How a Hero Lives as a Writer
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How a Hero Lives as a Writer

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용사가 작가로 살아가는 법
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis How a Hero Lives as a Writer

The story of a former writer summoned to a peaceful, different world that doesn’t need heroes.

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  1. Ken Ken says:

    Anyone have recommended novel like this and how to live as writer in a fantasy world

  2. Mrvallet says:

    @louis try to give a paragraph. I literally read it without blinking Lol

  3. Reafan Fa Reafan Fa says:

    @feng Never Read and hear something like that from KR novel , and something like that mostly withou harem/ecchi go downvote in KR site and vanish, (i dont think Write in KR are free like JP syosetu)

    But you can find it in syosetu/jp novel , i remember watch something like that 5 years ago, and it was dissapear since the fans translation site go bankrupt since no one read that

  4. Nightune says:

    @Louis We both make the same mistake that I usually do overusing “and”. Well, other than that I think It’s great.

    Ps…. You’re making me want to rewatch Maria Clara at Ibara…

  5. Lolicon says:

    Is someone calling me?? Loli is my fetish

  6. Feng says:

    Have you guys noticed? Not a single book here has a good vicious villain that wants to watch the world burn . It’s always a girl(obviously part of harem)or no villain at all. I want a good villain. One the is simply a mad man

  7. Dagonsuznyx says:

    Right? It is sus

  8. Reafan Fa Reafan Fa says:

    Someone says its r18 , and shelwyn says its has loli

    Theres must be legal loli or time skip thing for the loli to grow up or death

    If not maybe author already get arrested lol
    (I have’nt Read it)

  9. Carsen says:

    Not all heroes wear capes i almost get harem bull


    is it just me or does @shelwyn only pop out if there’s loli?

  11. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    Loli ghost joins hero at chapter 5. Noble is finally seeing the light.

  12. says:

    Mhm, thanks for the criticism, but yeah, I am pretty new at writing, and since I am still learning English so my grammar is really not good, I guess. But thanks for your comments truly.

  13. Primordial noir says:

    Guys it’s harem. It has 18+ be careful. Bye

  14. @louis. I mean its would be good for one shot but idk if it will be good for like a whole novel. Idk if im bad at grammar but I kind of felt some mistakes in the writing. I say overall its pretty good as a beginner writer. A lot of details and emotional. I have never felt any romance in my life so I will not judge it romance part of this story.

  15. Shadow says:

    First time I have seen “wisdom” as a tag. But the synopsis doesn’t sound very compelling does it?

  16. Sephir says:

    too bad i can’t write novels my mastery of the english language is garbage

  17. Caliber says:

    @Louis it’s more like a scene than a story and a bit over-emphasized, other than that its all good

  18. says:

    A crap story that I will never write again

    Her soft and golden, smooth hair flows like water in between your fingers. Your other hand caresses her face, and her cheeks are warm and flushed like a rose blooming its petals against the cold night wind. Earlier before going here, I took the opportunity earlier to bring her to this vast cliff overlooking the vast sea, when I heard that she is going on a long voyage in the sea. And I thought that bringing her might improve her mood, knowing how much she dislikes going somewhere she does not know and forcefully by her parents to expand their business too. Her head rests delicately on your shoulders, and her wispy, fragile frame is in your eyes. How lucky I am to be her fiancé; I thought and saw the ocean before me.
    As the ocean breeze dance so elegantly around both of you and the wave serenades beneath you like a musical performance of a dancing mermaid, you become aware of the sheer vastness of the world. I turn my head sideways and see my gorgeous fiancé, and you can tell in her distant, almost dream-like expression that she has been taken away by the same feeling you felt, lost in fantasies of freedom that she cannot attain.
    And I saw the cosmos reflected in her blue eyes as she gazes into the clear night sky and raises her arm skyward. Her fingers curly, as if with that simple gesture, all her worries disappear. And she smiled, and then her expression turns into sadness. I noticed her expression quickly and say, “What’s wrong, my love?” I said it with worry in my eyes, and she said, “I’ll miss you in this long voyage of mine.” As she said it with almost tears in her eyes and I move my hand to stroke her cheeks so affectionately as if I cannot let her go, but I accepted it as I can’t go against her parents as they are too influential and powerful to go against at.
    And I say, “I’ll miss you too.” I said with love in my eyes. And she smiled so lovingly and affectionately that my heart fluttered again as I saw her for the first time in the street. She gets up, and she held her hand in front of me and I took it, and she started to move and spin me around the mellow meadow, and she laughed with joy, and I laughed too, and she suddenly trips on a rock with surprise, and I catch her midway and pulled her towards my chest.
    As she blushed so hard that her face started to become red, and said, “I think I am starting to fall in love with you again.” And she buried her face into my face, and I said “Me too” while smiling. And I gently raised her chin with my hand, and kiss her so lovingly, and her body stops moving as she accepts it for half a minute, and she started to move away from me. And she said it was time for her to go on the voyage, and she kissed me one last time, and I accepted it and said, “I love you, my Maria.” And she says it back to me “I’ll miss you too, my loving fiancé Ibarra” And she goes away, and I still looked over the crashing wave on the cliffs and only the sound of the wind, the sound of insects buzzing in the night, and the waves crashing the cliff only remain as I stood there blankly until the first light of sunlight shone over me and I stood there every day waiting for her return from her long voyage.

    Ang wakas / The end.

    (You next milky to write something better than this crap story I wrote.)

  19. sounds like isekai heiwa

  20. putu says:

    Your world doesn’t need heroes, but I really need one right now !

  21. Weirdo says:

    No harem? No obsession? No yandere? No regret? Boring

  22. Oddly enough this sounds a lot like “How to Live as a writer in a fantasy world”

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