Acquired the EX-class attribute ‘Transcendence Copy’
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Acquired the EX-class attribute ‘Transcendence Copy’

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EX급 특성 「초월 카피」를 얻었다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Acquired the EX-class attribute ‘Transcendence Copy’

A game I’ve been playing for 10 years has been patched.

Say I can make a trait?

Shall we make an opener characteristic?

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  1. Zhen Wu says:

    Waiting for the next update :v

  2. Milf Lover Milf Lover says:

    I enjoyed it. It was a fun read

  3. Rader says:

    Yeah there are many faults with this novel. But it’s fine overall. I enjoyed my time reading it, one of the good Academy novel which is happy to use all the cliches. Here MC is seeking harem properly instead of being a beta and then attracting tons of heroines. He is getting powerful and seeking help of other characters of needed and is not shy of destroying game’s story.

  4. Icametoconquer says:

    Honestly predictable but surprising entertaining ☠️ it’s similar to other academy novels but has a drastic pace so it feels like there’s no filler. If you like academy novels with a op mc who isn’t dense this is for you.

  5. Des says:

    Read to ch100

    Well as said before it’s readable even though the relationship between heroines are not really fleshed out, gives an unnatural feeling (too fast).

    Wish fulfillment

    I’m more invested in the MC plans/fights than the heroines.


    In the middle he gets a Game’s Ending ring that make him use maxed characters (an item in the game that make you able to load a max character to a new run). It gives a feeling that nothing can beat him cuz he can use those maxed out character lol.

  6. Marauder Pathway says:

    Trust me that this novel originated from the author’s wet dream that used to make money. Lol

  7. meh said not a trash is not true but this is a eatable trash when you want killing time sooooooooo just read

  8. milky violet says:

    High Tier Human lmaoo

  9. EternalCleetusOfEuthymiasAmericanShotgun says:

    I’ve always wondered how obsessive love and harem go together. like bro if you have a yandere harem wouldn’t that just be a battle royale with Extra steps?

  10. Insufferable says:

    I dropped it tho because I’m not in the mood for a self insert, wish fullfillment junk food right now. So any review for the middle and latter parts of the available chapters are left to the people who likes gobbling oil and grease.

  11. Insufferable says:

    It’s junk. But it’s edible. Basically it’s junk food. Ain’t nothing wrong with savoring a snack and defecating it whole without a single nutrient extracted.

    Anyway, it’s a rather interesting concept. Not original and new but still an intriguing one. But the plot progression is as cliche as the mothers in the world who named their children Michael.

    Pacing is also rather fast and clunky but it’s bearable. Skill and power system is detailed enough but the way the characters handle and interact with it leaves much to be desired. Like a pineapple pizza. It’s pizza but there’s pineapple.

    Last but not the least, the mc sticks to the kind , pretty boy rizzler idol concept in order to maximize his skill.

  12. Oh right, his copied traits make his skill stronger than the original. In order to copy the trait, MC must kiss the opponent. What a forced romantic story! Ah, the author just wants his self-insert kiss all beautiful girls.

  13. From what I’ve seen in the comments above and what I’ve read in the first few chapters, the MC life is too easy. Everyone adores MC’s good looks. First girls fall for MC easily. He has copying skills too. The level of difficulty he has is so easy. I can’t stand read more than 10 chapter. Is this the author’s self insert lol

  14. ali dd ali dd says:

    The author’s seems to be ignoring the explanation. He did not explain how the character arrived in this world. Even the character began directly searching for the Easter egg, and he did not bother explaining any other things.

  15. ali dd ali dd says:

    Create a handsome character and create a skill, which is to copy other skills. After the personal preference ratio becomes 80%, he kisses her and then copies the copy. The reason for creating a male character is that the female characters in the game are full, so he created a handsome male character. He found the first character, the Empress of Twilight, to save her. To become his slave or something and he made her live with him in the house to make in order to raise his favorability to 80% in order to copy her skills in order to get into the academy from here begins the story is silly or good I don’t know

  16. PerlicaLover1 says:

    Your life is EVERYTHING! You serve ALL PURPOSE! You should treat yourself NOW! And give yourself, a piece of that oxygen, in the ozone layer, that’s covered up so then you can breathe in this blue trapped bubble! ‘Cause you know I’m here for it! To worship YOU! Love YOURSELF! I mean that with a hundred percent! With a thousand percent!

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