0.01 Second Sword Master
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0.01 Second Sword Master

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0.01초 소드마스터
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis 0.01 Second Sword Master

In an instant, in that brief moment, I am the strongest.

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  1. Intan Tan says:

    Always the ending will bland but the stories its recommend to read if you search funny moment with misundertanding

  2. TWO :3 TWO :3 says:

    1 month late but I can confidently say that there is absolutely no romance as of the current chapter. MC is too busy saving his own ass to care about getting into a relationship with someone.


    So I read the reviews (a few words of them at least) but somebody give it to me straight. Romance. Or no Romance. (Pretty please)

  4. Baiklah Akan Aku Berikan Sebuah Sopiler Akhir, Di Sini Bab Nya Gantung Entah Sudah End Atau Season 2 Keluar

    Setelah Dia Bertemu Rahal Dan Menjadi Administrator, Dia Membunuh Semua Rahal/Administrator Yg Lain, Tempat Para Manusia Yang Lain Di Masukan Ke dalam Dunia Game, Jadinya Seprti Mereka Masuk Ke Dunia Namun dengan Universe yang berbeda namun satu semesta

    Dan Akhirnya dia berhasil kembali ke bumi dengan kekuatan aslinya tapi bumi sudah berubah, Jadi genre Hunter dan Monster, Dan dia bertemu pemain lain yang pernah masuk ke game juga dan mencari Lemegaton, Dan Di sini cerita nya gantung, Karena setelah dia Membuka portal Di Situ lemegaton Bicara dan End

  5. Rader says:

    A small summary of story with spoilers, upto chapter 185.

    There was an alien world where two gods Existed, god of light and darkness. God of light created many things but he gave up on many of his powers in the process. God of darkness also created many things in hell and in the end both of them clashed. God of Darkness for sealed and God of light lost most of his power.

    Before going into hibernation, he used most of his powers to create a game which MC played on Earth. God of light knew that both he and god of darkness will keep on repeating this cycle of fights so he decided to bring an Alien soul from Earth to break the balance. And it’s our MC.

    MC got possessed as Aslan who has many useless trait along with a good traid, luck. God of Light sent him missions and gave him his powers in the process. MC was able to take the power of darkness in between and become able to reach highest of both light and dark powers with his instantaneous strength.

    MC got accepted as the Reincarnation of the God of Light officially but he refused to act as the Demon King and a crazy Demon who wanted to become a kingmaker by making MC a Demon King decided to wake up the God Of Darkness and destroy MC for his insolence.

    Currently, God of Darkness woke up but part of his soul got destroyed in first fight with MC. Crazy demoness used this opportunity to eat the soul of God and unleashed hell on the Continent. As of the latest chapter a lot of major side characters have died due to this fight. This fight seems to be a final one. As per the foreshadowing MC will beat the crazy b”tch and absorb the God himself and being able to rule over death and reincarnate his dead subordinates.

    After that since he already has most of the power of God of Light he will go to heaven and confront him, the Developer of the Game himself. As usual he will be given a choice to either go back or to he live as Emperor and the powerfull being, a human with the power of both light and darkness.

  6. Darren says:

    Finally an update!!!

  7. Carlos Niggelson says:

    So…this harem?

  8. You can categorize this novel as a humor genre with an OP protagonist who is misunderstood by his surroundings.. To prevent MC from having excess strength, the author limits MC’s strength to a few seconds, instant strength with a cooldown of 200 s, and limits MC’s stats to remain even after completing missions with the system. Unfortunately, as the story progresses, MC gets more robust thanks to the items he gets and the power of devouring power, which means that MC can get other character powers if MC absorbs their souls. However, the writer still limits his strength in a short time duration.

