I Became the Academy Time Stop Villain
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I Became the Academy Time Stop Villain

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아카데미 시간정지빌런이 되었다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Became the Academy Time Stop Villain

Time stop, hypnosis, training app

I am in charge of time stop among them.

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  1. that timeloop arc is garbage and i almost drop it, good thing it came back to normal after that.

  2. milky violet says:

    I am going to do something dangerous… I will buy novelpia 😭

    the cyberpunk novel I keep talking about… it’s so far and the English translation is so slow… I need it I NEED IT !!!!

      1. milky violet says:

        Not going to tell you hahahaha!!!! Okay it’s The Supporting Characters in the game are Obsessed

        1. Milky violet fan says:

          Diving right in >:D

          1. Milky super fan says:

            Its good

  3. SenatorArmstrong says:

    Yeah, it stopped being good around the hundreds chapters.

  4. Ninja says:

    Even if this is not ntr, but I’m still feeling the weirdness poisoning my heart. Fck u ntr

  5. I agree, there is nothing interesting about the story anymore. Personally, I think after the MC have has sex with the heroine with red hair in chapter 30’s, the story began downhill. The relationship went too fast, lacked buildup, and Mars’ reasons for falling in love with MC were too shallow. In the following story, other female heroines, even the mother of heroines start fall in love with the MC. There is a lack of clarity in the plot of the story. This novel may be more appropriate for R-19 than R-15 in novelpia. MC has had sex with all the heroines, maybe next 3p with mother and daughter.

  6. Umm yeah I also am not reading this anymore. It became r-18 novel with fantasy setup, not that it’s the only fault. It fell down a lot in the rankings too as far as i know

  7. Bruh says:

    @mythical djinn is wrong though? 40% of this novel is spent on MC f*cking the girls. as of now he had s*xual intercourse with 5 girls. later on he relies less on the time stop, adapting a more solid fighting style, and even put time god on seen/denouncing her like shes a b*tch

  8. Kelthu Zad Kelthu Zad says:

    To anyone that just came here and is reading the comments to see if it is poison or not and looked at @sirareda ‘s comment, his observations are wrong. The MC uses 7 seconds to change his name in the document, and only on that because it shows that then time restarts. After that he cuts his hair in normal time and in the fight only has left 3 sec to use.

    Now with that clarified, at the very least in the first chapters it doesn’t seem to be poison so if the knowledge that it is +18 doesn’t bother you then give it a try.

  9. And for the curious readers ,
    The mc here is a NORMAL human a virgin jp kinda protagonist.
    And a huge simp who cant even resist a pedophilic loose goddess

  10. Honestly greek demon myth which is another fantasy greek novel with a transmigration mc is far better than this interms of story telling and character development
    And the mc there isn’t a wuss like this mc

  11. Rader says:

    Lot of spoilers here.

    I will make it short then.

    Novel is fine. Has lots of R18 scenes and even if some may say it’s predictable Author has laid out good pacing to the story.

    If you want to have worthwhile time while reading a novel, consider this.

  12. SenatorArmstrong says:

    Read till the Latest Chapter 75
    Rating: 8.5/10
    Holy shit I actually enjoyed reading this novel???

    MC goes from wimp soft guy to chad. Started out as a guy with low self esteem, and later on he became a confident guy who has unruly RIZZ. Also, bro is good at fighting he just has shitty stats. Character Development is always a plus to me.

    If you can get past the few uncomfortable and boring chapters in the beginning, the novel becomes decent, and later on good.

    Also Mars and Urs are the ultra best girls. The latter helped MC become a confident guy, the former helped the MC in discovering himself and supports him unconditionally.

    I want MOAR chapters

  13. SenatorArmstrong says:

    I’ve read about 40 chapters.
    A surprisingly decent novel…if you get past the first few uncomfortable chapters.

    I won’t rate it or review it till I finish it. Rather, I will just write a Greek God slander:

    Zeus is just a horny old fuck who was born with better powers. And after the war, instead of using his powers to better govern Olympus, he uses his powers to have sex with mortal beings under the guise of inanimate objects or an animal cause he ain’t confident in showing his yee yee Old Ugly Bastard face cause he was the only one who didn’t got eaten by their dad and got their body aging stopped.

