Became a Medieval Fantasy Wizard
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Became a Medieval Fantasy Wizard

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중세 판타지의 마법사가 되었다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Became a Medieval Fantasy Wizard

The absurd adventure story of Ian, a wizard in a medieval fantasy world.

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  1. Yorghuul says:

    Fun at first but the heavy korean bias like for food or historical inaccuracies are ruining it for me.

    1. rob z rob z says:

      Well put. I had the exact same thoughts.

  2. Booom says:

    ini novelnya bagus 👍👍👍

  3. Laki says:

    The 6th top comment on Novelpia. Chapter 62.

    No, in the Middle Ages, a daughter who lost her family happened to meet a young and handsome wizard, fight a drake, defeat the usurper, the head of the family, and meet the Fairy Queen. This was an epic story that ended not in marriage, but in a relationship as good friends. Are you a man? If this was a story of a wizard and a young lady from ancient times to modern times, it would be absurd haha.

  4. Laki says:

    Google translated note from the author.

    First of all, I would like to apologize for surprising you.

    Hello. This is Mayve, a series about becoming a medieval fantasy wizard.

    Recently on the 23rd, I published episode 41 and recieved many people’s concerns. This was an opinion about the part where the development was not smooth.

    I disappointed many people who liked my story and enjoyed visiting me. I reflected deeply about future developments.

    I also heard the opinions of readers and understood the heterogeneity of the development.

    Accordingly, the content from Episode 41 to Episode 44 has been significantly revised.

    I’m truly sorry to those who enjoyed reading the original story, but most of the content has changed.

    Although I am not a good writer, I will try my best to create more interesting stories.

    Thank you once again to everyone who read and enjoyed [I Became a Wizard of Medieval Fantasy].

    Everyone, thank you.


    There is no major problem in understanding the content even if you do not read the edited serial.

    Also, during the revision process, the content expanded and episodes were added.

  5. amogustimestwo says:


    1. rob z rob z says:

      No. YOu thought there might be something, but later chapters confirm MC is basically a d!ckless eunuch who is dense AF. All he wants to do is explore “magical mysteries”

  6. It is one of the novels with the most realistic medieval setting among all Korean novels

      1. Compared to all those brain-dead medieval academy novels, this novel is like a diamond in a dumpster. I understand you spewing hate because you don’t like the novel, but this is one of the few novels where the setting really feels medieval.

        1. rob z rob z says:

          No, it is not. It relies on a lot of common tropes regarding medieval European history, life, and culture, but is grossly inaccurate historically. While I am not saying these tropes are uncommon, they are certainly incorrect.

  7. Komaru s Komaru s says:

    Real fantasy vibes, an interesting culture of the world, a lot of world-building, a light system to enable ease of magic use, and a lot of clash between modern and medieval sensibilities. It’s pretty good but slower-paced and romance isn’t really there but multiple women keep trying to marry the MC.

  8. Dead Pann Dead Pann says:

    Absolutely loved this novel, it’s like a delicious meal inside of a dump site

    1. Bob Marley Bob Marley says:

      Don’t you just love having a buffet in the middle of a dump site

  9. Dagonsuznyx says:

    This may be the stupidest and most braindead novel I have read in this site. Absolute garbage.

    1. Sephir says:

      once i see someone trashing hard a novel, i would be pondering if the novel is good or people taste’s buds became literally immune to poison

  10. Read to chapter 50.

    Really great!
    This novel mostly strays from the worn down fantasy cliches so it is nice if you want a break from those while exploring a well fleshed out magic system and solid world building.

    Although it definitely isn’t the focus there has is some romance and I believe that what I have read is encouraging; if the novel does choose to focus on it more in the future I feel assured it won’t fall into the typical pit fall of two-dimensional, shallow relationships and will probably be relatively well done.

  11. This novel is much better than I expected, waiting for updates

  12. SilverInk says:

    This is good.

  13. sense-san says:

    Its a decent story. It doesnt overuse common KR story tropes like RPG systems and such. The world outside of the MC runs on an old style fantasy novel where outside of the status board of the MC, magic is vague but powerful. The MC also travels the world like Kino or Frieren.

    It might not have any shounen hooks but its still a good read

  14. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    Read to chapter 50.

    Oh I really liked this story. I guess people on this site won’t like it much since it’s a coming of age story where Mc starts young and slowly travels the world building up power.

  15. Zzz says:

    is there a romantic subplot?

    1. rob z rob z says:

      Meh, not really romantic per se. MC has gotten 2 marriage proposals but both were more because of the power / prestige from marrying a mage (one maybe had a tinge of romance but MC found her personality a little off-putting). There is a third girl involved that will likely become a romantic interest but nothing concrete there yet.

    2. Zzz says:

      I got to read to ch50 no real romance so far but novel itself is good enough
      A fresh breather tbh

  16. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    Wow no [Harem] tag isn’t that nice??

    1. Daver55 says:

      Harem tag or not it’s the same, MC still stays virgin until the end in both kind or stories.

  17. ali dd ali dd says:

    I have read 50 chapters so far, and I think they are good and worth watching. The main character is not bad, and I liked the magic system. It is different from some novels. There is a status window, but it is not used in excessive way. There are female characters, but I do not feel that they are annoying characters so far. Maybe in the future there will be an academy. But I don’t know, I advise everyone to give it a chance

  18. volt zone volt zone says:

    Unique setting, interesting magic system, a proper adventure about growth and you meet eccentric characters along the way.

    1. Big Blackclock says:

      Any romance?

      1. volt zone volt zone says:

        Mc only wants girls not interested in his status as wizard. He is open to it otherwise.

  19. What a generic title

    1. Asalty 1 Asalty 1 says:

      Therer is no “heroines are obsessed with me” no “i have cheat system” or “golden finger” no academy no “lvl 9000 cheat ability” no “reincarnated as a villain” no reincarnators/regressor and no “empress/duchess/op childhood friend/ hero party is obsessed with me’ idk man it seems pretty unusual for me

      1. amogustimestwo says:

        Instead, it’s “Became [insert subject]” excluding “academy” and “the [important FL] is obsessed with”. However, this alone is rather revolutionary…! Bravo author, bravo!

        1. Daver55 says:

          “I became Caesar, and I didn’t see and conquer, I just… came.”

  20. Hated Author KR says:


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