The Knight Wants To Be in a Relationship
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The Knight Wants To Be in a Relationship

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Knight Wants To Be in a Relationship

I want a lover.

So, I cut the sky.

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  1. Aye says:

    To be in a relationship, you’ll prob want to have/ be a part of a robust social circle. Loners have it much harder

  2. Kaniya says:

    The novel Tittle is wrong.let me correct it.

    Tittle: I want a harem

    Story: After catching the 1st Pokemon (childhood friend) he goes to journey to catch more Pokemons.

    Warning: No hatred towards the girls:

  3. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    I read to chapter 50, it’s pretty brain dead and it’s hilarious that there is no harem or romance tag. Mc is a bit of a dork when it comes to relationships. Now yhat his childhood friend has confessed to him and given him a kiss im wondering if the harem train is coming.

  4. Zzz says:

    The problem with novel is the premise itself.
    If there is a novel called i want to die! can you guess what happens? Yes he doesnt die.
    So now lets look at what we have in hand,
    Title: I want to be in a relationship, with no romance or whatsover in tags. Even reading comments here you can catch a glimpse fr9m smell of garbage reeking off mc

  5. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    I read that ch48 and while I can’t say much since I’ve only read the last 3 chapters let me just say that for someone so desperate for a gf from what the synopsis says he sure do deserve to not have one just because of that “I like you too” and then just as the girl is soaring he dropped her with a “if I can’t find a girl in the city than I’ll go out with you”. Seriously, what a bastard, and he had the gall to not understand why she slapped him for that comment, not thinking he said anything wrong and needing to be told that”If my childhood friend said that I’ll cut off all my ties with him” by another girl to convince him he did something wrong but STILL not knowing exactly what is wrong and still manage to criticize her for ignoring him when he wants to apologize afterwards(she was actually kidnapped but he didn’t know that then), complaining that she was being childish as if he had any right to talk with her after treating her as a last/emergency option for a gf, it would’ve been fine if he just reject her, that is his right to reject her if he don’t love her back but treating her like a spare? Nah, that is too much. Even if he get a gf they’ll likely to break up soon enough as long as he still have that personality.

  6. milky violet says:

    Bro really went “I can’t get a girl so I’ll become that edgy mysterious anime character that’s not really mysterious and is actually just a loser and a loner with no friends. In fact 90% of people just think he is autistic”

  7. No? His life is fine? He just wants a gf. He reads hero stories and goes to fortune tellers and gets convinced that he has to be strong to get a gf. He leaves his childhood friend to go on a journey but he doesn’t notice her feelings.

    The story is not awful but I can say Mc can be frustrating. I mean one chapter he covers the crime of a girl where she murdered a innocent people (used for bait), in another he rejects a girl’s one night-stand or marriage offers.

    Btw in latest chapters he returns home and gets confessed by his cf. In that “confession” chapter

  8. Supcolors says:

    So this is the downgraded version of that japanese novel of a guy whose childhood friend becomes a saintess and gets stolen by the hero, becomes depressed and runs into a forbidden mountain, becomes op, befriends a dragon and starts searching for love only for every girl to somehow reject him or he misunderstands them and runs away, again. After that the girls realise they love and start chasing him? I think it was called Sono mono, nochi ni… so yeah not gonna make myself suffer again

  9. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    Lmao, even bugs can get into a relationship and Mc is crying after seeing them have a good time. Nice cover image, the story itself is trash.

  10. Big Blackclock says:

    Lmao. Look at this character ai addicted guy *laughs mockingly*

  11. Just dust Just dust says:

    dude…get some rest from

  12. Carrot King says:

    Damn!! Did i just use *—* 💀💀 To much character A.i might need some break *sigh*

  13. Carrot King says:

    cant pass chapter 10 *while feeling bored*

  14. Truck says:

    Poison blergh

  15. Luiz Felipe says:

    noble please get novels with good concepts not things like that😭

  16. Luiz Felipe says:

    Why Noble is only picking up novels with questionable quality😭

  17. Memomo says:

    dude literally got confessed to by the childhood friend and his response was if I don’t find someone from the city I’ll marry you lmao.. not even a 5 year old is this stupid… they made up 2 chapters later tho

  18. Velcon says:

    After reading the chapter by the person I will not say the name of, Cp48.
    I have come to the terms that MC is gonna have to get NTR, the only way for him to get his head out his bum cause this guy is just an ass.

  19. Khuê says:

    Một MC thiểu năng trí tuệ…

  20. Rone Allza says:

    He’s crying because he’s broke lmao

    Anyway, clueless and no common sense mc throughout 23 chapter and still being stoobid isn’t my cup of tea here, maybe another re-*ehem poison tester would give their experience about this

  21. Memomo says:

    why there’s no pure love or harem tag… I smell poison ahead

  22. Big Blackclock says:

    Lmao. The cover looks like mc crying after seeing those two bugs🤣

  23. Big Blackclock says:

    Chap 48 title: Confession. Chap 50 title: friends. Hmmmm

  24. Velcon says:

    Already read 3 chapters and I already hate the MC. He is nothing more than a robot that is “I WANT GF, I WANT GF, I WANT GF” with nothing else going on in his head. His whole life it seems that he worked hard just for that, and sadly he worked so hard for that that he never saw his Childhood friend feelings cause he left town looking for beauties. Pretty much unless he gets better as the story goes I see no reason to read, cause I believe its one of those stories where he keeps moving place to place not seeing the feelings of people around him and that is the joke(Which I find awful).

  25. Kirill Popov says:

    He watches like beetles…

  26. Poison Tester says:

    MC: I want lover so I cut the sky

    Me: get on some date bruh, why you blame it to sky🗿

  27. Kaniya says:

    I want a good novel

    So bye

  28. Ashu says:

    So does he get a girlfriend??

  29. Truck says:

    Chapter where?

  30. Poison Tester says:

    Im speed!

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