3 Rounds by Myself
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3 Rounds by Myself

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나 혼자만 3회차
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis 3 Rounds by Myself

The two abilities of the body, which were manifested by accident death and suic*de in the previous life, completely changed my life in the 3rd round after returning.

[Tteokshin You]

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  1. Salty1 says:

    I slightly doubt you

  2. In 69 chapter 18+ began.

  3. Velcon says:

    I would not call it NTR in a sense. They are not even going out and we see nothing of it, its only stated via story reasons why the guy offed himself in the second round. There is just a scene where she tells MC she is pregnant and is being married to the father of the baby, but you can tell from the scene that it was all forced on her.

    And like Rob Z said, the obsessive love mainly comes from the MC to the childhood friend, problem being even if she was aiming at the MC always I call her a bad pick. Like she only starts paying attention to him once he starts to become a big hunter, like from what we got from his past lives she was never there for him as a friend till now(At least that’s my view of it). Idk about you at most I would say she is a person you help, but keep as a friend cause it just weird that they live their whole lives together yet feelings from her might just be starting after he is big(I say might cause it only happened when she was drunk with MC, and nothing much happen but I might recall wrong).

  4. GoDofNovel says:

    U sure no NTR bro cz iam about to dive in the novel, if I just accidentally read any sort of NTR my brain automatically overthink it and I get depress thinking sht

  5. The truth smh says:

    Took a while to find out but BSS stands for a certain japanese wording which i do not remember meaning… ” even though I loved her first”. Basically Loved her. She didn’t choose me type of thing

  6. rob z rob z says:

    40 chapters in and agree with Velcon. There does seem to be one main love interest, but there is no progress at all.

    Quick summary: MC is a regressor who died twice and is on his third life. The world is modern day except there are gates that connect our world to various fantasy worlds. MC committed suicide in his second life because the girl he loved (seems like an osananajimi) got pregnant from another guy (no NTR, it’s BSS), and despite years of trying, failed to become a Hunter.

    In his third life he gets superpowers (won’t give away details) and becomes a Hunter, who can travel through gates to fantasy worlds and complete quests, get money, EXP, items, etc.

    In short, this degenerates into a hodge podge of tropes with not much substance (regressor, hunter, OP, gates, fantasy world, grinding, level up). To the extent there is any “obsession”, it seems to be the MC obsessed with his love interest, thinking that if he becomes a famous hunter, she will turn to him – all the while doing nothing to actually progress the relationship.

  7. Velcon says:

    I read the novel for mainly the reason I saw pure love but this is not it.
    60 chapters in and we dont even have a single girl with the MC, pretty much there are a bunch but nothing that points to pure love. In a way I would call this more a harem cause the amount of girls that come to the MC and are showing feelings.
    All in all, I will call my reading of this story here, nothing bad(sort of?) just not my thing. If you have the pure love tag I expect something to happen more earlier.

  8. Lolicon 2 says:

    3 rounds ? Guooooo

  9. Caliber says:

    @Lolicon Bro aren’t you little too open about your fetish🤣

  10. Fr bro I wrote an entire novel and it wasn’t even posted >:(

  11. says:

    Ah, crap, forgot to remove “Since I am going to sleep fr.” 🗿🗿.

  12. says:

    Aight hope the mods will not remove my 630 words crap story when I post it when Nobel released another mtl since I am going to sleep fr.

  13. Salty1 says:

    Whats the title of your story ?

  14. says:

    ^Not if I stop being a lazy and finally edit my random ass story first, maybe wwww!!

  15. D.D says:

    Why does this have pure love didn’t he sleep with 3 different women??

  16. Another 3 rounds of me making a random story about yanderes haha!!

  17. iAmhereinfreeNovels says:

    3 rounds? tsk weak

  18. Basreng anying says:

    3 rounds? What? Idk. I am still a child!

  19. Reafan says:

    Another 3 round of what?

  20. Lolicon says:

    Damn my dirty mind thinking about another 3 rounds

  21. says:

    I swear that if this is mid as hell I’ll just take a break and start writing again or reading books fr🗿.

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