    Poseidon is similar to Zeus except more arrogant and less rapey (still rapey. looking at Medusa…)

    Hades is a CHAD. Bro just wants to be with his waifu Persephone, do his job as Lord of the Underworld (who works 23 hours a day), play with his dog Cerberus, and avoid the insane Greek Pantheon by staying at the Underworld. (ignore the fact that she’s his niece…and the fact that it happened cause Zeus, Persephone’s father, peer pressured Hades into kidnapping her. yes Zeus gave Hades the okay to kidnap his own daughter)

    Hera is a victim blaming sociopath who tortures her Husbands’ rape victims and kills their children.

    Ares, despite being the God of War/Violence, is one of the more decent ones since he’s only doing his job.

    Hephaestus is Ricky Berwick if he isn’t an absolute chad, and is instead a person born to be cucked

    Hermes is a troll who likes to mess with people, but is more dependable than Zeus when doing jobs

    Athena is both a hypocritic bitch and an awesome girlboss.

    Artemis is a Misandrist who is occasionally a bit chill (if you ignore her…acts)

    Apollo is a siscon and a narcissistic arsehole who is alsso occasionally a bit chill

    Aphrodites is a THOT

    Demeter is a slightly paranoid mother who was so controlling that her daughter (Persephone) would rather get kidnapped than come back to her

    Hestia is a chill auntie that will give you awesome life advice about how to be a successful human being

    Dionysus is a hedonistic alcoholic uncle who has a cult of women whose diet consist of virgin men who doesn’t want to have sex with them

  14. Update (ch50-76):

    It’s amazing honestly. I read it because it was readable before but now I am really waiting for more.

    The fight scene against troll was really good. And it’s really not certain if Mc’s god Kronos is just. The plot only deepens.

    Btw Mars and Ur-noona’s heroine power are too strong. Really well written and love them.

    To be honest it’s suprising how author managed to make brain muscle heroine the main heroine and so likeable. There are exceptions but in harem genre I wouldn’t prefer them to be main.

    There are really good novels in this site but if you are not comparing this with classics, I think it’s so good so far

  15. Tet says:

    Update ლ(◕ω◕ლ)

  16. Def says:

    Please update

  17. Novel reviewer says:

    Smut chap 44

  18. Novel reviewer says:

    Smut chapter 33-34 and 43

  19. Rone says:

    By the way, the character names just straight out stripping the roman version of greek gods. Kinda lazy naming sense.

  20. Mista says:

    When is ‘I am the school’s dishwasher’?

  21. kk77 says:

    you’ll be back @ZenaChan i know your type 😉

    anyway this is basically the same as time stop breeding uncle (why did i have to type that), but if it was – you know – any good — or even just fun to read. mc enters time stop ntr molester, tries not to ntl og mc, ends up ntling (presumably) their whole harem by accident. it’s apostles of greek deities in a battle academy. og mc is pleasantly dislikeable so it’s enjoyable to see him get screwed over/screw himself over. combat and skills have some depth, nmc is interesting to watch.

    at 50 chap still, so only a couple heroines in, and not a lot of the stuff in play is revealed, but looking real good so far, and expected to only get better

  22. I forgot…


    It was an enjoable read. Honestly there isn’t too much to offer but I liked the characters and the world so i was able to make it until the end. The story didn’t end yet though. I hope an update comes soon. Well i’m mostly curious about Yuno rn.


    Generic score but enjoyable read

  23. I read it all! (50 released chapters)

    Main character:

    He starts off as a guy with weak spirit. Honestly it was quite good to have the Mc to start off as a not all knowing guy. Author managed to deliver Mcs fears and hardships well. Well gradually he became a generic Mc. Which is neither good or bad. He is not op but rather weak but hardworking in case you are wondering. He wasn’t harem seeking at first. He first has relationship with an older sister goddess. He falls in love. Then he accidentally makes Mars fall in love so he takes responsibility?


    Honestly so far only Mars’s heroine presence is heavy. She is a really good heroine. She is really an amateur at love so it’s heartwarming to see her clumsy sides while also acting like a love master outside. The relationship between her and Mc is also really fun to read. Mc accidentally maxed her affection which also maxed her stats, that’s how she also become Mc’s shield against game protagonist.

