Villainesses in Romance Fantasy Become Obsessed
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Villainesses in Romance Fantasy Become Obsessed

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로판 속 악녀들이 집착한다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Villainesses in Romance Fantasy Become Obsessed

I have to reform the villainesses who bring destruction to the world inside romance fantasy novels.

“Where are you going without even telling me?”

…But the villainesses started becoming obsessed with me.

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  1. Jahe Manis says:

    Overall, the ending is not what I like. I still consider the MC lacking development, as well as the other heroines. The MC can’t express his opinion bravely and always follows the lead of the other heroines. All heroines remain selfish to a fault. In the end, the author admits to failing in developing each heroine because they are all too yandere. Out of the four villains in the story, the author also acknowledges failing to integrate one of the villains who was supposed to join the MC’s harem, simply because he forgot about her existence and didn’t know how to do it amidst the constant conflicts between the three heroines. Honestly, the author could have resolved this if he had made the MC stronger so that he could defeat Nadia. Bell wouldn’t have been a problem if he could assert his opinion and ensure she had her place, the same goes for Yuri.

    1. GameOn says:

      Thanks for this review. Now i want read it. I hate it when people try to change others personality. Every personality is colorful after all

  2. TheDiir says:

    In a nutshell, humans are divided into two types: alpha and sigma. Sigma excels in expressing opinions and navigating through life with a flow. Because their approach is fluid, from the perspective of others, it becomes clear and agreeable as they do what needs to be done.

    On the other hand, Alphas struggle to articulate their opinions and are not adept at following the flow of the environment. However, this is precisely why they are called Alphas. They excel at leading the atmosphere; wherever this type speaks, everyone will automatically listen. They are not followers of the current; instead, they are creators of the current itself. They don’t just express opinions; they provide evidence and comfort. As long as it’s in their grasp, they will continue with their plans. Even though sometimes automatically from the perspective of others, it may seem cumbersome and absurd.

    In my opinion, Damian is an Alpha type. There’s a reason why Nadia is so infatuated with Damian; Nadia is a Sigma type. So when Sigma is provided comfort by an Alpha…especially when Nadia, a Rational Sigma, is given that comfort, she won’t let go

  3. Suherman Joshua says:


    1. rob z rob z says:

      Pretty fair review, and I also am disappointed about Charlotte. I think the problem is he made the characters a little too yandere and had trouble getting the story back under control. I.e., when they were so batsh!t crazy it was hard for MC to even move from one FMC to another, and adding a fourth required too much juggling.

  4. Pred says:

    Poison making my brain rot

  5. milky violet says:

    MC is an actual autist. I’m fine with being a stumbling buffoon with the other characters, since y’know they got leverage. But Nuh uh, how tf you just gonna take it lying down with the Princess. YOU KNOW HER PLAN, WHY SHE NEEDS YOU AND why you being alive is 100000x more beneficial to her than being dead. Yet this mf just takes it lying down.

    “Oh I’m afraid to get stabbed” yeah me too dude, but if I die from bleeding out then she dies too. And no logical person wants to die
    “Oh but she’s unlogical because she’s yandere blah blah blah” yeah no she’s a lil b*tch for that then, how you gonna sputter some bs as “I need him to stay alive” all novel long but then kill him the moment he disobeys.

    Have fun kidnapping my homeboy the Prince after this debacle, another 6 months of your life spent stressing over nothing when you could’ve just had me be fine and content if you just gave me a terms and conditions that we both agreed to.

    “Hey I need you to come with me”
    “I’m gonna stab you, come with me”
    “Lmao why should I be afraid?”
    “You’re going to die idiot”
    “Oh we’re all going to die Milton”
    “Some of us sooner than others”
    “Reasonable. But I know you need me, and I’m not going to-“
    “Have fun getting another genius dummy, oh wait have fun spending your extra 2 days alive after kidnapping the prince, when you could spend another 50 years alive if you just let me go in consent, which I shall if – terms and contract go here: or better yet maybe tanisha will call yo dog a*s after she stops f.cking that brain surgeon or lawyer-“
    “Omg you’re actually using the powers of the novel to your own advantage??? Accept contract”

    “Oh but he’s a normal person!!” Yeah no he’s not. Mf is dealing with monsters in disguise as humans everyday, a normal person would’ve offed themselves because they aren’t religiously dedicated to a novel.

