I Was Purged From the Villains Union
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I Was Purged From the Villains Union

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빌런연합에서 숙청 당했다
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Was Purged From the Villains Union

After being purged as the leader of the villain alliance,
I somehow became a transfer student at the hero academy.
I tried to shake off the annoying little kids, but they kept sticking around.
On top of that, the villains found out somehow and started begging me to come back.

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  1. Thousand poison master says:

    Its poison, the axed kind.

    Author don’t know where the story is going. Little to no world building and focused around MC being some OP character and just that. Fight scenes are non existent.

    Ending is not even an ending at this point. MC has 0 goals.

  2. Not to mention, how they fall is completely nonsensical. MC did one thing and all of a sudden they fall completely. No build up no nothing.

  3. Not really a good story if you want some action/plot. Literally, the story is all about how thirsty women are for him. Every 5 chapter is a new girl falling/h0rny for the MC.


  4. rob z rob z says:

    Short synopsis: MC is a “corps commander” in the Villain Alliance. He is betrayed / framed by his fellow corps commanders and a leadership group called the “Elders”, and sentenced to death (they basically wanted him out of the way, and thought he was too “nice” for a villain). While imprisoned he takes a potion that he thinks will give him a painless death, but in fact it reduces him in age (goes from being 27 to looking like a teenager). At the same time, a bunch of heroes attack the location where he is being held prisoner. He is “rescued” by the heroes (who don’t recognize who he really is due to the effects of the age serum), adopted as a brother of the 7th strongest S class hero (who is a babe, but also very powerful / killer of villains), and starts attending the hero academy.

    Meanwhile, back at the Villain Alliance, there is a powerful female villain (Hera) who was in love with the MC, believes he was actually killed, and goes on a killing spree seeking to tear down the Elders and the power structure of the Villain Alliance who betrayed her love – think a ridiculously OP yandere. As an aside, the corps commanders all seem to be names after Greek gods – Hera, Athena, Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, etc.

    From there, its a relatively straightforward hero-academy type novel with harem elements, the only arguable “unique” aspects being (1) that the MC is trying to keep his past identity as a villain a secret from both the heroes and the villains, and (2) the power structure battle going on at the Villain Alliance, and its impact on the political relation between the Villain Alliance and the hero organization (don’t remember exactly what they are called).

    Once you hit the end of the first mission (chapter 71 or so), the story goes straight to endgame; seems like the author just wanted to wrap up the story. However, the story moves very quickly (never drags), there is not much filler, and the story wraps everything up with a “happy ending” (pun intended, as there is a NSFW / R-18 scene at the end before the Epilogue). Don’t expect grand literature or introspective character development out of this one, but just more of a fun read.

    Overall I enjoyed it, but the ending seemed a bit rushed – 7/10.

  5. Athanatos says:

    Pretty Good.

  6. Nubmaster1234567 says:

    I already read this, and I can feel that my IQ suddenly get punched down to the floor, but if you read this without using your brain and just to skip time, it’s hmmm maybe okay , and for the ending it is very rushed (because there are too many plotholes that can be filled, so many potential that can be developed, yet it ended, so yeahhh it is very rushed)

    My point is : The ending is rushed, This is okay to read for fun or skipping time (No power brain needed for this), not recommended for serius read

  7. Tiberius Balz says:

    Not even a rating score what could this mean

  8. Well, in chapter 1 and you understand that other commanders betrayed him, they seem to be old fogeys. So maybe it isn’t the usual ”my harem-family-best friends and my cat betrayed me, sob sob, well, to live better with a better harem, better family, and better cat!” but, ”I was too good, and my co-workers were jealous so they kicked me, now I’m in the hero side” and they are old men. We are too poisoned by the heroine’s betrayal…

  9. Redom Redom says:

    LOL that’s my review

  10. says:

    Sigh… bet it is regret novel from the synopsis also hope it is not copy paste type crap where the mc forgives them please I just want a novel where the mc does not forgives them, but I am going in since I want to experience mind break again from reading this type of novels.

  11. From the synopsis, it’s either extremely dense protagonist or regressed fmls. Or maybe both. Kinda disappointed that there isn’t yandere tag. But whatever.

  12. Waiting for my dear lovely brave poison testers.

  13. Farewell, My Fart says:

    No score?

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