What the Hero Wanted Was Me
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What the Hero Wanted Was Me

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용사가 원하는 것은 나였다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis What the Hero Wanted Was Me

The world decided to pay a reward to the warrior who defeated the demon king. “I want you.” Her slender finger pointed at me.

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  1. So many contradicting story elements.

    One minute MC is able to wind the entire hero party around his finger and the next he doesn’t know what people are talking about in front of him.

    I’m in brain off mode and the sheer stupidity shocked me out of it.

  2. Broken Lamp says:

    i hope on this website there’s an edit feature

  3. Broken Lamp says:

    too many crazy girls nobody is normal but the main character is too sub missive or pushover so he cant control them, mc can’t play carrot and stick with other chara too much give them a carrot, he need to learn it from someone

  4. Emen Emen Emen Emen says:

    Can you translate this novel plz. [Necromancer’s Evolutionary Traits]

  5. Finished reading it (story is complete on here)

    Story has some 18+ moments.

    Story has yanderes (yes, the girls are obsessive and some do become outright yandere. Sephir probably just hasn’t read far enough to see it)

    I’d give it around 6.5/10. It’s short and okay. Not anything amazing.

  6. Dyna says:

    Awful, just…awful, one of the worst novels I’ve read on this website. Every single character in this novel is either an objectively bad person or really stupid. The dialogue is just.. boring it hits every note you’d expect from a novel like this. The s*xy scenes are dull and lifeless. There’s not a single redeemable thing about this novel

  7. Sephir says:

    They’re not really yandere nor obsessive more like jealous of each others

  8. For some reason, every time someone writes the name of the main character in the comments, I want to read “Lenin” instead of “Lenny,” but I don’t sense any communism in this work. I’ll have to check out the book just in case… Anyway, it’s a yandere story, so I hope I’ll enjoy it.

  9. LENNNYYYY!!! Let’s go to Valentine to get drunk!

  10. Amunmu says:

    Me gusta las reseñas que deja M arte ea

  11. nishino says:

    i teleported into the academy of a s*xy game

  12. Forgotten one says:

    I come late…

  13. Kaniya says:

    Give me a short revit (thanks)

  14. Dagonsuznyx says:

    I hate weak willed Mcs and I hate pushovers that do nothing but everyone else’s will. Personally, I’d rather die than to be humiliated, so I cannot comprehend this MC, thus I will not read further than the first chapter.

  15. Luckyzero says:

    That’s why we need poison testers, this site is filled of poison that might get you diarrhea, obsession fanatics, harem lovers/haters, trolls(like me) and other weirdly business

  16. Jajaja says:

    Yall i think the side effects of drinking so many poisons by people in this site is springing up

  17. Sephir says:

    Time, i remember. You who were always by my side. Gone? Why, there’s a time that i remember, First was only mine,newbies can’t but write First. Time of mine was heresy, old that time is now.
    Now, shall i take it first?



  18. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

    So our Mc, whose name is Lenny pffft Lenn-pffft hahaha, was reincarnated as a butler of a princess in a romance novel. So while in the novel princess was set to go crazy but how can our Mc who is the definition of Robin Hood let her go carzy ya just like you expected he prevented the princess carzy event and princess became spoiled obsessed heroine who watched Mc every move anyway here is the twist our brave hero party returned after slaying the demon king, so they could get their wish from the emperor, cause why not, he is fuc*king Shenron from Dbz, and as you guess hero is WOMAN!! can’t forget the beautiful part though, anyway her wish was our Lenny pffft haahah sorry my bad, the reason is because our butler goes around hiding his identity saving hero( woman) butt’s oh ha Lenny pffft pffft haaha.

  19. Hehe says:

    nice harem , but too few chapters . Arghhhhh….

    geez please i need another place to look for harem novels .

    I’ve spent the harem here (I’ve even repeated it several times 🙂 ).

    while the other place that I got is just a crap harem r 18, where mc puts his stuff wherever the f**k open hole. huhh i hate that bi**h .

  20. Feng says:

    Aint no way. No ratings? How Am I supposed to judge? Poison testers? Go. I choose you.

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