The Vampire Is an Academy Honor Student
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The Vampire Is an Academy Honor Student

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뱀파이어는 아카데미 우등생
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Vampire Is an Academy Honor Student

Saving the world inside a game as a distant descendant of a vampire?!

Garam, although a distant descendant of a vampire, lives a life not much different from ordinary people due to his diluted bloodline.

One day, he becomes the game character ‘Roan Carziel’!

His latent abilities, engraved in his bloodline, awaken, revealing his facet as a predator…

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  1. scream says:

    this is not a bad work, the main character is not a wimp and is strong in spirit, only he is not a vampire! He doesn’t need blood, he doesn’t have vampire instincts or thirst for blood!.

  2. Mick96 says:

    Not sure how to score this 5/10 I guess.

    On one hand MC being special before the transmigration is definitely a fresh air, but then the whole transmigration stuff possessing someone who originally weak and then try to change the image, and basically all other stuff are just generic stuff. It is too predicatble.

    It also felt emotionless, people reaction towards MC felt unnatural, like a guy try to bully him despite he is a son of a Duke and his brother who are strong actually cared for him and would kill them if he find out. Yet, they actually dumb enough to pick a fight with him. It doesn’t make much sense to me.

    I will try to read more, maybe later my opinion will change.

  3. I think I’d enjoy Blind Swordsman a lot more if he was actually blind.

    OMG it’s like that novel I read on novelupdates where the MC is talking to his writer friend and says “if it weren’t for your stupid status window, your novel would be heat” and then is possessed into that novel as the protagonist without the status window. Anyways side tangent aside, what I said reminded me of the novel I just explained above.

  4. PT says:

    Blind Swordsman has chapters translated by Genesis, so it is popular among normies, so it has large amount of follows. Same for every other novel in Top 10, at least some chapters translated by humans.

  5. Sephir says:

    Nah Osiris, even if a novel is bookmarked by a bunch of people’s, it can be trash, people these days gets excited for trash or meh novels as the proverb says they can’t see mount tai (copied from somewhere).

    Look at blind swordsman in all honesty it’s average or least than but it has 1k bookmark.

    The story is cliche average no apparent special thing about it but it’s still in the top 10.

  6. Wry Vent Wry Vent says:

    I too would like some more novel powers. Psionics aren’t really that rare either though, that’s just the WotC flavor of psychic powers, and there are plenty of novels with esper/psychic abilities, more common in superhero/villain genre though.

    This novel is decent, and the whole MC changing personality trope isn’t handled that poorly. The guy MC possessed was a loner with an inferiority complex cause of his chronically ill body and avoided eye contact while mumbling whenever anyone talked to him. He had barely any sociability so nobody really knew the original to even care about his personality changing. Even his family and servant just chalked his changes up to him gaining confidence after recovering from his ill body and his bloodline talents blooming and it’s a good change so they just gloss over it. He then starts to exercise and gain power.

    The worst use of this trope is where the MC possesses someone and their personality is different and absolutely no one reacts at all to it. At least here we get some points of view and reactions to his personality changing.

  7. So is this or is this not harem

  8. Btw, aasimars may be similar to angel, but in fact this is ordinary people with divine core within them and some angel instructors who tell them what they should do.

  9. I’m a bit tired of everyone revolving around vampires/dragons/occasionally demons or gods. Why doesn’t anyone try to use less common powers and races in the same plots to bring some novelty? Maybe after the release of bg3, they will at least start using psionics? But why doesn’t anyone try to turn to the themes of aasimars, spirits (not elemental), and illusory creatures? Throw in some more unusual undead (incorporeal shadows of the dead or a skeleton that crawls into corpses and uses them as a disguise) into the mix, and even a typical academic novel will come to life with new colors.

  10. Zedtype says:

    Imagine being possessed because Noble said you’re too degen to be here.

    Of all people it’s Noble. The irony.

  11. @milky violet well, knowing how stupid usually authors are , the author will probably send you to novel not knowing you will feel happy…..maybe.

  12. @milky violet sorry to disappoint you, but both of your reasons for not getting possessed by a novel, actually gives you more then enough qualification to possess a novel. Worst part, if you don’t read the story, then you will have even hard time to be able to survive when you get possessed. Man now there are many new ways with which possessor appears.

  13. If anything, the only attention I would get would be from the god author who is so confused at my comments that it doesn’t know if it should let me live or give me the transmigrators punishment.

  14. Rating are based on either Novelpia or Novelupdate, which doesn’t really matter as it not going to change unless admins wants to. Most of the decent novel has around 200~400 bookmarks. And above those numbers, its obviously a good story, the more bookmarks there are.

    Tho of course, as usual opinion differs based on preferences.

