The Fiancee Who Betrayed Me Is Obsessed With Me
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The Fiancee Who Betrayed Me Is Obsessed With Me

Read full chapter The Fiancee Who Betrayed Me Is Obsessed With Me, Light Novel The Fiancee Who Betrayed Me Is Obsessed With Me english, LN The Fiancee Who Betrayed Me Is Obsessed With Me, The Fiancee Who Betrayed Me Is Obsessed With Me Online, read The Fiancee Who Betrayed Me Is Obsessed With Me at Noble Machine translations.
날 배신한 약혼녀가 집착한다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Fiancee Who Betrayed Me Is Obsessed With Me

She was a princess from an enemy nation.

Although our engagement was forced for the sake of reconciliation, I truly loved her.

But in the end, all she gave me in return for my efforts was betrayal, and my family and loyal subjects were all slaughtered by the enemy nation.

As the sole survivor of my clan, I took up a sword to seek revenge on her.

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  1. LuxX says:

    It’s a boring novel. It’s a love story, not revenge or anything, and even the relationship building feels forced. Can’t believe I spent 3 days reading this.And what if you ask me if I still regret it? That is bullsh*t. There is no possibility for you to pity those crazy, selfish women. Even Mc is equally hopeless, there is no vengeance in him, simply a simp guy . The revenge plan is also full of holes when it is full of randomness and accidental situations. Is there anything else to criticize? Please understand because I’m quite angry at wasting my time reading this.

    1. Haha I 😂😂read in 2 days but still want more chapters

  2. Regretkino Enjoyer says:

    This would have been better as an r19 novel where he just Rance’s his way to tainting his enemy’s bloodlines or something. MC’s too busy focusing on reversing his childhood friends’ trauma (which is about him) and melodrama so he can kill them while they’re happy instead of just letting them continue to destroy themselves and focus on something more productive like laying some consensual pipe on his knight buddy.

  3. Joker says:

    Radioactive ☢️ atomic poison…MC have enough time to learn the whole truth, get the real culprits killed and become king with his harem…or he didn’t have to do anything… instead he destroyed everything including his own innocent harem by doing crimes that deserves the death penalty..I knew it was going bad when the princess started killing innocent people just because they were irritating (since she was depressed after losing MC) and only spared the MC who did the same irritating thing..too much plot armour for MC and harem…feel sorry for the innocent soldiers / people who die in this story for such weird pathetic reasons 😭

    1. Zreomurderer says:

      thank you for your sacrifice joker

    2. Thats is like highest grade poison. Dont worry you saved atleast two people from cringe your sacrifice was not waste

  4. RealEason says:

    wtf did i just read? i want to bleach my eyes out. even pandamtl can pickup better novels

  5. simplethrone says:

    Urrrgghhhh. It’s bad. You know what would make it better? If the MC just gone to full hentai villain MC route and his way of revenge is by enslaving them both physically and mentally, then gained growing ambitions by conquering other kingdom with multi-racial people and their princesses. At least that way, we might get character development and his fall to depravity. Or we might get one or two cool big battle with some mind games sprinkled in. Or we might get something with suikoden, but with r*pe, mind control, and the usual tags. I enjoyed those conquest type eroge after all. It’s crass, but it knows what it wanted to be.

    Instead?? We got absurd timeskips that skipped their character development. Dramatic regret angst that’s only there for padding, like the neverending cultivation realms. Everytime the heroines is about to solve their problem by explaining, there’s plot armor preventing it done to be so. One scene even had them being teleported away as she’s about to speak.

    Goddammit author, you already made MC forcibly impregnated and blackmailed a girl, just slam the pedal and steer into that direction already. Just give us a full blown enjoyable cool villain instead of this undecided prick. Reading this feels like someone made me turned on and just leave me hanging in the middle. It suck ass.

    1. rob z rob z says:

      I cannot disagree with this review more strongly. Fall to depravity, r#pe, mind control? Screw that – you want that depraved sh!t, which is total poison, go to pandamtl. Don’t preach that poison here.

      1. simplethrone says:

        Compared to what? MC already r*ped an innocent girl for his supposed “revenge” and we’re still supposed to be sympathizing with him? When the author denied all character developments how he got to that place by using multiple inappropriate timeskips? All because of a huge misunderstanding and when it’s going to be resolved, the character literally gets teleported away because author demands it, so that the angst can be artificially prolonged by plot???

        I’m not the one who steered in that direction, it’s the author. What I wanted is commitment. If author wanted to make me sympathize with him by portraying him as mistaken man who gets consumed by revenge and is regretting his mistakes then acting for redemption, make it so. If the author wanted to go on the edgy route, then very well it can be done nicely too. Heck, if he wanted a bittersweet tragedy ending, then that’s fine.

        When you’re using brainedad hentai plot as a core in your plot point, don’t blame me for expecting so. All these angst and buildup for what? Tragedy ending? That can be solved in 5 minutes by letting people actually talk??? Be done with timeskips and made me actually care for the story dammit.

