The Munchkin Disciple Wants To Stop Being Obsessed Over
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The Munchkin Disciple Wants To Stop Being Obsessed Over

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먼치킨 제자는 그만 집착받고 싶다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Munchkin Disciple Wants To Stop Being Obsessed Over

I was possessed. In a manga game where the main character of the original story does not ‘purely love’, there is a bad ending.

The situation was bleak, but I was fortunate to meet a master and learn swordsmanship and magic, allowing me to survive.

7 years passed, and the year the main episode began arrived.

My master became obsessed with me, saying “I’ve placed a tracking spell, so stay obediently at home.”

I had to stop the protagonist from forming a ‘harem’, so I escaped.

Somehow I succeeded in fleeing from my master.

But then, “My feelings and body belong only to you.”

“I can’t live without you.”

“Your hand… No, give me your embrace.”

“P*ut it in me♡”

Women even more obsessive than my master began clinging to me.

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  1. CeilingFan says:

    Chapt 155

    Junk food

  2. Rissira says:

    please tell me does mc stop being a jerk after academy arc?

  3. Zhen Wu. says:

    It took a while, thanks for updating.

  4. Ntr is the third thing I hate the most, right behind mind break and loli gore hentai.
    … but on the other hand I feel the call of yandere, so I will enter.

  5. Jahe Manis says:

    The synopsis tells of a OP one-san teacher who is obsessed with his student (so it’s Shotacon), but she doesn’t appear again when MC runs away in chapter 20 and the author continues to add a female character who is obsessed with MC. Oh yeah, the plot says the world will be destroyed if the original MC gets the heroine, so the MC prevents the heroines from falling in love with the original MC, like NTR, and intentionally and unintentionally makes them fall in love with the MC. The author is just making excuses to write NTR stories lol.

  6. RealEason says:

    sigh… system novels. im reading it anyways

  7. I agree with Hu Taos’s review I like the novel and character especially the mc but once he entered the academy, it’s like he became a different person and I can’t help but hate him for being an asshole

    1. well, he did learn from his mistakes

  8. Hu Tao Hu Tao says:

    This honestly started good, but for some reason the MC’s personality became such jerk that I struggled to sympathize with him.

    Its like we are seeing two different characters. Pre-academy MC and Academy MC.pre-academy MC is smart, creative, friendly, and determined while Academy MC sucks and is the kinda of character that makes you want to punch IRL.

    I finished it til ch 50 but i dont know if I want to continue anymore since I genuinely hate the Mc now

  9. Hadinata Reynadi says:

    Good so far

  10. RINRIN says:

    Read till chap 50

    I enjoy it, the pace is not slow and not to fast, the heroines is all attractive, the conflict is alright, and the mc is interesting (except for the dog and cat cases)


  11. Lol that “P*ut it in me” part really had me. Author really was enjoying it while writing the synopsis lol. But unfortunately I won’t read this, my years of experience are telling my senses that this is poisonous. Even if it’s not at the start, it will eventually turn into one.

    1. Zzz says:

      Salvation sucks without fail

  12. Tian ‎ Tian ‎ says:

    I don’t know if it’s because I’m so bored (or maybe, so much poison already ruined my taste buds), but I’m enjoying this one

    1. Tian ‎ Tian ‎ says:

      this mc sometimes makes me angry, but I still want to know what will happen with the heroines, damn it

      1. Tian ‎ Tian ‎ says:

        hahaha I love daisy, she’s hilarious

  13. Cero says:

    Wow, thit is probaly one of the most boring and insipid novels i’ve ever read 😪.

  14. RealEason says:

    ngl its bad, its a cool concept that i would like to see another author execute properly tho

  15. Meh, this book is quite below average. It seems that the main character lacks any intellectual functions except for a few that the author allowed him to use. The relationships with female characters are built on questionable schemes, although a little depth in the plot could have turned them into something interesting. I haven’t gone that far, but I don’t think the author will suddenly give me an amazingly deep plot that reveals all the characters that have so far looked like caricatures in a few dozen chapters. Well, it might be okay if your tastes are broad enough and you’re willing to endure an extremely unpleasant taste for the only thing that the author seems to be building this book on – beautiful female characters, flat fan service, and cliched silly jokes (like the master not being able to cook and the main character having to eat that garbage. It was funny when I first read a light novel with such a joke. After dozens of books using the same joke, it’s just annoying).

    The verdict is as edible as the master’s cooking of the main character.

  16. Insufferable says:

    You know what I hate more than childhood arcs? It’s the trope of the mc having to protect a noble girl from being se*ually harassed. With their knowledge of the original they should already just not let it happen, but no, ‘I have to let the banquet(reason for the event happening) happen so I can kill all the enemies all at once’ but everytime, the mc’s plan always derails a little and it ends up with the girl getting trauma. She wasn’t r-worded, granted, but, come on. I would rather face more trpuble by picking off the sh*theads one by one than choose to risk the young 12 year old girl getting traumatized in any way even a little. But no, the author lets it happen just right that the heroine girl gets traumatized all to pave the way for the mc to heroically save her and opens the door for her affection and eventual obsession and yanderification.

    The catalyst for obsession can be written better than this, for example, the mc having no control of the heroines trauma and maybe the girl just plainly having psychosis in the first place. The fact that the trauma has to happen all while mc had all the power to not let it happen disgusts me. I’m out of here, pity, the master was warming up to me after 3 chapters of straight annoyance.

    1. rob z rob z says:

      Solid post – agree 100%.

    2. Nightune says:

      That statement reminds me of a novel where the story and action of the orig harem protagonist is seen as unreasonable based on the point of view of the possessed extra mc who can see the places and logic not covered by the novel he possessed.

    3. Apops says:

      Ikr all these MCs are such trash

  17. Tian ‎ Tian ‎ says:

    hahahahaha the part about his father and the investments killed me

  18. milky violet says:

    Hmm ngl this sounds like a cool concept. But I still hate munchkin so I’m twisted

  19. Luis says:

    (Escribo en español por que me da pereza escribir en inglés).
    Estoy aburrido asi que haré el intento de leerla…no lloren por mi, ya estoy muerto.

    1. Tian ‎ Tian ‎ says:

      estoy en la misma q vos, ya lei el primero y me parecio interesante jaj

    2. Salvador . Salvador . says:

      jajaj x2 cada rato con el mismo concepto pero que mas da a leer

    1. Tian ‎ Tian ‎ says:

      I said it before reading the synopsis, the last line… holy cow

  20. Purple Duck says:

    Another munchkin bruuuuh

  21. This looks like very harmful, fatty, unhealthy food that will completely kill my liver and my sense of taste. I will naturally dive in.

    1. Insufferable says:

      You command such awe, the stars shine dim in the presence of your unbending will and my mere mortal and dusty body has long since prostrated before the majesty of your benevolence and resolve. All Dao is in harmony and all the roads converge into one, leading to the supreme, peerless and absolute aura of oneness and void. Representing the all-encompassing omnipotence that your Dao Heart has achieved. The universe is your body and all entropy is your furnace. The heat death of the world is a nirvana to you. And eternity pass you shall reverse the void and restart entropy towards your own universe and creation, all creation and reality are as your heart beats. Time are your eyes and space is your skin. The Dao is you. And you have always been Dao.

    1. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

      No i was the first, your half-first

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