The Villain Changed the Ending
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The Villain Changed the Ending

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빌런이 엔딩을 바꿈
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Villain Changed the Ending

The story of how I become happy and the unfaithful wife becomes unhappy

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  1. Gawkgawk says:

    @Ashlarry I understand you take but also understand that the ex-wife was an instrument of the evil god. During the course of the story it was explained that this wasn’t the only timeline the story happened and that the goddess of life has been restarting the world over and over again in the timeline in which the MC was a villain and dies. So let’s explain from the start *SPOIlER ALERT* mc’s body is a collection of runaway blessing in the atmosphere keeping the evil God at bay (doesn’t matter where it’s his soul or not) MC can’t be killed by world law only people not attached to the world like the OG protagonist( prince robert) and FML( ex wife) that’s why it seemed like he was the villain, MC originally belonged to the novel world but was expelled to earth by the evil god schemes.
    The author failed to deliver the battle and economics in depth that I expected, rather he gave up halfway but if I was rating it alongside all the novels I’ve read on NOble then it’s a solid 7.5/10

  2. ashy larry says:

    Seeing most commenters relishing in the cheating wife’s fate is da*n disturbing I gotta say. Yes, she cheated on him and stole her novel from someone but besides that, she didn’t do anything else. MC ended up killing himself and she died by someone elses hand. At the start of the novel, MC admits he and his wife settled for each other. He basically says he didn’t truly love her nor did she to him but all of a sudden later on, he was a devoted lover and husband. That retcon made me truly think she didn’t deserve to be beaten and sh*t as a child or forced to marry a gross loan-shark. I’m not saying she deserves to be a princess or anything like that since she also stole her novel from someone else but she should at least live a decent life after all the suffering. 57 chapters in and I’m really feeling gross about how she’s treated because the author didn’t make her hateful enough. I’ll come back to this later on but this would be so much better without the wife being involved and was just about how the MC grows from that experience.

  3. mephi says:

    i guess this kontol guy never read a decent novel, understandable as his nickname literally a dick in english word so he can only thinks with his dick.

    he thinks this novel is cringe? because its a pure love novel, not like chinese harem novel where the mc collecting women like trophies.

    childish braindead retard? lmao i guess this person want mc to make his pastlife wife to become his slave as his revenge, not just ignoring her? 🤣

    read at least 30 chapters first and then give a honest review, dont be like this kontol guy coz im sure he didnt even read past 5 chapters (cucked in pastlife doesnt mean its gonna be a ntr novel, please use your brain)

  4. Kontol says:


  5. Kontol says:


  6. Kontol says:

    Cringe ahh novel mc brainded he is older irl but after get isekai he is childish cant think staright pussy ass mc only like 13 old teen read this type novel fuck this

  7. fr0t says:

    I thought it was very good until the part where they focus a little more on the monster plot, after that it starts to get a little weaker. It seems that the author wants to diversify by bringing stories of the socio-economic development of the duchy, but he gives up halfway through and is half-assed. Overall I would give it a 6/10. The tag is on going, but unless it has more side stories, it’s complete (206 is a side story)

  8. Ashborn1609 says:

    I see pure love I bookmark

  9. Caron says:

    It’s an alright novel if you had nothing else to read. Though I got very bored in the middle and dropped the novel.

  10. Emphat101 says:

    Wow people dropping and not recommending this novel because of an ntr in chapter 1 are just people with big insecurities, I bet they would always doubt their relationships if they ever have one but from what I feel theyre just incels.

  11. Kirill Popov says:

    I don’t know why some people don’t rate the novel well, but to me it’s very good. The world, characters, behavior of aristocrats are well described. And the fact that he does not touch his wife, although he found out, a descendant, that she has a life that is already so shitty.

  12. Missiperfectlive24 says:

    So the novel lead to another ending in which the villain become the main character, and that’s why the ex-wife couldn’t enjoy Heroine previlige as its story deviated and led to her bad ending… The husband now protagonist was the cause.
    It’s a pity that the author time skipped MC, since I want to read more about his life while training with those barbarians.
    In addition, the genre rofan somewhat getting action tag in it (I’m not sure). The MC personality was just typical male protagonist draft, I feel like MC tried to be potrayed as cool headed person but I personaly think its a bit forced. The FL aside, is a stubborn and always taking initiative to confess.
    Background story of villain and villainess somewhat make sense, if the MC soul didn’t transmigrate it will flow as the original would be. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i guess that’s it…

  13. puta madre says:

    @Zaeril I think it’s just about them Koreans writers liking to use NTR bullshit in them novel

  14. Zaeril says:

    And to that Hash20 above, did you even read the novel? You give bad reviews without reading the novel and other people now seems follow you.

  15. Zaeril says:

    Why do people hate that the bit’h reincarnated too? She has no easy life lol. I find it the most enjoyable to see her suffer everytime. It’s her retribution. Being ignored by MC is actually very satisfying because I feel that it’s the best for MC to be happy.

  16. GoDofNovel says:

    This is actually a top novel
    mc actually married her fiancee and he found out that Rene(novel heroine) is his wife in his previous life but he ditched her bcx that btch tried to ruin the wholesome wedding banquet of mc and his fiancee

  17. Zorrow says:

    I see regrets I jump in

  18. Gibs says:

    The ntr is only at the starting part at chapter 1 for 2 sentence….so don’t worry much…i have read and this is a good average novel read…..also the plot is intriguing as the novel is based on regrets …..hush trend

  19. Gibs says:

    Let’s see how is the regret

  20. Champion says:

    Thanks sheizz.
    I’m out.

  21. The plot is good actually… It isn’t that mind blowing, but it has its own strong points… Its an above average read.. MC is not a beta or simp(probably a little), the world building is okay, and there are very few instances where I felt that the plot was forced.. If you can get past first few chapters, it is a good read.

  22. Did this bitch reincarnate too?, I’m throwing this shit, guys… Don’t waste your time if you respect yourself, of course.

  23. God i hate Ntr and if you hate Ntr too 100% avoid this one.

  24. Khun says:

    Thanks for the explanation @Sheizz

    I’m out

  25. Geez here mc got ntred in real life then gets transmigrated to a novel written by his cheating wife.
    And his cheating wife too transmigrate as heroine.
    Then it’s as you can guess it, mc finds another woman falls in love again while wife keeps crying.

    I think mc should had confronted her but nah he just ignored his cheating wife.
    Average read 2.5-3/5

  26. This is pretty good. Characters aside from the MC has their own thoughts and reasons which really helped building the worldview.

    MC and his wife are both writers, founds out that his wife is cheating. Attacks the other man by bashing his head with his own head killing himself in the process. Wife also got stabbed by the other man’s wife and died.

    MC and wife then got isekaid to his wife’s novel and becomes the villain and heroine respectively. Story started when MC was 5 years old and by chapter 34, he became 16 years old and the story proper of the wife’s novel started.

  27. Some dude with a cheesegrate says:

    I don’t think so… My friend slammed his phone to the bed during the first 20 chaps if that hells

  28. Nunja says:

    I find the novel to be pretty alright. NTR is chapter 1 and the MC dies after he sees the NTR and reincarnates. It’s pretty cliche and this novel definitely will not appeal to people tired of tropes but it’s an alright read when you’ve got not much else to read. For a comment above, so far from what I’ve read (ch. 45) it’s highly likely to not have NTR beyond chapter 1.

  29. Redom Redom says:

    So how is it ? any poison testers still alive ?

  30. Vivala says:

    Does this have NTR even after his reincarnation???

  31. han says:

    Wtf, does this have ntr?

  32. All Night says:

    I’m going in brothers.

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