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Thug by Bloodline

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혈통이 깡패임
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Thug by Bloodline

A world of hunters where only gold spoons

monopolize privileges.
Among them, there is the Heukcheon group that always reigns supreme.

“Anyway, high-ranking people all taste like rice.”

Lee Han-ul lived as a third-rate hunter, barely enduring day by day.
One day, he discovers that there is something special about his bloodline.

“Lee Han-ul, let’s go to Heukcheon with me.”

On this day, Lee Han-ul’s life changed.

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  1. Miryuu says:

    oh this is curious, please update the chapter

  2. Qes says:

    Worth reading, its he joins the biggest Hunter Family in Asia, one of the biggest in the world after not knowing his parents for 20 years. He awakens the purest bloodline of the family and later of other families. A lot dislike him but slowly they change their minds cuz he gets stuff done, although of course there will always be oposition. A lot of action, not much romance/if any. What I like is that usually in these novels everyone is always hostile/butt licking meanwhile here people that like him are not exagerated and some people that dont like him grows to support him.

  3. temp acc temp acc says:

    Basically a cheat MC with ability steal (although kinda limited) who is overpowered but weak at the same time considering he awakens late. Part of a brutal family who believes in the strength of bloodline except his which is weird but if you want to read an OP like MC it’s a pretty decent novel.

    I enjoyed it although he does indeed not kill family members due to the elders possibly attacking him over it but its a novel worth a shot. Also the RAWS are completed though it would need noble to update it

  4. Miryuu says:

    7/10 for now I’ll read it further, because maybe there will be something extraordinary when I continue

  5. Miryuu says:

    mc got strong really fast i mean in chapter 8 he’s still a class D hunter and in chapter 19 he’s already class A. and so far there hasn’t been a surprise, well but i kinda like this well, i guess i should dive a bit deeper

  6. Sup Colors Sup Colors says:

    Pretty boring. Everyone wants to kill the mc, he can’t kill anyone. Later he gets a bloodline that literally won’t let him kill someone inferior to him but he gets some artifact to brainwash everyone so yeah. The killing only happens to characters not mentioned, as long as a named character appears in this story he becomes unkillable. No romance although it seems the secretary is kinda worried about him but most likely it will be mentioned in the end of the story in one sentence they married.

  7. Weirdo says:

    Any romance??

  8. Hash2O says:

    y hunter genre sadly is a bit boring, there’s just too much of them need at least 2 more years to be able to enjoy it again on my side

  9. Tea O Ais Tea O Ais says:

    basically a poor guy turns out he actually a chaebol. he awakened his power later, the way this story goes, I think it was growth munchkin. a bit boring for me. maybe because of my mood, doesn’t feel like reading novel these days. but, give it a try if you like hunter genre.

  10. Wok_Fuccboy says:

    Poison tester?

  11. pablo says:

    welcome to thug shaker central

  12. Miryuu says:

    Let’s see

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