Academy Life of a Career Hypnotist
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Academy Life of a Career Hypnotist

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경력직 최면술사의 아카데미 라이프
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Academy Life of a Career Hypnotist

Kim Do-yoon, a former counseling psychologist.
He was given the power of ‘hypnotism’.

‘Those who understand other people’s minds well can handle their abilities better.’

A world where games are superimposed on reality.
A world in which the events in the game actually take place.

An institution that educates people with psychic powers called “sages”.
There is only one goal given to him in Signal.

In order to survive in a future where destruction is certain,
did you have to replace the role of the main character who disappeared?

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  1. Moonlit Walker says:

    Wait where’s the guy who is finding The Academy’s Janitor

  2. Tester666 says:

    I read it until the latest chapter mc is transmigrated or possessed? still confused. The plot is like any other academy novel not much different, but the way author show the mc power is interesting. Mc power is hypnotic like make people feel whatever he want(fear, happy etc.), mind reading, amnesia(this one he still cannot use). It’s not like he can sudden make people believe and do anything as he want immediately or smth and there is many limit to his power. As for the tag I think it should add harem tag(potential?) since from the latest chapter there are 2 girls who is surely like him(might be more). All in all it’s a good read I give it 7.5/10

  3. Doublesubwalfas says:

    Okay if I had that kind of Hypnotic power I would hypnotize the whole world and instead of greed or any corrupt thing I’d make it to be only focused on space exploration, my dreams of exploring the space would be a few years away.

  4. Luiz felipe Oliveira says:

    If he just had the mindset of a 30 year old guy but had a 20 year old body it would be ok

  5. Luiz felipe Oliveira says:

    Man, he really has a 30-year-old body, fuck this, I’m not going to read a novel with the protagonist being a 30-year-old guy at the academy

  6. Luiz felipe Oliveira says:

    a doubt when the game world and the real world merged did the protagonist’s body rejuvenate or did he remain 30 years old? this is very confusing

  7. TWO :3 TWO :3 says:

    Milky lover, first of all, what the fuck. But yeah, that does sound pretty cool.

  8. Reio M Reio M says:

    Milky violet: writes whole ass novel
    Korean drama writers: write this down!

  9. Forgotten one says:

    I don’t like hypnosis novel & manga…😰😰

  10. Bluebro says:

    It’s an interesting plot my friend. How about developing your idea and making it a novel?

    Personally I would use the ability to get money and power .

  11. Well if I had the power of hypnosis or whatever, I wouldn’t use it for good nor evil. I’m not such a degenerate to suddenly lose my morals, nor am I such a degenerate to suddenly think I’m a hero. I’d use it for petty crime like “YOU WILL GIVE ME $500!” and just use it for whatever I want at the moment. Oh, and I’ll also use it to make a girl a yandere just for fun and then regret my actions because I have been stabbed 9274 times in the chest and also because I have forced her to become something she has or never will have been. Then for my final act as a hypnotist, I’d use it to brainwash everyone into thinking we’ve gone 5 years into the past including myself but I get special privileges cause I’m the one who did it so I remember what happens in those 5 years, so i abuse that knowledge for like 4 days until the world governments go “hey wtf, we’re actually 2023 not 2018” and then they realize I tricked everyone and then I become a international criminal who is wanted for his power and also because I’m a massive asshole who deserves prison time. Then the girl I forced to become a yandere remembers that I made her a yandere so she breaks due to conflicting emotions of being a normal girl and being an insane psychopath and then she becomes an actual insane psychopath who’s sole reason of living is to get back at me by either killing or loving me not obsessively but by pure romance- so I have to jungle between escaping world governments and a ferocious lady trying to get me to love her to spite me for making me make her obsessed with me. Finally at the end, I realize that perhaps my powers aren’t best in my hand so I attempt to commit suicide only to get stopped by the girl who locks me up and says “nuh uh, you haven’t fallen in love with me yet~” and then the end.

    Hey you didn’t specify how strong the hypnotic powers were so I just went all out!

  12. Heck even from the book cover it gives an idea that mc would be a harem seeking/ embracing one but I sure it too misleading let’s wait for our brave testers for their review lol

  13. Seriously hypnotist in title but no mind break/ blackmail / brainwash/ harem / romance / obsession?

    If it’s so then it’s such a huge let down. These new authors just using misleading Lewd titles to click bait zzzz

  14. Junko says:

    What great blasphemy is this hypnosis with no cheese this should be illegal

  15. Q D Q D says:

    So this guy has mind control power but there will be no h*ntai? So disappointed

  16. OnlyTruth says:

    This mo***rfucka is 10 years older than his classmates and it isn’t regression or anything it’s merging of reality

  17. Apops says:

    This author is better off just making this mc a serial killer or menace to society smh. Though it would be refreshing to see an actual hypnotist savior.

  18. Phobi21 says:

    Meh, if I wanted to read this kind of story I’d better watch a he*tai.

  19. OnlyTruth says:

    What a stupid question ofcourse for hentaipower

  20. Blue Shadow says:

    I have question to people who read here!!

    If you have the power to hypnotist people, or some kind power manipulating to people how are you gonna use them? Is it for hen*ai or for power?

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