I Can’t Run Away From the Girl Who Saved Me
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I Can’t Run Away From the Girl Who Saved Me

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나를 살려준 그녀에게서 도망칠 수 없다.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Can’t Run Away From the Girl Who Saved Me

I lost my entire family and ran away.

On the run, I got into an accident and was dying when she saved me.

The moment our eyes met, I knew I could never leave her.

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  1. Eshya says:

    Yes, update. We got our yandere again

  2. Raven says:

    Hell yeah, 50 chapters of update is sweet.

  3. SenatorArmstrong says:

    It cut off at the seggs part. Not cool, bro. Not cool.

  4. Wow, some quality novel we got here.
    Absolutely amazing story.
    2 broken human who rely on each other, find comfort with each other present.
    Story is well written, character with deep personality and fck up background story.
    What a dark world they’re living in.
    But if you dont want to read some dark and sad story, i am not recomend this novel.

    1. There is two possibly how this story end, either they both die killing each other or somehow they can break the curse

  5. TheDiir says:

    Hey guys poison tested here, now finally finished this novel and I think the cliffhanger at the end really tortured me! but I want to say this novel is quite good to read and worth your time

  6. Velcon says:

    Well, that was a read. This is pure love but… like my god everyone just needs a break cause the only happy thing that happen to MC and FMC was meeting each other. Cause other than that everyone is in some ways broken and that just feels bad. But its making me feel something so its well written and it was a good side read, I give it a 7/10 cause that is just a sad world, it would take a god to fix it(and even then doubt they can fix it much, damage been done).

  7. RealEason says:

    looks like not a bad read, ty for the headsups

  8. White yama says:

    it’s a crazy novel , mc break by fml and fml she is already broken but she was waiting for trigger, mc started as beta male but for pitty he trans to bet…so we have three important character’s mc submissive guy, fml gentle femdom and childhood friend sadistic mistress

  9. goblinator says:

    @Yorghuul appreciate you o7

  10. Yorghuul says:

    Only a very brief mention of it which happened to some acquaintance but with the chapters released so far that’s all.

    If anything I’d be more worried for the would be rapists than for the FMC, she’s one bloody girl, the Yandere tag isn’t for nothing and this story slowly devolve into a muddy bloody love.

  11. goblinator says:

    Can you lads drop some spoilers? I got a contradictory taste where I like dark fantasy but also hate reading about sexual assault thats pretty common in these

  12. milky violet says:

    Y’know that would be a great plot for an outsider to invade that world. Both sides are battered and tired but then a new enemy appears forcing both sides to join forces but that wouldn’t be fun if they just joined forces so let’s make it a 1v1v1. Nothing happens the end.

  13. milky violet says:

    And if the hero did not kill the henchmen of the demon king- bruh you deserve to fail. The DK is sitting there all tough and bad but he’s not actually leading his millions or thousands of troops everywhere at once. That’s just not possible and impractical.

    It’s like being a toddler and challenging a full grown adult to chess instead of pissing and pooing yourself.

  14. Yorghuul says:

    It would be so nice if that was the case, but this story has it’s own answer about the topic, I don’t want to spoil but they’re pretty much boned.

  15. milky violet says:

    Don’t know why novels think that whenever the hero is defeated by the demon king, all hope is loss. No my brother in the great goddess above, he did his job well and the fight is not lost. It is not over until the last human blood spills or the last blade is broken.

    Like if the hero got as far to the demon king, you can assume the big ranks and smaller underlings have been defeated and killed already. Likewise if hero is defeated, maybe the hero and it’s party have been killed- so both sides are super weak. But I mean the demons are probably more weaker because I mean we can afford to lose the saintess and the heroes but the demons cannot afford to lose their experienced generals and spies. Yes we’ve lost our greatest weapon, but we still have our generals hehehe…

  16. volt zone volt zone says:

    MC and FML both have scars and are in a very unfortunate situation despite having good hearts. No Academy nonsense, there is no way MC and FML can leave the village or else there would be a catastrophe. Being forced to relive their trauma and connect is what the story is. MC is weak, normal person with decent magical knowledge. FML is pretty important but completely broken at this point. Its a dark setting but quite rare to see these days as there is no academy thankfully.

  17. Yorghuul says:

    At the start of chapter 5,
    The descriptions, inner struggles of the MC, situations and atmosphere are all really well written and make you feel immersed, there’s no obvious signs as to what type of creatures are involved in this story yet but you can tell things are out of place, it’s more of a slow burn type of story.
    Also it’s a dark setting, as in the hero went to kill the Demon King and already got defeated, enjoy.

  18. Big Blackclock says:

    Woahh. No Academy? :>

  19. Big Blackclock says:

    Third, I want to know what happens after that cliffhanger in escort knight is being obsessed.

  20. TheDiir says:

    Second, i need update in vilainnes in romance fantasy BECOME obsessed

  21. Yorghuul says:

    First, I love the cover and tags for this novel, Hype.

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