    1. milky violet says:

      Y’know I would understand if they had his parents or something at sword point. But from where it’s at it’s like demanding the location of a unknown safe from a old rich man who has nothing to live for.

      “My life has been in shambles ever since I left her that day, the light of my life has since been dusk and there’s nothing coming back.”
      “I built this wealth with my own hands, and did you know where it left me? An empty dark lonely room being tortured by an idiot. Oh Matilda, if only I hadn’t been so greedy, perhaps we could’ve grown old and-“

      But my point is, it’s a one sided relationship. She needs me more than I need her, so why should I listen to her? Because she’s threatening me? Buddy I’ve been force lifted off the ground and imprisoned before, I’m not too afraid of being stabbed. In fact I think I’d prefer that to being crushed from the inside out. At least it will be less painful.

      Oh but you’re gonna stab me in locations to purposefully drag out my death… yeah same difference if I get caught by which ever yandere.

  6. victor manuel santander gonzalez says:


    1. Zhen Wu says:

      Parece que te hicieron caso

  7. PP Qwarts PP Qwarts says:

    Please update!!! The main story is already complete with side stories ongoing.

  8. Public cemetery says:

    I don’t know why there are so many comments blaspheming MC even though the way he saved them was the right thing from a humanitarian perspective. he saved them through an approach of taking care of their mentality even though in the end they were still yandere because of their nature but at least he tried even though it seemed in vain but he has tried his best not to kill them because of his principle that all people in this world from the start are actually not evil but because there are other factors make them like that like environmental circumstances or so on. This was conveyed to me as a novel reader, not an easy way like killing them or the mastermind behind it. You think in the real world it’s that easy to kill people, especially if the person is in a high rank, either because the people who don’t like this story are psychopaths or worse, maybe they’re just take shortcuts or take easy paths in ways that don’t make sense. Let me ask here if the son of the US president becomes a criminal who makes his people suffer and they often bully them to the point of murder, do we know what to do to kill them? The question is whether it is that easy for us to kill a high ranking person Hiring an assassin doesn’t seem to be that easy, even though our rank is the same as his, there are bound to be problems with planning, especially if our intentions are bad, the result is not impossible if it doesn’t match the original expectations because the two things are different but related to each other like this novel.
    So what I want to say is that if you are a person, don’t watch, read or listen to too much psychopathic stuff so we don’t know what rationality and morals in society.

    1. TheDiir says:

      Finally, there’s someone brave enough to speak up. Bro, they just want to be cool psychopaths who think logically and rationally to satisfy their desires. They don’t realize that problem-solving can also be achieved with empathy and sympathy. They only think that anyone who bothers them will be treated cruelly, without realizing that it makes them dead inside or their hearts turn dark. To me, they’re just selfish kids who don’t know that everyone in the world has gentleness within them. Like Bluebell says, everyone has their own story. And Damian here plays a role in solving the problem but with an approach that makes these criminals understand that goodness and sincerity exist. And I really like how all of this unfolds, especially Damian’s motivation, which comes from somewhere empathetic, to transform villains into good people… even if it means sacrificing himself.

      In psychology, the pattern of empathetic people is almost always the same; they will sacrifice themselves for others. Also, the characterization of the character’s writing almost aligns with theories in psychology, making it almost relatable to real life. That’s why this novel is like a scientific journal in itself.

  9. victor manuel santander gonzalez says:

    Pidan actualización de esta joya

  10. TheDiir says:

    Did you know, in this world there are people with unstable minds who don’t understand other people’s tastes? They often say toxic things, consider themselves gods, and believe they are always right. However, everyone goes through such phases. I used to be like that too.

    Friend, preferences and favorites are subjective, so it’s natural if someone doesn’t like the things you mentioned earlier. I have a bit of knowledge about psychology, and this novel holds a deep meaning for me. Its main character strives to change someone, even though it’s known to be difficult, perhaps even futile. But they do it out of empathy, which in psychology is considered the most mysterious and strange thing that can happen. That’s why I really like this novel, even if it’s just fiction.