        Again, I’m not saying he has to do edgy things exclusively, but someone definitely tore a page in the book.

    2. misib says:

      Funny that mc best revenge is he doing nothing and girls kill themselves slowly and their father can only watch and do nothing, so yeah aimless novel without any meaning and everything is inconsistent author choose a plot and cant handle it.
      The novel isnt horrible, just pointless as nothing really connect and there is no happy end.
      MC is illogical as author cant handle what he need to do.
      just a pointless novel that best revenge would be mc doing nothing and his revenge would be the best.

      ( this is a fact as i jumped to lastest chapter and saw the guy who betrayed mc saying so. thats how bad it is.)

      1. simplethrone says:

        A novel being “horrible” I can kinda tolerate. From “Had a nice concept but not executed well” to the “so bad it’s good” or even “just turn off your brain when reading it and focus on the dopamine”. All I consume. Bad is not a sin. Even the writer of Isekai Smartphone had tangible improvements in his basic writing skills overtime.

        To me however, pointless, boring, and confused stories are things that triggers me. When the author can’t decide what’s his story going to be.

        1. Misib, says:

          Yup, even if he “forgive” them the ones most happy would be their family lol.

          This novel is lacking the most common sense…

          There is so many lousy settings and actions and choices and plots and basically everything.
          Author choose a complicated plot he cant handle.

          And we know he sucks at finishing his works so the worst part is yet to come.

  6. Passing Commenter A says:

    For me this novel is some potent poison. Not my cup of tea. More I read into it. More messed up it got. Not recommended if you want to maintain some degree of sanity. Their relationship is so messed up.

  7. I’m not saying impregnating her would’ve saved your family, but it would’ve severely hampered the effort of the enemies winning.

    Actually you didn’t even need to do that, if she’s an enemy as they say why didn’t you keep her under “Royal protection” and monitor her?- wait so you literally got a hostage and you still lost??? Honestly deserve the L.

    “Oh but she’s there for peace!!!! no need to monitor her!!!” Naive, that’s why your family died. They’re an enemy unless they’re willing to eat dirt and combine with your kingdom, you need to form the Greater Kingdom of Vlatislaviarusikia and dominate your surrounding neighbors to form the great empire of Ultra Vlatislaviarusikiatiningburgiaweissvelt To be truly safe.

    1. Grrr I would be a terrible ruler, I’d be so terrible that i would be known as “The Apex of Terribleness”

      1. Enemies be’d like: “omg this guy loves white haired woman, just dye some random lords daughter hair white and then 🤑”

        But I would commit such an act of violence and degeneration against my enemies that would rival if not surpass even the worst humanity would have to offer once I find out it was a fake white hair!!?

        1. LuxX says:

          Are u okay, bro?

          1. Cu_sujo says:

            This guy is crazy

          2. Apologies, it’s white hair addiction.

        2. Blue Bro Blue Bro says:

          You have good tastes buddy.

  8. Jack says:

    I’mma slay this novel…..coz I’ve already slayed all the giants I can gind

  9. Ryuu says:

    Mc1 : my girlfriend betray me!
    Mc2 : me too my childhood friend and her friends betray me for another guy.
    Mc3 : you two are ok because you can find another one to replace them. Mine is worse.
    Mc1 and mc2: so who betray you?
    Mc3 : …my mom.

    1. S Risev S Risev says:

      One may ask, what is the name of the novel where the main character is betrayed by his mother? I’m just interested in reading

      1. Damn academy maybe? He was left by his mother as a kid and he later encounters her but she married some noble and had other kids and didn’t even recognize Mc (her own son)

    2. S Risev S Risev says:

      Sorry for my English but it is made with the help of a translator

      1. Ryuu says:

        In Pandamtl site and ratatatat74.

        1. Rone says:

          Lmao that’s fkin obvious if it’s ratatatat

  10. D1Grandmaster says:

    I need a very experienced poison tester to try this. An 8.0 rating on this website honestly looks like a very bad sign.

  11. Bell cranel says:

    Pls someone say whether this is poison or not

  12. Lullaby Lullaby says:

    This novel is from the same author who wrote “Academy munchkin enslaved”, so I won’t even try to read it 💀💀💀

  13. Hated Author KR says:

    I don’t need reversal gender roles… But this novel it’s OK

  14. Insufferable says:

    If this isn’t some Kratos type slaughter filled bloodthirsty merciless murder psycho novel then… Well nothing too bad I guess.

  15. Kaniya says:

    Review it well …I don’t have poison resistance

  16. LuxX says:

    Let’s see if the author really succeeds in writing revenge. Either his concept of revenge is different from mine, or revenge is simply to attract views. Let’s see…

  17. Cero says:

    Oh no bro , revenge novel 😫

  18. Not even 8.8? Proceed with caution

    1. Based on the trend in ratings, this should be pure miasma… Only death awaits

      1. rob z rob z says:

        I have only seen 1 novel on this entire site with a lower rating. Not a good sign.

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