I Became the Laughing Bell Character of the Academy
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I Became the Laughing Bell Character of the Academy

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아카데미의 웃음벨 캐릭터가 되었다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Became the Laughing Bell Character of the Academy

It has become an SSR-grade character in a collectible RPG game.

[I picked up a newbie SSR. Is this good?]

– for ornamental use
-Entertainment Limited Tier 1
– You can have fun while twisting the game

A laughing bell character that makes everyone laugh except for the person who was chosen… … .

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  1. Ninja says:

    I wonder why this novel have high rating, im only read a few chapter but there is already a plot armor. And why he is act like a saint, is he going to middle east as a humanitarian volunteer in his past life? Or maybe he is going to Africa?

  2. Bill Stephen Sumaguio says:


    It is frustrating to read. First of all, the way mc is transmigrated is confusing. 2nd is that principal must be an ally for a student. it is described that she is a pro student. 3rd thing i hate about this is that the writing is confusing. Last is that olivia is pretty much a stupid extra to which abuses her power. The mc has enough reason to break the window to stop noah but she stills arrested but something he did right. Noah is pretty much annoying here. for a princess who is 50-50 has brains and stupid this is much fcked up.

  3. You need background checks so that people don’t look at you and go “dang what an idiot, he really let Demon Lord Balzac IIV ‘The Blood Spawn of Algethia’ enter the academy and become a professor, what an idiot.”

    Yeah you’re strong but that’s not stopping your from just getting removed from the position because everyone thinks you’re incompetent.

  4. SenatorArmstrong says:

    Hidden gem whose title and given tags drag it down and keeps new readers away. Stories theme is about failures and accepting failures, and moving on. First few arcs were annoying, then it got serious and good. My favorite part of this novel is how the MCs plan doesn’t always go exactly the way MC wanted to, it doesn’t always result into a good ending. Yet the MC has to take the hit, rise up, and learn from his past mistake.

    Contrary to the usual “stick to the plot” novel, the MC here tries his best to get away from the main plot and destroy it, but ironically enough, the story still goes the same path.

  5. I agree with @reader when he says the novel is good. The MTL is worse than the average MTL but still somewhat bearable. It’s true that most characters interacting with mc are females (most of which are clearly part of the future harem), but there are still other well-developed characters aside from them.

  6. Narukami Nihiru says:

    I stopped at Chapter 230. I’m gonna return later.

    *I posted this comment so I won’t forgot where I left off*

  7. reader says:

    this novel is good, better written than most novels on this site

    >mc arrested
    it makes sense considering how much of troublemaker mc was and he even fight said teacher with the intention killing him, what you expect?

    >principal never did background check
    principal is said to be strongest being in the world, why background check if you can just kill everything easily

    >instead of hearing him out principal break mc neck
    and that IS principal hearing mc, didn’t ask more of this unknown entity

    just by this point it’s good because not everything went according to mc wish, and even mc fight that teacher also had consequences for the game protagonist later on

  8. @WTSBW, your comment is making me have second thought on whether to pick this up or not. If MC is such a dumb character, after reading it, I might develop indigestion for next couple of days..

  9. WTSBW says:

    for now, I dropped at chapter 21 which has to be one of the most frustrating chapters ever

    spoilers from here on
    MC decides to interfere in a professor breaking into a test with illegal tools to murder a student and beats said professor into the ground mc is then promptly arrested then the principal of the school questions him turns out the professor killed himself and it was the work of a powerful unknown entity which the principal knew nothing of as he never checked in with any of the teachers and never did any background checks when the mc tells the principal that there is indeed a powerful entity but he can’t tell him anything about it yet but is willing to swear a magical oath that he is trying to help the principal instead of hearing him out decides to break mc’s neck and hospitalize him and then realizing that it is bad if this comes out cover it up and blame it on the dead professor instead

    and the principal is supposed to be one of the mc supportive allies according to the illustrations

    like what Is this frustrating garbage

  10. kk77 says:

    sry bro, it’s pretty much only harem members. actually harem aside, there straight up just aren’t any non-female side characters. it’s not bad, but way more serious a story than expected from something like this, the titled setting is basically obsolete

  11. Aether says:

    Someone answer it plz, does this novel include important interaction of MC with other side characters that just aren’t females😭

  12. Ryuu says:

    Is that Keqing in the picture. 10 Stars!!

  13. Lucky Zero Lucky Zero says:

    Not really most of the time old novels with 8 or 7 ratings are much more likable than newly appearing novels with 9 or more ratings

  14. Night QZ Night QZ says:

    I’m honestly couldn’t understand how this novel has such high rating. Given my experience reading this novel, I could only give this novel a below average rating.

  15. The Extra The Extra says:

    Just curious, but where are those ratings coming from? The raw sites?

    This novel has quite a high rating. Is it as good as that rating implies it is?

  16. Where is the titled index ??

  17. Bob Marley Bob Marley says:

    A whole nother level of “am I a joke to you”

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