    And one more thing, in psychology, sarcastic people are often those who have never had good relationships with others. So don’t think you can fool me. Maybe there’s a certain cognitive aspect that makes it difficult for you to socialize, but try to get out there and understand others. Adaptation is key, not forcing others to adapt.

    1. Hell knight says:

      Sorry, seems like i overdid it, actually i read a pretty bad novel last night, you know it was so dangerous that it appeared in my dreams and i can’t sleep. So, next day i was holiday and i saw the comment and came to read but …….

      You know the similarity was that in that ntr and this mc, they were both breaking family at start, so i snapped back. I mean if you read a ntr novel then you will snap back . That was what happens to me. Sorry if I hurt your feelings in anyway

      1. TheDiir says:

        I’m glad to hear that, and I apologize for my earlier harsh words. I also understand that reading that type of novel might give you nightmares, but with time, those feelings will fade.

        And I suggest refraining from making toxic remarks to others. In psychology, even the smallest choices shape our personalities, and among them all, the eyes serve as evidence, as they are the windows to the soul. Others can see you, and they may keep their distance because they don’t want to get hurt.

        In conclusion, the choice remains in your hands, and with each decision, there are both challenges and joys. However, if I may suggest, I hope you choose to live in the real world, open your heart to others, and understand both their strengths and weaknesses, as that is truly a genuine feeling.

  11. Hell knight says:

    You know i found that there is one person commenting in many novels to update this one. So i tried to make my time up in holiday to read it.i had hoped that it might be a novel with something to learn and perhaps to rest too .I then grew so disappointed that it was like this. So, i thought to say to the guy that comments in other novel to update this one. I forgot the name but dude, go read some good novels. It doesn’t matter if it’s Chinese or japanese or Korean or Mexico or others. Read something that might help you like enhancing your literature. Don’t just read whatever you find randomly. Also make sure to find something enjoyable. After reading this novel, i find my iq dropping . It’s brain-dead.

  12. TheDiir says:


  13. TheDiir says:

    Update pleasee

  14. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    I read up to chapter 81.

    I also agree that Mc just isn’t logical in dealing with these girls. Becoming the first girls simp/ servant was totally illogical. He was already the genius of the century and ultra successful. He should just give up on first girl and kill her off

    1. Ice_Wallow_Come says:

      Of course it is illogical
      They are “plot” or convenience tool to make Harem somewhat acceptable

      But we are reader, we can choose which novel to read or not

    2. Ps says:

      There is no logical novel in this site

  15. I agree with someone above me

  16. Ice_Wallow_Come says:

    I give this a chance for read
    However I don’t like the MC
    Despite coming from wealthy family, he choose to become servant at age 12 to save first villain

    Just wow…
    The first heroine problem is quite simple, she bullied by her relative because she is last remaining of Duke’s family.
    Simple solution is just hired assasins to kill the threat, MC has money and family who cares him, small thing like hiring assasin to save Duke family is beneficial for his family (Duke will owe him a favor in case he revealed it)

    It’s just ridiculous about how MC handle the problem

    1. TheDiir says:

      Who f**king care? MC is MC. You is You. Anyone have their perspektif and idea. You cant just say your mind better than him. Everyone have their situation

      1. Ice_Wallow_Come says:

        Whoa dude, I know you are avid reader of this
        But I am not the only one who share this sentiment
        If you like this novel, it’s your
        However I also had freedom to share my opinion Lol

    2. IME says:

      this is harem novel, so mc must handle the heroines by himself

      1. Ice_Wallow_Come says:

        Uh, hiring assasins can be alternative no?
        MC is just hell bent on “rehabilitate” The villain but when if he failed, he will run away
        Why even bother to rehabilitate and waste time, if he still choose to run if he fail?

        So in conclusion,if I read “Harem and Obsession” tag, I just need to shut down my brain cell and ignore all weird sh*t

        1. Bronya's armpits licker says:

          Its weird that you think assasin simply can kill anything even in duke mansion with high security.
          Your logic is like hitler is bad, why people not hire assasin to kill him? Its easier than war.

          1. Hell knight says:

            He is not meaning that bro . You can see the mc man.
            He literally can solve problem by using his status and wealth. He can takey her as finance and protect her but he rather makes plan to have the villainess get teased more by her relative so that villainess get more obsessed with mc .