    Second heroine is Yuno. Honestly after Mars she is an amazing heroine. But she is also the real protagonist’s gf. Mc really tries hard to not to make her fall into Ntr while not seducing her because og Mc is trash. Since it’s an Ntr game nobody knows if she is left alone and Mc rejects her too. As a heroine honestly i think she is quite a waste to game protagonist. In the current chapter it says she repairs her relationship a little but she is still sus. I think he’s after the Mc currently. I hope she succeeds


    Lately don’t pay too big of a role for now so i don’t think there’s much to review. But Mc’s god Kronos is said to become a woman from being Zeus’s (Game mc’s god) father. I am still not sure about this maybe due to mtl mistake. Kronos is for an unknown reason against Zeus and other gods so she gives mc quests

    Original Mc:

    He is a regressor and receives quests from Zeus. Idk if he took any lessons from his priveous timeline though. He can’t even manage his current gf Yuno but he states that he has a “duty” to create a harem and chases other heroines. Not smart who supposedly got Ntred with 12 different girls. When Mars started liking Mc he gets a ntr notificication and lashes out on mc. Since then he hates mc but gets beaten up by Mars everytime. Mars mvp seriously

    Beware the r18 btw

  24. I retired from reading novels from this site.
    Maybe sometime
    But i mostly just checked the reviews and names.

    Now i will be focusing on practicing on drawing my own manga.
    It’s boring now cuz there is no good novels anymore, and it’s hard to find good ones.
    So, unless i am lucky and stumble upon good stuff or i am in mood to read something.

    I will just practice drawing manga.
    Then later try colored digital illustration with the same quality or better then this novels cover.

    Wish me luck guys.
    And i wish you good luck too.

  25. vektor 189 vektor 189 says:

    Poison test passed. It looks like poison in the beginning, but it’s actually not bad.
    Our MC moved into a bastard who tried to make ntr with the original MC, but in fact the original MC himself is bastard too.
    MC is trying not to do ntr, which in fact is not ntr, because the heroines have not yet had time to establish romantic ties, but since the original MC is a regressor, he already considers them his own.
    If you endure an opening that looks suspicious, then you will like it (but this is not certain).
    And I personally was constantly confused with sex of Mars in the beginning, because Mtl, which caused my brain to break for a while. Therefore, be aware that almost all the characters with the names here are girls, except for our MC and the original Mc.
    (As for the gods, apparently they do not have a permanent gender.)

  26. Feng says:


  27. Zorrow says:

    Time stop for sure if there was no limits

  28. @blue shadow. I believe training app is similar to hypnosis but more limited. So I would choose hypnosis any day

  29. August umbra says:

    it’s like giving a horny guy time stopping powers

  30. Blue Shadow says:

    well everyone i have question but not about the novel, you all read the synopsis, so which one you all will choose?
    Time stop, Hypnosis and Training app? Me stilll chose Hypno

  31. mr joster mr joster says:

    mars is the best, this is good

  32. daf says:

    this is good tho .. the mc is funny and smart. please more…

  33. sirareda sirareda says:

    I started the novel from chapter 1

    – MC word reincarnated or transmigrated (I don’t know) in a body of a boy who is apostle of kronos so he wanted to be different from his predecessor.

    In starting his ability to stop time is 10 seconds that is pretty normal

    -He change his name in in the documents of the school

    -Then cut his hairs and nobody find any difference it’s like they accepted it like he’s just suddenly have less hair on his head

    -and then he was facing the heroine in the entrance test

    I don’t know about you guys but if I have ability to stop time for 10 seconds I’m not fast enough to cut my hairs change my name in the document and I still have 7 second left

    maybe that’s why I do not transmigrate till now.

  34. Kirill Popov says:

    Of course, I like the time stopping, but even it will not save the novel.

  35. Putu says:

    the title is shit

  36. Rone says:

    At least make it have breeding uncle prefix lmao

  37. Backbonez says:

    Ok basically time stop man is a weak korean male who plays ntr game and be possessed by it. Original hero of the ntr game is also possessed but besides the point.
    Mc is super nice to heroines who can be ntred so it becomes an NTl i liked her first scene. He gets harem and plots.
    Also goddess male or female Cronos also likes mc.

  38. Feng says:

    ohhohooohoohohoh time for a poison test. Hopefullly i cone out alive . Fuck finals.

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