All Warriors Are My Disciples
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All Warriors Are My Disciples

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용사들이 전부 내 제자
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis All Warriors Are My Disciples

All heroes are my disciples.

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  1. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    @Maeve w Oh, oh! I know! It’s E, did I get that right?

    But really talk about a redundant synopsis.

  2. please add this novel:아카데미 죽은 눈 광인이 되었다

  3. Caliber says:

    Wrong description, it should have been ‘ My disciples are all warriors.

  4. Read until ch 25

    Sumarry of characther so far

    -main character, posess a game character

    -MASTER from murim world and is simehow in the current fabtasy world

    -last disciple, Iris, regressor

    – Garam, first disciple, a fox girl

    *there should be more than 5 disciples at least, since he is now searching for the missing fifth disciple

    *main charactger isn’t really dense, to quote “he would use himself as bait, motivating his students” it is said that he knows of garam’s feeling toward him is more than a crush, but if ut could increase her growth and increase her syrvivability then he would gladly use himself as bait

    Maun character raises these disciples as he and his master, although op, is nit able to deal with demon fragments?, or something like that, as only “heroes” could do damage to it.

    Thats mire or less it, a decebt 6-7/10

  5. Have read before pretty boring, and to be honest for me that is, the girls are pretty busy competing against each other, and the mc being a naive as he is was clueless of it all so yeah

  6. All of them are women. All like mc for some reason. All of them try to NTR each other. MC is kinda clueless/doesn’t address their feelings(cause ya’know? World’s gonna end and I ain’t got no time for bisses) . And what else…oh yes mtl is particularly bad this time for some reason. All in all-its poison.

  7. Mamito0996 says:

    Let me Guess… All of them are women?

  8. SenatorArmstrong says:

    Same author wrote the Academy Silver Gatekeeper, Swordsman Handmaid, and some other academy novel with MC being reincarnated into a warrior family.
    Honestly I think I’m gonna avoid this one.
    The synopsis is the title so that’s already a sneak peek into the probably “amazing” writing of this story.

  9. Kirill Popov says:

    And all the girls of course.

  10. Warrior = Hero, MTL usually does it like that. BTW, won’t read this coz I am biased against this author.

  11. S1: All warriors are my disciples.
    S2: All heroes are my disciples.
    Conlusion: All Warriors are Heroes.

    Which of the following is true to support the conclusion?

    a. S1 alone is sufficient.
    b. S2 alone is sufficient.
    c. both s1 & s2 together are sufficient.
    d. either s1 or s2 is sufficient.
    e. both s1 & s2 together are not sufficient.

  12. Ryuu says:

    Shouldn’t it called My disciples are heros or to make it more interesting let’s called them pink power rangers.

  13. Kal says:

    Title : all warriors are my disciple
    Synopsis : all heroes are my disciples
    Hmmm okaayy……

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