            Also the mc is kinda dumb. He kinda know things will turn out if his actions are like this even so he does this. What’s more, he says he will run away if he fails then why do he have to go get the villainess obsessed with them.

            Also the story itself is dumb. Think about it, if you have a kid in neighbourhood that has been known as genius , the entire country will look at him. Especially the upper class people have eye for him. Mc just pack his stuff up and leave and nobody remember him for being genius. It ridiculous. More to it, the baron doesn’t check his id and let’s him touch her body.(don’t get it wrong i am referring to massage)

            Well it’s a ridiculous story by someone ridiculous. If your brain gets ridiculously dead, it’s best for you.

            Ahh just so you know, it’s my own viewpoint i am not criticizing anyone. It’s you feel offended, please overlook this.

        2. Hell knight says:

          I don’t think hiring assassins is a good thinking. Just think about how other see you if they know you hired to kill someone. Rather he could get some information gatherers. I mean, given how the Baroness is, she might have made many fault here and there for money and, mc , with his wealth and knowledge can easily sue her. He can also have half way revealed his identity to protect her. He might have used his connections to protect the villainess. He can also ask the villainess to be his finance and can protect her. He also could have waited till academy to protect the villainess too.

          Well in short, what i mean is he had many ways but he chose to become butler of the villainess and do things. That too he does things that doesn’t makes sense like with the Baroness was in a fit, he could have given some ideas that but to approach. Even when the villainess break the hand of her cousin, he could have taken that opportunity to make the family reunite. But he had to break the family what can we do ? He says that no one is born bad but he literally makes the entire world bad. It doesn’t makes any sense.

          I really hate how the mc break the family to save the villainess, i mean if you are already taking the difficult step to become some butler and clean toilets then why the hell can you not help a family to reunite. I mean yes they have become foolish in greed but the mc is worst. He know what is going to happen but still break the family. He also doesn’t think about villainess at all. All he wants is to live in some candy or biscuit house after devastating all. I mean just look at his rain if you don’t beleive me. He says he is doing for this world and for parents and other things but literary, of her loves his parents so much then why do the mc leaves them ? He can kill the villainess when they were child and problem solved.

          I also don’t know why but he think everything will go his way. Even the 10 year kids know that everything might not go his way . Mc really is good at governing excuses as seen.

          This is last advise to those who are still going to read. If your think your life really doesn’t have anything and you are in such boredom that you will die , only then try this one. The novel will make sure to reduce your iq. I really doubt the mc lived 21 years . His actions are like a one year and two months baby that doesn’t know how the world works.

  17. TheDiir says:

    Finally updateeeee

  18. Their says:

    I really hope this novel gonna have good ending like Taming of the Vilainnes. Because this structure Chara development had been really good so far. It Will be Masterpiece if have best ending, which every heroines have his own way to MC.

  19. TheDiir says:

    I love Yandere because this novel

  20. Manchester Black says:

    Let’s get to it.

  21. Cat says:

    Remember, guys, having toxic relationships is not good. Nadia successfully forced a relationship with the MC by threatening and choking him unconscious. Yuri always seeks justification from the MC and always pretends to forget when she does something wrong. Now she plans to kill all his family just to be with MC. She has beat Nadia; if MC doesn’t stop her, Nadia might die. Bell is a lazy girl with an inferiority complex to Nadia and Yuri, whose room is a mess, and who always threatens to kill herself if the MC doesn’t do what she wants. The weakest among the four heroines, but always angry and tries to fight Yuri and Nadia. She never self-reflects. In the real world, people who want to have a relationship with a woman like that will suffer physically and mentally. In the last chapter, the MCs even feel unfair and suffer.

  22. Dagonsuznyz says:

    Mc doesn’t kill the villains. So it is garbage.

    1. TheDiir says:

      MC who kill Villains was garbage. It’s so F**king klise

  23. Sephir says:

    Noblemtl downed ? Or only me

  24. k says:

    Seem this is a good yandere novel, i will dive in

  25. D1Grandmaster says:

    This dogshlt is barely readable because the mc is so retardeddd, mf would rather starve to death or kill the heroine than just hiring an assassin to kill the corrupt baron.

