Why Ignorant Harems Are Dangerous
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Why Ignorant Harems Are Dangerous

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무지성 하렘이 위험한 이유
Status: Hiatus Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Why Ignorant Harems Are Dangerous

I fell into a fantasy world and became loved by all women for no reason.

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  1. yep, was frustrated when the MC kept going “I must yadadada because my sins etc” like a billion times.

    Like if you can’t do anything about it, just accept it. It’s like, yeah I messed up and nothing I can do can fix it, but what’s done is done and the best thing to do is to move on and do something better now and later on.

  2. Padre damaso says:

    Looks like Milky violet has been hit quite hard and is now salty and sad

  3. MC is a little soyboy wuss who is too busy walloping in his self pity. “Oooh boo hoo I abused my power and now I have to deal with the repercussions!!” imagine that but for 54 chapters. Mf is literally too busy whining like a loser that it’s annoying to read, like dawg you have the empress of the strongest empire and the saintess of the most common religion on your dick, abuse that power to help people.

    Considering how the saintess has centralized all power on her authority, making you a saint wouldn’t be a big deal. Then as a saint, lead by example, go “I shall live frugally, donate to the poor, participate in community events and get along with my neighbor, if I see an unjust act I shall do something to make it right.” Dumb ah mc

    And also considering how the empress is a tyrant, you can literally just marry her and be the just ruler in her place. Man, wow it’s so simple to ask my wife who is super obsessed with me “hey bb can you like idk help people? Super vague and no sexy time if you don’t do it :)”

    And if those are way to grand ideals for you, idk bro- I just hate MCs who sit on their ass and cry for a whole bunch of chapters instead of doing something

  4. rrobz says:

    So Blue Shadow beat me to the punch, but in general this novel is centered around a “be careful what you wish for” theme. MC is transported to a fantasy world, and has a superpower / skill that makes women fall in love with him. SO he takes advantage of the skill to start, and eventually ends up in the royal palace – and intimates that he could overturn the government if he wanted, since half the populace are women.

    However, the skill comes with negative consequences – the women get possessive, turn yandere, threaten each other, etc, and he regrets what the skill does to women. So he gives it all up, and becomes a wandering vagabond, wearing a mask so no one can find him or be influenced by his skill (it is later mentioned that the MC believes his skill works solely through the appearance of his face, not pheromones or scent). Eventually, he ends up with a blind girl, against whom his powers apparently do not work. But does that mean the yandere(s) don’t keep coming for him? Of course not – he is found and they still want to be with him. (I don’t want to give away any real spoilers, but as Blue Shadow noted, there are indications that the women in fact love him independent of the skill).

    The MC still doesn’t believe in women given his skill, and thus he keeps moving forward with his life trying to avoid them and continuing to take care of the blind girl (who is in a wheelchair) , hoping to find something useful / meaningful for him. Unfortunately, the MC is a little too wracked with guilt – he keeps talking about wanting to “walk a path of atonement” and make up for what he did to women in the past with his skill (he keeps saying he “trampled on their feelings”).

    So then, is it worth a read? With the caveat that this is on hiatus (and so we may get stuck with nothing like real development or a resolution in the end), I think so to date, but folks should understand that (at least so far) there is no real romance, and I can’t say I am crazy about the MCs character – sure, I get he feels guilty and maybe has reason to be, but I also get the impression this is going to carry over for much of the story. I also get the impression that the blind girl may end up the real FMC, but its not clear based on what is posted so far.

  5. @Jackysito. It’s good that you became a better person. No more skining coworkers while you’re high. Make only rational and well thought crimes. Alcohol is no good for your health, take care of yourself

  6. Rainame Ren24 says:

    They finished their character development arc in just 1 hour and 56 minutes lmao

  7. Jackysito says:

    @Broke N I apologize for my comment. I was high at that time and thought it would be funny. I’ve become a better man since then.

  8. puta madre says:

    Shouldn’t you already got used to how short them synopsis is?

  9. Reio M Reio M says:

    Isn’t it just about how short the synopsis is?

  10. @Broke N. At least he is truthful and this is the main thing. And remember, don’t feed the troll

  11. Broke N Broke N says:

    Sooo, is anyone not gonna say anything about the first comment? It’s so far outta left field that there is small chance they actually dunnit and it wasn’t just trolling. Would be pretty crazy if this is how a psycho killer confessed.

  12. Blue Shadow says:

    MC just runaway from everyone in the harems because their feeling are fake from the skill hes using, even after meeting the harem again he still denying their feelings because he thinks its because of the skill but he doesn’t know that some of the harems already not get affected by the skill, he just keep deny it.

    Just imagine after using the harem he just left because he scare their feelings are fake and hes only using it to forced them to love him and give him warmth. And suprise they still has feeling to MC. And because of that the harem get in battle even brought army, and paladin

    And MC goes on training and pary with a woman and killing demon, i thinks hes trying to be hero.

    So MC just scare facing their feeling so he run away

  13. @rrobz Bro, I will be waiting for your return with a review

  14. rrobz says:

    At least once the chapters are up.

  15. rrobz says:

    Wish me well, brothers – I am going in. Review to follow in a couple hours.

  16. Jackysito says:

    i skinned my coworker alive

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