    Like the cliché of stories of being possessed by other game characters, the story begins with the MC, who gets an invitation to play a character in the game, where the MC chooses the character with the worst stats and extreme difficulty mission. The only MC cheat is instant power with a short duration. Interestingly, the MC doesn’t fully control the ego of the original game character, Aslan, who is known for being arrogant and full of pride, which then causes a lot of misunderstandings. Aslan is the supreme commander of the kingdom. Still, he is actually weak, bluffing that he is strong, relying on his family background to become a commander and, in his original story, should have died in the war. After possessed Aslan, the MC still says arrogantly, even though he doesn’t want to. The different from the original MC, now he has an OP cheat that backs him up. In addition, Aslan is one of the few MC in web novels who is older than 40 years old.

    Romance is not main story but just subplots. The main heroine is Hariel, the woman the original MC loved but was rejected because of the age difference. Ori MC still harbors a crush on him which make him not married. It will later affects the MC. Some other heroines are Natasha, MC’s original teacher who often teases MC but is surprisingly decided to be killed by the writer using Rylakan, a resurrected past hero.

    Similar to the story of other OP protagonists, this novel suffers from overused settings such as arrogant characters who cross the boundaries of the kingdom of MCs, Elves, dragons, monsters, etc., which are then easily defeated by MCs, then over time, they are attracted to MCs and become MC’s minions or allies or even worship him. Other characters also lack a spotlight. In other novels such as Overlord, to avoid overused cliché OP characters, the writer will give more roles to MC’s minion to help protagonist achieve his goal of world domination. The MC’s mission here is to become emperor of all kingdom on Earth, hell, and Heaven, which is similiar. By chapter 142, MC already king and almost all the kingdoms on Earth had been conquered. In terms of character writing, MC is a cowardly character who will justify any means to complete his mission (MC even makes Ryla Khan, who killed one of the heroines as, his subordinate), and lacks attachment and trust in his surrounding, subordinates, friends and heroine. MC is considered a hero and saint by other characters even though he helps others because of quests from the game. Based on the plot, I think the MC can complete his mission easily and return to the real world. The ori MC’s character will probably appear and take his body back and pretend he understands everything that happened, lol.

  9. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    I dropped it at chapter 129, it was funny though haha

  10. Darksouls says:

    Can there be an update please

  11. lily says:

    Please download new chapters I love this novel ❤️

  12. Kalla says:

    The beginning can be kind of slow, but as the chapters go by, the rhythm and the quality of the comic situations get better. I highly recommend this work, I would say that it is one of my favorites on the site.

    ~I used Google translate, hence the poor quality English.

  13. … … … … says:

    Witting for update 😩

  14. Shin says:

    It’s like reading I’m not the demon lord’s lackey :)))

  15. Ferrum says:

    I won’t lie, since I entered noble I only see obsession, it doesn’t bother me but I was already a bit tired but I came across this tremendous work and although it is not the most original and it has some clichés I find it very fun to pass the time and clear mind with the adventures of the great Aslan.

  16. darkA says:

    Can anyone recommend a similar novel guys?

  17. Kevin says:

    I recommend this one. Kinda similiar to Eminence Shadow but the MC is only momentarily strong. MC’s line “Don’t make a fuss” Every time people admired him is really fun comedy for me.

  18. Aslan says:

    Don’t make a fuss

  19. I like how mc characteristic make him bluff infinitely. He will rather suffer or die rather than allow other think that he is weak. This is quite funny

  20. TWO :3 TWO :3 says:

    It’s quite an enjoyable read. MC does gain more skills but they would all be reliant of the instantaneous strength skill so he would usually show off then bluff his way out.

  21. Kibikk says:

    Please update, i like this novel

  22. Caliber says:

    You are not alone my friend 😂

  23. This novel reminds me of overlord with the misunderstandings lol. Aslan also has luck similar to Ainz.

  24. Anonymous0588 says:

    Will Mc become strong and learn new skill later or will he only able to use 0,01 second skill?

  25. Anonymous says:

    Is MC going to get stronger later or is he going to remain weak and only able to use his 0,01 Sec Skill?

  26. Eshya . Eshya . says:

    I mistook the title for 0.01 mm 😱 . I have dirty mind

  27. I raised EX Class says:

    hahahaha, Aslan’s character makes MC crazy.

  28. Ikrar says:

    Sasuga Aslan-Sama

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