  26. Reii says:

    Revoke the poison tester licence of those who said this is poison, clearly this is one the best Yandere novel in this site.

    Approved by the committee of Yandere council (Reiii)

  27. Extra Extra says:

    TY for the update!

    I hate pausing novels I’m currently reading, so I’m looking forward to reading these new chapters later.

  28. Yuki says:

    @Sanitary Engineer You forgot the fourth female villain. The last one is the princess of the neighbouring kingdom, who has dual personality disorder. In her childhood, to show that she was an obedient daughter to his father, when his father ordered him to kill his servant, she stabbed the servant in the back. He continues to kill innocent people according to her father’s order, and to deal with her guilt, she creates another personality that lacks empathy, is a manipulator, and has distrust for others. Compared to other villains, she’s probably the most curable, as long as MC can make her accept her past and forgive herself. Yeah, the biggest problem perhaps was his father, the King, who would not let her go.

  29. Read up to chapter 50:

    Well this one’s tough, this is about as real as you can get about obsessiveness. It starts with a typical premise: MC enters a story and tries to save the 3 villainesses present in the book. But there’s a twist, the women in this novel are truly broken and the novel takes it’s time to explain why they are broken and how the MC is trying to help them. This isn’t a light “hihi MC is suffering from female attention”, the MC is literally suffering because the women in this novel are unfixable. How you ask? Let’s talk about each of them.

    The first one is a straight psychopath. Her brain is broken and is unable to understand empathy. She also enjoys watching people suffer and be in pain. She treats the MC more like an object and is very possessive of him as he is her property. Sounds hot? If so, you’re the main audience of this book.

    Second one is genetically depressed. Her bloodline only makes beautiful but easily depressed women. Her own mother tries to kill herself due to her own depression. This one is manipulative towards the MC and threatens to kill herself if the MC leaves her. Still sounds hot? Get some help.

    Last one is the most generic, nothing about genetics or brain chemistry, just good old classic abuse. She is physically and verbally abused by her entire family. She has no self esteem and has no self worth which makes her difficult to handle. The MC is the only person that matters to her and this makes it difficult for the MC to fix her. Sounds hot? You make me sick.

    First and second one are basically a lost cause while the third might be helped with therapy. The point is, the MC tries and fails again and again to fix them. The point of the novel then becomes clear: either you enjoy watching the MC suffer or you enjoy the position the MC finds himself in. If you’re the former, you’re sadistic. If you’re the latter, you’re masochistic. Either way, this novel will be a good time for you.

    Personally, the MC is an incredibly kind person but his kindness blinds him. Some people cannot be healed for their wounds are too deep to reach. The kindness he wants to give these women should instead reach himself and make him realize that he should just stop, accept and let go. He deserves more than this and this novel makes me feel more and more sorry for the kind soul.

  30. Extra Extra says:

    Godamn, this novel is good. PLEASE keep on uploading more chapters for this one.

    It’s character-driven, with some great characterization.
    Each villainess / heroine has their own sympathetic circumstances that led them to become as broken as they are.

    The sad reality is that any lesser person in the MC’s position would’ve likely just given up on these girls by killing them to prevent them from becoming villains.

    Fortunately for those girls, the MC looked at each of them and thought: ‘I can fix her’ – and then seriously set about doing so. But by doing that, as the novel title shows, those girls became massively obsessed with him.

    So currently, at the Academy, the MC is still slowly trying to fix their core mental issues. While, at the same time, juggling their ever-increasing Yandere obsession with him.

    It’s quite an entertaining read.

  31. Kyryuu says:

    Vayan al discord y pidan más capítulos por favor no me deja ir al discord quiero ver a sangre

  32. Honestly, the melancholic girl and the princess are such bit… Bitter persons.

  33. Oh, I also want to mention that initially the story of the melancholic girl was interesting. If she had truly fallen into depression and behaved accordingly to her character, and if it had been explained how she would destroy a quarter of the empire (not a third, I made a typo), I would have been willing to read her parts in the book with a pleasant feeling. Well… In the end, we only have a powerless tsundere. It’s regrettable.

