often make the slave girl devote her life to the “master” and lower herself willingly as well as discard any selfish of personal desire in favor of the “master’s” is a reflection of the desire of men.

    Especially since anime back then unlike the mainstream now, is tailored heavily to the depraved desires of the “otaku”. And, not to mock nor marginalize anyone, these people have usually difficulty on women and have unrealistic thoughts and standards, such as dependence on him, devotedness (sign of unswerving loyalty) and no desire other than him. These satisfy their fragile esteem and anxiety that a beautiful woman would leave them for someone else, which is circumvented if they get a “blindly loyal” girl.

    Hence, the emergence of slave and yandere tropes.

  7. simplethrone says:

    @milky violet I don’t think there are that much differences in quality between all of east asia lower-to-mid mass public cheap consumable media tbh. Masterpieces in all places always comes once in a blue moon after all, people might’ve just burned out from decades of samey things and jumped out because the other guy changed the package. Sure we’re all tired of “OP MC isekai harem” but then again what are the differences between that and the “munchkin tower climbing gate invasion” or “face-slapping cultivator with myriad concubines”. The other side didn’t have harems? The list of top 9 popular novels on this websites on the right proved that wrong immediately.

    Not to mention that all the problems and stigma of JP MC were all last decade now. They’re pussies who didn’t dare to touch girls? Even Kirito bangs Asuna now. Yet despite most problems addressed it was on a downwards spiral. Due to all the critics it’s all either edgy deconstructions or quick product. Nobody dared to have fun now. Good thing some authors over there still didn’t care for shame and shared their cum-ladened body pillow fun. I just hope many people realize that chasing trends or chasing novelty is a doomed path today.

    Still can’t believe myself agreeing to the critics in the past, but ends up opening vol 1 DxD today.

  8. simplethrone says:

    @Dagonsuznyx I don’t think so. It’s just because some guy used it once and the it became popular, then transcends into popular tropes. Just like how isekai is. Also, a lot of stories actually focused on freeing them later in the middle of the story. If you analyzed it even deeper, it’s just a branch/variation of damsel in distress tropes.

    And this is just nonsense generalization from me, but seems they’re nationally attracted with S/M bondage thing. I think illegal SM club being raided by police is things that crop up on their news from time to time. Slave heroines might just be an extension of that, but in fictional form. Doesn’t mean subconsciously inhuman, just weirdos.

    This what might result in some dissonance between the western audience. To the west, the topic slavery is a complex problem with its own special history. A serious problem about human rights. To the Japanese? “I’m just tying my lover while she stepped on me wtf you guys are talking about?”

  9. Sephir says:

    Wow milky is back

  10. Anyways all that mumbo jumbo aside, I was going to go on a tirade against Japanese novels and English translations of Japanese novels… but it’s too much work so all I’m going to say is that I can’t remember the last time I actually read a good Japanese novel.

  11. Agreed. As an valiant human supremacist, no human should live under the shackles of another, their personal freedoms stripped. Oh yeah but the other species, screw them you’re staying slav- nah actually what use is the pride of humanity when we trample upon others for it. It is unnecessary, the act of slavery.

  12. Dagonsuznyz says:

    There is no tame slavery. Slavery, in all its forms, is universally bad.

  13. Wry Vent Wry Vent says:

    It’s not bad, a chill story. Feels like MC is playing a management sim. Equip slaves with items, send them out on quests. Sell loot, repeat. MC feels a bit mysterious, never explicitly stated, I wonder if he’s an isekai MC? The setting is neatly developed, there’s some Church vs Nobles stuff going on in the background.

    The slavery is rather tame, strange as that might sound. One slave is sold by poor peasant family, one sells themselves to fund an orphanage, one is a war slave that couldn’t afford their ransom. MC is pretty mercantile, treats slaves as investments, hasn’t bedded them so far but is rather well liked as a reasonable master. No romance so far.

  14. Carrot King says:

    What is Mc identity? it wAs still reasonable buying Weapon and Armor with lightweighted buff by using money but i dont believed That Necklace that Az use can easily be bought with onky 3Golds

  15. Dagonsuznyx says:

    Am I the only one who thinks the Japanese obsession with slaves is extremely unhealthy? Like it is beyond larping or fantasy at this point

  16. Yuki says:

    @simplethrone As far as I know, Novelpia compensates authors with a one-time upfront payment for their completed novels. The amount paid to authors depended on the success of their serialisation, which was influenced by the popularity and demand for the novel. Authors can also get support from a crowdfunding system, where readers could contribute money to support their favourite authors or novels. You can find a lot of novels written but not finished in Novelpia. Many are simply written because it is a hobby or just a momentary wish at the beginning but is not continued.

  17. Kaniya says:

    Tch! No melons in the cover

  18. simplethrone says:

    Imma ask unrelated questions: Do novelpia actually pays the author with a set amount of money or no? Because I’ve had many funny experiences where the author of webnovel I’ve read didn’t update their works for months or even years in syosetu then suddenly found a few of them with paid chapter in novelpia.

  19. Macguffin says:

    Whelp, too fast for the chapters

  20. Kirill Popov says:

    Типо да?

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