Be Careful When Agreeing to Terms and Conditions
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Be Careful When Agreeing to Terms and Conditions

Read full chapter Be Careful When Agreeing to Terms and Conditions, Light Novel Be Careful When Agreeing to Terms and Conditions english, LN Be Careful When Agreeing to Terms and Conditions, Be Careful When Agreeing to Terms and Conditions Online, read Be Careful When Agreeing to Terms and Conditions at Noble Machine translations.
[원신] 약관 동의는 신중히
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Be Careful When Agreeing to Terms and Conditions

I logged into a Chinese game famous for its suspicious membership terms and conditions.

And then, it fell on the Tivat continent.

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  1. Daver55 says:

    I was thinking about a fanfic myself at some point, Yuri one, Lumine going around fuking all the waifus and making some dudes like Albedo or Xiao into femboys. Basically every region new conquered waifus made meat toilets for Lumine. Then the fight with the abyss
    and the plot twist, Lumine is a fuking yandere for Aether, all the bixes she made slaves are presents for her beloved Onii-chan. Crying and begging at his toes, Lumine asks to be embraced by him. He gets up from his throne, calls the hili nibbas and has them rpe all the meat toilets Lumine brought. Then he and her are united at last. Leaving behind that sheet hole of a world and going back to their own. You are welcome.

  2. UOGHHH says:

    Lumine’s mine so I hope it will be Mona x insert MC in the end.

  3. Fyl says:

    How did this get 3,000,000 views from Koreans?

  4. Moonlit Walker says:


  5. Zzz says:

    tl;dr, filthy disgusting harem novel with indecisive beta mc.

    I suggest avoiding this but you do you

    Tags would look something like:
    Harem, r18, politics, indecisive mc, dense mc, alcoholic mc, fantasy, fanfic, genshin impact

    Mc has cooking and infinite inventory cheat(he also gets wish cheat but not main focus from what i have read) basically goes around as a merchant.

    I have read to 30ch and then skimped through rest because it got boring. Mc, the only original character author had to write; made this novel impossible to enjoy.

    Even though he says 383737 times “Lumine, you are my first priority” he goes and sleeps with mona randomly at ch53~55 so that he doesn’t break monas heart. After this he goes to liyue with lumine and it is politic fkfest to ch100 with trash conspiracies

    Also it gets harder to read as you go further because of inconsistent names and starts to make less sense as you go.

    1. So it’s a Harem novel ? How many members? I’m just curious because it’s by the same writer of Love Letter from the Future, this was supposed to be his first novel

      1. Bill James Bill James says:

        Lumine, Paimon, Mona, Keqing, and Ganyu

        1. Ninja says:


          1. Daver55 says:

            Best girl need to get some too

  6. Can I enjoy this if I don’t play genshin

    1. Shadow says:

      I also want to know

  7. Arcus101 says:

    To those that are surprised noble uploaded a fanfic…noble had already done that quite sometime ago, this isn’t the first one. There is a naruto one somewhere in this site

    1. asf says:

      Surprised that its genshin fanfict instead

  8. Rinrin says:

    Ok i will try this, but if the mc not smash lumine in the future chapter i will be so maad dawg fr. Smash that magnificent blond haired charming smell divine traveler

    1. kk77 says:

      i will end you.

      Do NOT touch her 🔪🔪

    2. Bob Marley Bob Marley says:

      I’ll hold KK77 back! SMASH!! NOW!!!

      1. Bob Marley Bob Marley says:

        Full send it! I WANT that SMASH to be so HARD!!! Is see impact frames in my novel!

  9. SenatorArmstrong says:

    This is it bros, a Korean actually wrote a Genshin fanfic. And its tagged as “Popular Work”. Pack it up, everything is over.

  10. Reii i Reii i says:

    I can’t stand this cringe mc or how the novel doesn’t seems like one to me. I have read many great fanfictions but this can’t be compared to that

  11. amogustimestwo says:

    The author is not a true genshin fan. He said she has crimson eyes… when they are actually golden…! And that’s only beginner level genshin fan…

  12. amogustimestwo says:

    Imma have to find MC in real life. Get me those primos

  13. RealEason says:

    ain’t no way noble picked a genshin fanfic, who requested this 💀💀

  14. Enoh says:

    Who asked for a genshin fanfic???

  15. SilverInk says:

    MC should test his skills on Timmie’s birds

  16. kk77 says:

    get TF away from Lumine you sus lookin-ass weirdo

  17. Sephir says:

    the 10 first lines, i’m out

  18. Sephir says:

    reminds me of the fox doesnt cry or something on this site

  19. Insufferable says:

    A fanfic on this site? Is this a sign of an mtl expansion?

    If I were to fall on genshin impact I’ll probably just live painting people on the streets. I don’t have enough guts to do anything dangerous even if I have a cheat.

    1. TheSinglesLord says:

      Imagine you became a Monstadt failed painter 💀 I hope you don’t do genocide on the abyss

  20. Asalty 1 Asalty 1 says:

    remind me of that one fan fic where the mc traveled trough countless world before genshin and then became jean husband while hiding his power, it was a slice of life with an op mc and of course CHINESE young masters

    1. Guywithaname says:

      Ima need the sauce homeboy

      1. Asalty 1 Asalty 1 says:

        Im sorry i searched for it but wasn’t able to find it

  21. Veldra says:

    What did I just read…

  22. Rissira says:

    a freaking genshin fan fic? is the kitchen on fire?

  23. Any testers? Is it decent enough?

  24. Idont Know Idont Know says:


  25. Bruh, dozens of great novels that could’ve been updated and instead we get a self-insert genshin fanfiction :sadge:

  26. asf says:

    Does MC uses credit card to get primo gems too?

  27. The only fanfic that interest me is Dante’s Inferno

  28. Hated Author KR says:

    Why not take a novel from the Novel Request on discord?

  29. King sisyphus says:

    A Fanfic? You fr noble?

  30. I don’t usually read fanfic . Can someone tell me if it’s good

  31. Zer0 says:

    this a genshin impact novel come on really?

  32. Big Blackclock says:

    Genshin fanfic?

    1. Big Blackclock says:

      Go and find the mc of this novel in your world. Maybe he might become your valuable client.

  33. sandwitch says:

    why is lumine in the cover?

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