  34. As much as I liked this book because of Nadia and Yuri, I hate the parts of the story involving the melancholic girl and the princess. These two characters irritate me not because they use questionable means to achieve their goals, but because their potential as characters could have been better explored. The melancholic girl never seems sad and only occasionally threatens suicide, which is especially ridiculous considering her usual tsundere behavior. The princess, who should have a broken personality, behaves like a promiscuous person and internally blames the main character for being interested in other girls. Her unique trait is not even utilized, at least up to the point where I stopped reading. If these characters were removed from the book, it wouldn’t lose anything and would actually improve. Furthermore, the premise of the main character trying to fix them doesn’t make sense since the melancholic girl wouldn’t have been able to destroy a third of the empire in the original story due to her depression and incompetence. Additionally, why doesn’t the main character just let her peacefully hang herself and leave everyone alone, which would obviously save everyone? The princess also seems to have no real power to harm the empire.

    But enough about the sad parts.

    My only regret regarding Nadia and Yuri is that neither of them has white hair. For some reason, the author gave white hair to the main character. I usually like female characters with white hair because they look cute (at least in my mind), but this is just a small disappointment in the end. In everything else, I really liked these two girls. Nadia appears before us as a tyrant without compassion, endowed with the power to destroy (not just “kill”) those who displease her. She found her only family in the main character because he was the only one in her entire life who genuinely cared about her. It’s cute. However, due to her inclinations, she often chooses not very nice means to achieve her goals, but it doesn’t disgust me. It only makes her more authentic because she doesn’t change based on circumstances and continues to follow her nature unwaveringly. As I said before, Nadia is someone who would be delightful to crush and subdue, someone to fight with and someone you wouldn’t be ashamed to lose to. Then, there’s Yuri. She is almost the complete opposite of Nadia – insecure, modest, not trying to possess anything, setting low expectations. The only similarity they share is that Yuri also has immense strength to crush anyone who stands between her and the main character. So far, she has only used it against those who directly harmed him. I’m a little worried that it seems quite easy for anyone to take her away from the main character just by wanting to become her friend… But let’s believe in imprinting. She is so much like a cute little creature that I firmly believe she has imprinting. What’s more important… She is also an authentic character. Literally a cute little creature with the power to destroy anything that dares to touch her beloved person – I can’t help but mention once again how adorable she is. In fact, it’s easiest to maintain a relationship with her out of the whole group, and she is the least demanding, to the point of vulnerability – as long as you’re willing to be her friend and help her, she’s happy.

    My overall impressions of the book are very mixed. I didn’t finish reading the remaining chapters because the melancholic girl and the princess annoy me too much, but I want to tell everyone who wants to read it that at least the parts with Yuri and Nadia are worth it.

  35. Truck says:

    Definitely man, he is quite mental himself but he just doesn’t realize the fact.

  36. It was pretty good ngl. Some solid yanderes, I got the yandere tingles ever chapter.

  37. Hehehe judging from y’all’s reviews, this gon be a banger!!

    And also, I think we can fix the Austrian painter from 1930-1945…

  38. Des says:

    I’m rooting for you Nadia! Make MC into a stuffed paint HAHA

  39. Des says:

    This one so entertaining, the level of obsession and yandere is crazy. I love Nadia the most, she asserts her yandere the best. Others just a bit clingy.

    Good read

  40. Bob Marley Bob Marley says:

    @Deathrattle Incase you haven’t noticed it’s been hinted quite a lot that our MC is definitely also mental, whenever flashbacks happens it’s always subtlety clued that the previous life of mc he may have suffered making him only concerned about the state of mind of the villainesses

  41. Hehe says:

    Harem ?!! , Ikuzooo

  42. Deathrattle says:

    You know most disgusting person in novel, not heroins, not villains but Mc. He has twisted sense of justice with prejudices. Hypocritical samurai

  43. D F D F says:

    Okay i actually read 50 chapters in one go, it’s a fun read for proper yandere enjoyer.
    Each yandere has different personality and its own charm and reason.

  44. rob z rob z says:

    Ignore Suherman’s review, as this novel is NOT poison, and I found it far more enjoyable a read than the banal, trash harem stuff that has been posted recently (e.g. Became an Extra in a Youth RPG Game).

