How To Be Misunderstood as a Villain in a Zombie Apocalypse
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How To Be Misunderstood as a Villain in a Zombie Apocalypse

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좀비 아포칼립스에서 악당으로 오해받는 법
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis How To Be Misunderstood as a Villain in a Zombie Apocalypse

I had only fallen asleep and woke up to find myself in a familiar world.
Inside a hardcore zombie apocalypse survival game.
But the progression of the apocalypse is different from what I knew.
I thought I could just live leisurely as usual.

…I’ve only lived diligently, so why have I become the villain?

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  1. Good story but starting 30 chapter felt a bit difficult to understand

  2. Yuki says:

    Cassandra is interesting character. It’s rare to see crazy female doctor that held an M4 in one hand and a rifle in the other. Yeah, she is a crazy woman who killed a man by stabbing his crotch with a knife. She is good yandere candidate. Her dialog with MC always interesting.

    MC: Why I must take you?

    Cassandra: I’ll let you touch Cassandra’s breasts, so take Cassandra with you. Cassandra is a competent doctor.
    MC: No, I will starve if I go out with you? There is not enough food.

    MC: Didn’t you hear Cassandra is rich? Cassandra will feed you until you’re full. Cassandra also have a house in the city. Cassandra’ll let you sleep, feed you, use the bathroom, and touch your breasts, so go with Cassandra.
    Cassandra: Ah, envy. John stabs Cassandra in her chest and dies. Cassandra dies when her heart is pierced by a steel bar. Alas, she’s only riding next to an inexperienced driver, and she dies. Poor Cassandra. Who will ring the bell and put on the coffin for me? I haven’t had a boyfriend before and I’m leaving like this. Ah, fleeting youth. Be pitiful.

    Cassandra: Cassandra can’t talk. It’s a reward. It’s Cassandra’s bare skin. So, how are you? Very special for you

    MC: Hey. I don’t want to run into a wall while driving looking at your breasts and have an accident? It would be nice to stick your nose in my chest and die, but I don’t want to die like that yet. So shut up.

    MC: What do you know about me? Less than 24 hours have passed since we met.

    Cassandra: I can tell by looking into your eyes. John’s eyes are pretty, shiny, big, and empty. But most of all, you are hungry. More than zombies

  3. Des says:

    Read to ch51

    It’s good, if you can go past the first chapters that’s it. As other said the downside is that there are lot of monologues but I really like the setting.

    Him using the knowledge from the game trying to survive and other think he’s an agent/spy etc.

    Really liked the battles and how the MC set the board and him escaping after all that mess.

    Idk why people up in the comments hate Cassandra? She just a crazy woman who know the world is gonna end and ppl not believing her. Nothing bad?

  4. Femboy 2 Femboy 2 says:

    Yes Fu*k Cassandra 🚮

  5. Bob Marley Bob Marley says:

    Daym insufferable just really wants to fck Cassandra one way or another huh

  6. I can just imagine it, a comedy, where the MC fears for his life because the vampire heroine or villainess uses her blood magic to force the MC to get a boner so she can say a sh*tty joke like “oya~ are you always that excited to see me~?”

  7. No obsession, I won’t read it. Probably. Anyways back to vampires and their boner magic

    Seriously. If they can manipulate blood, then they could give boners to any male opponent. That’s like, embarrassingly OP in an academy setting.

  8. Zero says:

    @Insufferable: Cassandra is the one on the cover?🤔

  9. Insufferable says:

    The novel is written well along with a proper narrative and pacing. But fu*k Cassandra.

    It’s got a good grasp of loyalty and political intrigue. It somehow comes off as pretentious on the author’s part though, it still is an enjoyable read. But still, fu*k Cassandra.

    Although I say the pacing is good it still will be unbearable for some to follow through as it sneaks in a monologue every now and then, it’s not an issue sometimes as you can just skip it but it’s still limiting. Again, fu*k Cassandra.

    The mc is portrayed as a broken guy but really he’s not characterized enough despite his lenghty monologues and the extra beginning. There really isn’t enough time in between the lines of action, monologue and info dump to articulate his character. The interaction between him and Cassandra about him being broken seemed flat and pretentious as well as a little condescending as the author never really showed an unhinged side of him, or he did, just didn’t illustrate it properly with his skills and expected us to think and feel about him that way. I’ve read webnovels with unhinged characters and the subtle hints really helps. This one just shoved that fact into your face in the first 3 chapters and didn’t give enough time for us to attach ourselves into the character for us to symphatize and ingrain the fact gradually that he is broken. It failed miserably. I repeat though, fu*k Cassandra.

    The harem, especially Cassandra just gets in the way and makes a novel that could have been perfect without it just way worse. It’s a novel about political intrigue, zombie survival, tactics, scheming and mass murder so the harem shoved into this just stuck out like a sore thumb. It’s like eating a prefect pizza but them feeling a burst of sweetness ah- it’s a damned pineapple. Or eating ice cream, enjoying the coldness and sweetness, and them suddenly feeling a lukewarm, salty taste, ah- it’s a stupid cashew, and now it’s stuck on your teeth.

  10. Raidin_Shotgun says:

    Sounds like junk food to me I’m going in

  11. Insufferable says:

    Hmm. The novel is great I think. But one gripe I have about this is his emotional turmoil and character development that seems out of place for the first three chapters. It’s well articulated and narrated. But I just am not attached or familiar to the mc enough to give a single flying fu*k about his problems. Make us care first before presenting us with a character arc jeezus.

  12. Kirill Popov says:

    Enduring the harem, I’ll try to read it.

  13. Insufferable says:

    Misunderstandings like this are my thing. When they are actually fun and not annoying.

    I’ll hop in and hope my submarine is sturdy.

  14. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    I can barely get past chapter one after the prologue. I really dislike reading stories where the entire chapter is Mc’s inner thoughts, Mc contemplating the world and after an entire chapter of inner thought rambling, chapter one was much of the same.

  15. Jahe manis Jahe manis says:

    This story is interesting. Imagine waking up as a normal civilian in a zombie game. The game is not only about zombies but also about the war between the military police and gangsters in the midst of nationalist fighters who want to build their country, while other countries that have not been infected with zombies send spies, waiting for the destroyed country to be taken over. This is the main story; the MC knows the plot and only the civilians, but the MC’s actions lead to misunderstandings. He is considered a spy, a gangster, a nationalist party member who wants to build his country back, a scientist who wants to find a cure for zombification, and the mastermind behind the zombie apocalypse. All the characters think too hard. Misunderstandings that occur sometimes make me laugh.

  16. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    Let me out on my mask 😷, I’m going in boys. *infected*

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