Extra After the Ending
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Extra After the Ending

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엔딩후 엑스트라는
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Extra After the Ending

Became an extra in the novel.

became a real extra.

Under the control of the system,
they rolled over and over again, doing the chores of the main character’s party.

15 years have passed and

the novel’s ending is approaching

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  2. Ninja says:

    Thx you for tl, nice story the end is so goodd
    Nice harem

  3. GameOn says:

    A refreshing story after a long time🥲

  4. SenatorArmstrong says:

    Okay so I gave this one another chance by breaking my rule of “Never Skipping Chapters at the start of the novel” and following Vectors advice (skipping chapters at the start of any novel is a terrible practice). Because I just really, really didn’t like the first dozen chapters of the novel.
    And I got to say, I retake my previous statement. A short novel that was fun to read after the MC went loco nuts. Nothing deep, but it’s enjoyable.

  5. Hu Tao Hu Tao says:

    This was a fun read for me. While I think the concept of someone’s existence constantly being erased from the memories of others is a good concept, I feel like the dynamics and consequences of such concept could be delivered better than in this novel.

    Nevertheless it was still a fun and enjoyable read. This novel made me sympathize with the character’s struggles and frustrations as well as celebrate his triumphs.

    The ending is definitely satisfying and well deserved.

    Clear 7/10 for me and I can recommend.

  6. Forgotten one says:

    Hahaha i really like this novel…..

  7. I read it all. It’s not bad. To be fair I have to say it’s a good idea written decently.

    I feel like the characters are not well written and there are tons of timeskips. So the plot gets a little messy in the middle but fixes a little later

    But I like the basic idea of System being complete villain and making Mc’s life hell. Author managed to make me completely hate the system. But I wish we could’ve met the person behind instead of it possessing the novel Mc and fighting against Mc.

    Plot for those who want to know before reading:

    Mc gets possessed as an extra by an a*shole system. His actions are restricted and if he has much interactions with novel characters their memory gets wiped out. His life achivements also gets wiped just because the system wants to assign him to a different role to support novel Mc. He meets the heroines but they forget him (like reverse toaru majutsu lol). Then he snaps and destroys the scenario and people around him start to remember Mc and etc.

  8. Rone says:

    It’s okay for a short novel like this for me. At least the author tell a plausible story for a harem ending, there isn’t that much of an action, and yeah it feels like a speedrun version of big novels lmao. Because it’s short I’m overlooking it. 7/10

  9. This is the academy janitor in a way… He’s cleaning up after the main characters mess

  10. very good I really liked the story and the plot, both female and male characters are amazing very good personality and the development is good, I highly recommend

  11. Forgotten one says:

    Thanks vekter…
    I am living….

  12. Irkun says:

    Author understands chilshes and tropes of the posessor/transmigrator genre perfectly, makes fun of them in the first chapters, and seems to be preparing ground for interesting subversion.

    There is no subversion unfortunately. MC becomes extra in the novel where oMC is a extra towards ooMC. He takes his harem, the end.

  13. The question is if Vektor’s suggestion scrubs out any poison

  14. SenatorArmstrong says:

    Im going out folks.
    I didnt like it…

  15. mfss says:

    I’m going in folks

  16. vektor 189 vektor 189 says:

    I advise you to start reading from chapter 18, because the first 17 chapters will make you hate the author. In short, the MS helps people, and the system wipes everyone’s memory, because he must remain an extra. That’s all you need to know about the first 17 chapters.

  17. It’s not that they are loosing quality. It’s just there are more and more fanfics rather than professional works. Like drama about gender bender naruto

  18. Esse says:

    Novel are losing quality now at days

  19. PAPI says:

    any poison testers???

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