    Anyways, Old Name was “Zexia”. Now changed to “Osiris”.

  15. By the way, for New People to this site. If you want to read something good. Don’t trust the rating. Instead check the number of people who are following the story by bookmarking it. The more people bookmark the story, better it is.

  16. I would never get possessed into a novel because 1. All of my comments range from delusional to sh*tpost and 2. I didn’t read the novel I just like commenting random stuff.

  17. Sigh, and here we go, another dosage of korean disappointment.

  18. Sephir says:

    Insufferable in a lightnovel coming soon

  19. Sephir says:

    How to i got transmigrated because of my 5700 words comments on a mtl site and i rose from rumble to the world weakest in another world ~
    And some girls that i helped became strange ~
    Stop being obsessed ! I’m only the weakest ~~~~~~

  20. Prate says:

    You guys need to show more respect to @insufferable

  21. Insufferable says:

    @oneautumnleaf, NEVER!

    Seriously though, sorry. My thoughts are spontaneous and abrupt. My adhd doesnt help that my thoughts can easily slip away from me and make me forget all that I’m thinking about so I usually comment in fragments like earlier.

    Plus, I’m too lazy to organize a doc. My medical thesis has traumatized me and I will never touch docs again.

  22. oneautumnleaf says:

    Wtf @ insufferable write down all your rant in a single doc file then review and shorten it and finish spewing all your damned opinions in one post. F I am about to flip a table.

  23. Insufferable says:

    @I_Am_Novel_Lover, Damien Nightshade is such a good one. I am proudly part of the Vanity cult.

  24. Insufferable says:

    Hmmm. 4th comment wtf.

    Okay, don’t take my review as an absolute reference as I just don’t like the trope of an mc possessing an underdog but immediately removing the debuff with cheats in a matter of days. Nothing wrong with that, I just don’t dig it.

    Im fine with underdogs, but at least I wanna see the mc actually work hard and suffer through tribulations in order to get strong.

    Face slapping is a common trope for underdog mc’s and the reason they have a bad reputation apart from bad writing and dense frequency is that most often times the underdog mc is just proving them wrong wuth cheats. If this face slapping was done through virtue of hard work then hell yeah I’ll climax in sheer satisfaction.

    Yes, every time I leave a review I also leave a rant. After all gonna live up to the name insufferable

  25. I_am_Novel_Lover says:

    read ‘Damien Nightshade The Villainous Vampire’ good one.

  26. Sephir says:

    Yeah instead of thinking about wtf is that guy why did i get thrown here, he’s more into showing off his skills, his personality changed so much and nobody be like something is sus

  27. ali dd ali dd says:

    I advise everyone to escape before being poisoned

  28. Insufferable says:

    Oh, I forgot to mention that mc brought the vampire blood with him so he got stronk quickly.

    It’s realistic that he got strong quickly from a bullied weakling but the display of power he has and immediately showing his father he recovered seem so unrealistic. It’s always cases like these that they just choke it up to rare miracles and it feels so cheap that mc’s like this get away from this irregularity with little consequence.

  29. Insufferable says:

    Sorry for the grammar I was too lazy to add the in-betweens.

  30. Insufferable says:

    One of the tropes I don’t like the most is possessing a bullied weakling and mc immediately proving everyone wrong and people’s reaction of surprise and awe being narrated dramatically.

    There’s just something so unrealistic about it that I can’t immerse myself in the novel.

    Also mc has very little personality wtf.

    Anyways mc original life is a descendant of a vampire with diluted blood. Meaning no weaknesses. But still superhuman. Mc live streams a game and fails. Some stalker guy give him the “i know everything about you” speech and yeet him into the game. He possess the little brother of a strong playable character. This character happened to be weak though and suffering from an unknown disease apparently. I haven’t read far enough but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s revealed thatmc body actually one in a million genius and was just cursed or poisoned by some important reason. Anyway, the narrative is so dry and emotionless and the emotions and expression of other pov is rather lacking.

    So far there is a priest pseudo handmaid and a genius girl classmate that will most certainly inhale mc’s pheromones like a crack addict.

  31. Sephir says:

    I thought it was the vampire is an academy horror and i got hyped for nothing i’ll read it nonetheless

  32. mao stalitler says:

    Academy but no harem tag? i will dive now , and get posion scuba license

  33. Big Blackclock says:

    Any romance?

  34. Kaniya says:

    What is the author name?

  35. Nominal says:


  36. Raiden_Shotgun says:

    HAha, Jonathan you are banging my daughter

  37. Insufferable says:

    I will drink your blood Bleh Bleh Bleh

  38. Zero says:

    How scary is the label genius 😨

  39. Kaniya says:


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