Lives With Incubus Characteristics
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Lives With Incubus Characteristics

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인큐버스 특성으로 살아간다.
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Lives With Incubus Characteristics

The girl on the subway glowed and transferred to another world. I am also in the seat next to her.

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  1. @Extra Villain why tf are you speaking like some cliche Chinese cultivation manhua side villain minion?

  2. puta madre says:

    @I Raised EX Class funny cuz maybe your favourite novel maybe is also shit

  3. Anonymous 991937 says:

    Bruh, are you being ignorant or what. Yeah, you can criticize the author for their lousy writing or some other BS reason, but wtf did the admin do? Smh he is just uploading novels. He isn’t writing them, so there is no reason to criticize him when he is entirely neutral, and at least he doesn’t upload some weird kinky stuff. Ig, you can blame him if he uploaded some shit novel like NTr or NTS, but the quality of novels isn’t at the hands of the admin, and also, you can ignore novels if you don’t like them.

  4. brother, you’re embittered, if you don’t like the comments, you just have to skip, you seem like someone who has never seen the discussions between readers, we have the right to criticize keke

  5. I don’t see anyone talking about the admin here, but I’m sorry for not appreciating the novel and noble.

  6. Anonymous 991937 says:

    Bruh, don’t go all bsing about the Admin when he is literally uploading novels for free without you guys doing anything. Instead of being grateful, u r just hating him, and if you hate the novels, then don’t just read if you don’t like the novel doesn’t mean others will not like it. Ffs, you are expecting too many things. If you are so bothered, then scrape your own novels from the actual website, then MTL it. SMH

  7. I raised the EX-Class says:

    admin is wasting too much time to upload this kind of novel. didn’t you at least read a chapter or two before uploading it? Or do you only see the cover? ck. ck. ck

  8. So reading the comments I decided to do the most logical thing to do.
    Do the exact opposite.

    Summary: mc and another korean girl is transported into another world and is tasked to defeat the demon king’s army. The korean girl is the hero/warrior, while mc just happened to be close enough to her to also be transported, meaning he is useless (has no abilities) apart from his looks. After the hero leaves with her party, the mc is accused of crime and kidnapped to do prost*t*t*on (note that this is also a female dominant world) as he is in a debt of 50 million (insert currency here). A third of the chapters are events leading up to that point and mc accepting his job. The title only applies to the later half of the story, where mc becomes an incubus due to his rage towards the world.

    While reading this, I often found myself skimming alot of text, so personally I wouldn’t recommend this as the story doesn’t really get you attached + the story is short. However if you are willing to try this, read up to chapter 15 or something.

    I feel as if I’ve spoiled too much of the story so take this comment lightly.

  9. bay says:

    Don’t read it
    It waster ur time

  10. Lector OP Lector OP says:

    tip: dont read it.
    review: the Mc is summoned to a world that seems to be that the dominant side is the feminine. he is a hero and must defeat the demon king. By the title and the labels you already know what will happen =)
    pd: dont read

  11. Extra says:

    Only 58 chaps huh? Quite short.

    Poison testers, at least you won’t have to suffer for long if this actually turns out to be poison.

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