    Brief Summary: MC is reincarnated into the world of a romance fantasy novel he read, where the novel has a number of villainesses that essentially go crazy and end up killing lots of people (directly or indirectly). MC is convinced that there was some sort of triggering event or treatment that led to these girls becoming villainesses, and so his entire goal in this new world is to intervene before these events happen and prevent them from turning to the dark side. To that end, he trains himself, develops his reputation, and is regarded as a genius by the age of 12. He thus is able to convince his parents to got out and “explore the world”, which is really a lie – he goes out on a trip to try and save the villainesses.

    However, as you progress through the villainesses’ initial stories, it becomes clear that the MC’s assumptions are at least in part mistaken, as each of the villainesses, to some degree, has some innate character flaws that leads to their downfall – whether it be lack of empathy, laziness / stupidity, etc (although I am not sure about Yuri – she truly seems a tragic figure that suffered extreme abuse from her father). Moreover, the MCs plans go awry, not just because he doesn’t quite fully understand the villainesses’ personalities, but also because he was a bit conceited in his plans and assumptions (and in some instances, comes across as downright stupid in his plans). However, they go awry in a way that yandere fans will enjoy, since they all the villainesses eventually turn yandere with the MC as the target.

    In short, if you like obsessive yandere stories set in a medieval fantasy setting, you might enjoy this one, although the MC will occasionally frustrate you. Good news is that MC is not dense, and he gets that these women are obsessed with him, often pulling his best Monty Python / Holy grail “run away! run away!” impression.

  45. Sephir says:

    stop flexing ur english mtled novels makes me think people are writing in shakespear

  46. S Risev S Risev says:

    This is an unusual novel, the heroines here are cool, just super, how not to fall in love with them, but here is the main character, I don’t know how to describe him, he is smart, but stupid, he gives a diamond mine to his younger brother, Just for the fact that he was born, and the first heroine gave him this mine as an apology. I have read 35 chapters and only the heroines in my opinion color this novel. Excuse my English, but except for myself, I didn’t study it anywhere, I usually studied German and Russian

  47. Poison Tester says:

    Another obsession novel, maybe I should call this site obssesionmtl than noblemtl🗿

    (No offense)

  48. Wasa says:

    there is where the charm is hehehe

  49. Unknown says:

    Rejected by art school, became a villain and kill millions, why does this sound familiar X_X

  50. EternalCleetusOfEuthymiasAmericanShotgun says:

    I love obsession that will literally kill me

  51. @ali dd It’s not carfights, it’s cat fights. Basically, girls fighting each other over one guy or certain things (sry for my bad English)

  52. Insufferable says:

    Or maybe kill them idk. Some people are just irredeemable. I for sure wouldn’t even try to rehabilitate the mustache guy.

  53. ali dd ali dd says:

    what is carfights ?

    1. Probably like a girl(cat 1) always fighting with another girl(cat 2) to get what she(cat 1) wants but not killing the other girl(cat 2). Something like that probably. Just like other novels where where girls fighting for mc. That’s a cat fight lol

  54. I consider this poison. Let’s see our heroine. Nadia, the painter, is a tyrant who like kills and tortures people. Bluebell is basically Karen’s character in novels. When you read her dialog, you will feel annoyed. Yuri is a quiet girl who might stab you in the back. She burned people’s food stocks in her own territory out of anger when she said nothing to MC. Charlotte is a girl with two personalities. They are villains. Our MC, who claims to be a genius, wants to rehabilitate them and save them and the continent from destruction.

    Me: C’mon, Bro, except maybe for Charlotte, other girls don’t have any hope of turning out to be good people. Yuri will lock you when she know you have relationship with you. Same with others girls. Nadia maybe will destroy continent like original story. Your actions also currently make the heroine into a obsessed yandere to you. Protagonists who are obsessed with heroines will definitely kill you if he find out that heroine likes you. Hi MC, if you want to rehabilitate them, you may have to destroy their source of financial and political power, where you have a chance before academics.

    1. While me looking at the comment and thinking about the part “you in a relationship with you”.

  55. Jajaja says:

    Welp hope to gd it aint posion

  56. I’m bored and going scouting guys

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