I Became a Framed Villain
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I Became a Framed Villain

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누명을 쓴 빌런이 되었다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Became a Framed Villain

From the author of ‘The Main Heroines are trying to kill me’

I was framed for killing the number one ranked hero.

Just before I lost everything and was executed, I was saved by the Dominating Hands, a group of villains.

That’s how I became the real villain.
I tried to live my life just for revenge, but…

something strange started to happen.

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  1. Shadow says:

    Novel complete here 😢🥳. Noble thanks and pls update its status.

  2. X33 says:

    Warning!!!! Contains spoilers!!
    If you did not read until chap 30 then skim through this

    Just a question?Do ariel’s ability creates separate timelines from the original at her point of death? And does the timelines just end or still continue when she dies? Since her ability is pretty op when it comes for time-related abilities

    And also, Is the original r(l)umia already obsessed with the mc? Since the things in that basement and diary is already taken way before the time of justia’s death(a week before), adding to the info that the possessor comes in the body A DAY(?) After the MC’s framing, but thinking of it, it’s quite contraidictory from the behavior of the original rumia from the first save point.

    Note:Rn I’m on chap 49 forgive me from my lack of knowledge

  3. kono dioda kono dioda says:

    Eww misunderstandings

    1. Perfect comment, its extremely cringe though its a phase all teens go through. Feeling like oh how much pain I handle and what not but now I just laugh at my old pathetic self. Not reading this, also not fan of his other novel

  4. Fadhly Abdurrahman says:

    Read up to chap 16.
    The way author convey his write is astounishing confusing, who is the mc, who is fl, villain etc monster. The plot etc

    You need to think to read this kind of novel. And im done

    1. Shadow says:

      The fact that this is an mtl is not helping

  5. milky violet says:

    “Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary!!”

    And then the demon king queen whatever poops themself in terror!

    Or solve for x: (x) = (e2ix + e-2ix )/4 + e2ln(sin(x)) + 1/2


    1. Big Blackclock says:

      To solve the equation for \(x\), let’s first simplify it step by step. The given equation is:

      x = \frac{e^{2ix} + e^{-2ix}}{4} + e^{2\ln(\sin(x))} + \frac{1}{2}

      Let’s break it down:

      1. The term \(\frac{e^{2ix} + e^{-2ix}}{4}\) can be simplified using Euler’s formula, where \(e^{ix} = \cos(x) + i\sin(x)\). Thus, \(e^{2ix} = \cos(2x) + i\sin(2x)\) and \(e^{-2ix} = \cos(-2x) + i\sin(-2x) = \cos(2x) – i\sin(2x)\), because cosine is an even function and sine is an odd function. Adding these together, \(e^{2ix} + e^{-2ix} = 2\cos(2x)\), and so \(\frac{e^{2ix} + e^{-2ix}}{4} = \frac{1}{2}\cos(2x)\).

      2. The term \(e^{2\ln(\sin(x))}\) can be simplified by recognizing that \(e^{2\ln(a)} = e^{\ln(a^2)} = a^2\), where \(a = \sin(x)\), thus it becomes \(\sin^2(x)\).

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      If you have a specific domain for \(x\) in mind or any additional constraints, let me know, as that could potentially simplify the problem or make a numerical solution more straightforward to approach.(ChatGPT)

      1. milky violet says:

        How to defeat demon king

        Go back in time to when they were a wee child

        Teach them math

        Go back to the future and go up to them and say this ☹️

  6. Big Blackclock says:

    Thx for the update!!

  7. Luo Huo Luo Huo says:

    wow its finally back

  8. CrovoloDesu says:

    It is finally updated, thank you gods of translations for bringing this great novel to our table, amen 🙏

  9. Frauflaw says:

    In mamo kim (author) we trust!!!

    Tbh this novel isnt as good as MAIN HEROINE but! I really like the female charas her, especially justia (& the possessor)


  10. RealEason says:

    huh? this novel existed? I’ve never seen it before

  11. Vic says:

    when is this continuing? novel ended with ch 213

  12. NovaShadow says:

    R19 scene starts from chap 121 btw

  13. NovaShadow says:

    Read up to the latest chapter and the revenge/karma for the 3 girls who betrayed him is satisfying as hell so far

  14. Joseph 117 Joseph 117 says:

    I think that Lumia is a possessor, but probably she was the original villain. So she tries to make the MC the villain of her story by using her knowledge to predict the future and turn herself into a prophet. Doing NTR to the MC by pretending he is a guy instead of a girl.

  15. Bocchan says:

    Is this good? Its not yuri ryght?

  16. Constellation of Pure Love says:

    This mc is so ugly bro, that goofy ass hair looks like he chewed it and called it a haircut

  17. Salty1 says:

    Summary please

  18. Tito c says:

    More chapters please

  19. A great story with a great process uptill 63
    But it just feels like the MC will forgive the betrayal too easily……i just want MC to break free of his shackles and find people who would not betray him…

  20. Ahaaa says:

    I cried when i read it…

    Even though its MTL, somehow i can uderstand the story and i cried…

  21. It’s okay story is very slow and you will skip chs like crazy while reading this , main focus is regret in this one .

  22. Palace says:

    It’s amazing. Thanks for this one

  23. Phantom says:

    have no idea about the plot and skimmed through it, but man the regret is big in this one

    1. X33 says:

      Should’ve listened to you
      Now I’m emotionally suffering

  24. Nay says:

    Yo, thanks. Been wanting to read this for a while!

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