I Became the Golden Sun That Steals the Academy’s Aircraft
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I Became the Golden Sun That Steals the Academy’s Aircraft

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아카데미 기체 뺏는 금태양이 되었다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Became the Golden Sun That Steals the Academy’s Aircraft

[Your characteristic skill manifests as a phenomenal machine.]

Possessed in the game, he became a Gold Sun that seizes others’ mechas.

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  1. IME says:

    this is really suit my taste.


  2. Uguor Gaddibs says:

    Read to latest chapter and gotta say this some decent stuff I like it.

  3. Dropped at chapter 31. It’s good and Readable but too much focus on orignal game infor and isn’t my type of story. So others can read but I will stop here.

  4. Rader says:

    Well, another Academy Novel Idea.

    “I became the chair MC sit on”

    MC was a sub who visited SM clubs quite a lot and one day while his Dom was sitting on him he got a heart attack and became a chair in Academy in a novel he read. First he became dejected at this but when male hero sat on him he found that hero is actually a woman and enjoyed it.

    Due to innate power of hero he became an artifact spirit and encountered hero and tried to blackmail her. Story will be about perverse tasks chair could force upon the hero and also him being the only person who knows her. But as story progresses, hero become Yandere and possibly the best Dom for him in the way to make him a slave so that he don’t start a harem.

    Overall, Academy settings have been over used now and in start it was a novel idea but now it’s just farming content.

    1. Des • Des • says:

      Chair MC better not get basement ending, with chains on the chair legs.
      Yandere better not rub her on him.

  5. Tiberius Yriguls says:

    I like dis, it some junk food type shiz but like good

  6. Ryuu says:

    This is not the golden sun mc that i like at all. The golden sun mc must be arrogant and selfish not care about what other said. I thought he steal the aircraft when it was disappointed to its master and got ntr by mc.

    1. Pedestrian says:

      I like the similar golden sun MCs as you. Can you recommand me some novels which have that kind of golden sun?

  7. Raiden_Shotgun says:

    Gentlemen, I hereby propose the concept of “I became an SG21-3 motor grader Slow farming in another world.”

    This novel will basically follow the same trope but with a slightly different twist that some crazy ahh blacksmith want to dismantle our MC. but heres the best part the crazy ahh blacksmith was the heroine all along and starts to get obsessed with the MC

  8. milky violet says:

    New novel idea: I became the academy’s silver moon

    genre: tragedy, romance, mc dies at the end, maybe obsession, god transcending, transcending reality, universe transcendence, maybe harem

    Synopsis: I love white haired characters so much that I flirted with the white haired character too much and she is a bit weird now!! I also flirted with the male white haired character and he is so cute to tease

    Chapter 1, Prologue:

    “The f*ck is this” I said. My favorite character, Hi Mi-na/Woo-Soo who had a uniquely characteristic of white hair, had just died in the dog water novel called “I am heheheheHero”.

    More text insert here

    I scrolled down to the comments leaving a barrage of angry messages to the author.

    [GodAuthor]: “Hehe whoopsie daisy, I accidentally killed them off!!”

    [HairSimp]: “add them back in dog water author #####”

    [GodAuthor]: “>:((( Lee Hyuk-HwunCha right? 23 years old and a black company worker?”

    [SimperHair]: “I swear to god I am the god author so I will end this dog water story hair here”

    1. Cero says:

      “White haired characters are obsessed with me” .
      By milky violet

    2. milky violet says:

      Chapter 1: Arrival

      “AHHHHHhhh” I yelled as I woke up. I had a dream, a terrible smelly dream. Like some bastard put me into a novel and forced me to play the protagonist so his book can become famous type dream.

      I took a minute to come to terms with life.

      [System Channer]: “teehee look who’s awake!!” said a voice.

      “Daf*q is this??!” I screamed in shock. Waking up after a frightening nightmare and then hearing the voice of a primary school student next to me in bed is not the best way to start a morning.

      [Chan System]: “aww it looks like mrs fake god author got a little mad and transmigrated you into the world of whatever it was called, but since she’s not an evil god she sent you a starter pack hehe!”

      {System Notification}
      x5,000 WON
      Gold Tier low quality Wooden Sword
      708 Charisma Skill Tickets
      43 Condoms

      Insert text here

      Chapter 69: Violation

      I stood like a deer caught in the headlights. Mi-na had found the 43 condoms I had stashed in my room after receiving my starter gift.

      Her eyes shined an eerie brilliant purple and her smile hid an crooked grin.

      I felt like prey in front of her.

      Insert text here

      Chapter 70: Safe

      “Oh yeah I understand!” I said, sweat dripping down my nose.

      “No one took your virginity right?” Mi-na said again with a face that wanted validation.

      “Oh yeah, no one I promise!”

      “Hehehe~” Mi-na left with an look as if she been given a gold bar from Santa Claus while living as a dirt spoon orphan

      Insert text here

      1. Des • Des • says:

        Yandere, obsession? I’m invested.

  9. milky violet says:

    Golden sun characters are so boring, omg im tan and have blonde hair and handsome. Mannnn if you don’t start an onlyfans and sell your feet pics to teenage girls and get yo loser ah out of here

    Anyways now if it was a silver moon, a white haired pale character… I would simp for them hard ngl hell I’d even flirt with him or her- idc bro white hair and I’m at your service. Just as long as you don’t like to torture random civilians for fun right

  10. KETCHUPMAN says:

    Please noble. Enough academy novels. Please man

  11. Insufferable says:

    I thought it was that other novel where it was similar to the zero two anime (i forgor) and can control mecha with coupled partners and the mc can forcibly attune the partner to him.

    It seems this one is not it.

    1. Nightune says:

      Was the story line something like “reincarnated as a mob in an otome game” where he steals the best aircraft (mecha) that can only be obtained through billing and proceed to the academy where game story happens

      I don’t know why but this novel reminds me of that…

      1. Daver55 says:

        Wait, so MC here is also a cuck and has lesboan wives like Leon from Mobuseka?

        1. Kermel says:

          he’s not like Leon, so you don’t need to worry.

  12. So I read a little bit of this a long while back first few chapters or so. Aircraft equals mecha, as far as I could tell from mtl, this is a pseudo medieval world with mechas and the golden son here is a dude who ntrs people from their own mechas not other people. Idk if any actual nor happens don’t think is does but didn’t read far in since I didn’t have access to more chapters.

    1. Idk what u said in the later half. It had gone from inside my head then below me to above my head and then repeated it 3 times and then disappeared suddenly.

      1. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

        You cannot understand this, because only those who walk the path of Supreme Dao Mtl can understand this

  13. Demonic Alcemist says:

    That’s cover Vera Garnet From Punishing Gray Raven.?
    Btw this is smels a little Poisons

  14. Wow, I came early for the first time and the chapters aren’t even out yet. Although the book is unlikely to be anything interesting – no yandere, no obsession, plus it’s Golden Sun (after one book on this topic, I have a bad impression of similar ones)… I hope this book finds its reader.

  15. Yorghuul says:

    Aircraft = Woman?

  16. Sigh. Golden sun and academy.

  17. Justread says:


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