I was excommunicated from the Holy Knights
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I was excommunicated from the Holy Knights

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성기사단에서 파문 당했습니다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I was excommunicated from the Holy Knights

I’ve been possessed by an extra paladin in a dark fantasy novel where half the characters are dying, and I’ve been trying to extend a saving hand by putting up with the filth out of loyalty to the original readers, but these bastards have lost their minds and excommunicated me?
Onya, if that’s the way it goes, I’ll call it salvation, and live as I please!

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  1. I read like 50 chs to me mc seem too dense, girls are giving him signals from left to right, willing leaves everything for him, shows him his naked body and sleeps together yet this mc don’t understand anything and think the girl not like him. At this point it’s a shame to call yourself as an otaku or transmigrator if your dikkk can’t even get hard but then again majority of such stuff is written by ppl who like Japanese sort of isekai mc where there’s ton of drama

  2. Mark says:

    He rejected everyone for now, but there is a tension and it seems like a matter of time until one of the other two women ends up pregnant either by force or an “accident”.

  3. Dilution . Dilution . says:

    I dont think this is harem?. Cause from the looks of it he rejected everybody except for fmc.

  4. Chinko says:

    I think this novel is a prequel to ” extra pushover trains the bad girls”.
    But I am not sure

  5. Heroes, Is this dungeon safe for the cadets?
    Are we given permission to enter this Dungeon?

  6. Ranting Reader says:

    This is missing a drama tag imo, and not in a good way. Everywhere the MC goes he runs into trouble. MC is almost like the embodiment of Murphy’s Law when it comes to plot advancement.

    To give an example, the MC coincidentally ran into two enemies after traveling across multiple countries, even though their paths were completely different. These enemies then somehow saw the MC in a crowd of people, and pointed him out to be a paladin(which was bad because he was in a pagan majority area). And after getting captured and put in a dungeon, it turns out the ruler of that area was his unknown father. So now the MC is stuck in a civil war he tried to avoid because his father is a part of it. I put it as concise as I could, but after reading 40 something chapters of this, I can’t help but think that the author has no idea how to advance the plot smoothly.

  7. This is a magic fantasy Paladin story with actual Paladins! This is also historical fantasy, so the Paladins are actually heretic burning fanatical Christians and not tolerant ripoffs who are common in fantasy novels! The main conflict in this novel is the Thirty Years War!

  8. Blue Shadow says:

    Well this MC here is a business man, in previous live he invest in bitcoin etc, or future and in new live he do the same and its a novel world which he read and invest it, became incredible profit because he know which one who will show most profit,

  9. Alors 33 Alors 33 says:

    You know what would be really innovative and refreshing ? A Paladins story with an actual Paladins.

  10. Im Doomed Im Doomed says:

    Yes perfectly reasonable

  11. Im Doomed Im Doomed says:

    As far from what i read the mc is excommunicated from the holy knights with he reason of obtaining money illegally? Anyways he got kicked out. Then it was revealed that the archbishop was just aiming his money and property because you know greed. Plus he gets waifu

  12. Ch. 1 is amazing, 10/10 most reasonable reason to excommunicate from Holy Knights.

  13. Im Doomed Im Doomed says:

    I have to poisen taste this aren’t i

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