I Killed the Heroine in the Game
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I Killed the Heroine in the Game

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게임 속 히로인을 죽여버렸다.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Killed the Heroine in the Game

I killed one of the main heroines in the game. Maybe today, maybe yesterday.

Perhaps this bastard thought he could be forgiven for acting crazy if he was half decent.

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  1. Angibot Angibot says:

    It’s interesting but completely ruined by MC turning into a dumbass and making his life mission to just be a contrarian.
    Every time system tells him to jump he digs down, every time someone tells him to stay he leaves and it gets old very fast.

  2. says:

    It’s pretty decent if you turn your brain off while reading. Don’t expect a particularly smart mc though.

    1. Shadow says:

      You talk as if having a brain is a common trait.

    2. Thanks for your sacrifice

  3. rob z rob z says:

    Tried reading the update. Got to chapter 61 and it just turned to sh!t – author turned the MC into a moron. Dropping.

    1. Phantom . Phantom . says:

      Thank you for your hard work.

  4. Hell knight says:

    Well i think if i had that talent , i will do better than my teacher in English.

    Anyway thanks!

  5. Hell knight says:

    Well i think if i had that talent , i will do better than my teacher in English.

    Anyway thanks!

    Well next time seperate the plot and feelings ok

  6. Kaniya says:

    @rob z

    I don’t know if you are here…but thanks for your long review… obviously I didn’t had the courage to read that.

    Anyway you deserve a salute! 🫡

    Rip my English

  7. rob z rob z says:

    This story is a mixed bag, so I can understand the different viewpoints above. However, to provide some clarifications that may help you judge whether you may like the novel or not:

    As of this point, it is not really an academy novel. More generally, MC is transported into a game world, but it was a game played by his younger brother so all of MC’s knowledge is based on what his bother told him (and little brother had an unhealthy fixation on the game, particularly the heroines). To set some context for the character, the MC’s life in real world is sh!t, and he and his brother constantly had to struggle to survive (which helps shape MC’s behavior in the game world).

    In the game world, as folks note above, there are “divine spirits” and “evil spirits” – I won’t rehash what others have said about this, but much more of the story after the first chapter and the killing of the divine spirit “heroine” deals with battling evil spirits – MC makes money by exterminating evil spirits, and gets to purchase tools / skills to help him in that quest. MC is promised by the system (there’s always a system) that if he survives the game, he can take the money he earns in the game world back to the real world. Thus, MC’s goals are to (1) avoid the protagonist of the game, his harem, and the main plot line, (2) not do anything too stupid or dangerous, (3) make money to take back to his little brother, and of course (4) survive. In so doing, MC is almost an anti-hero – he does what he wants when he wants, and gives the finger to anyone who pushes back on that.

    However, there is a constant tug of war with the system that wants to bring him into the academy and the plot. Trying not to give too much away, MC generally does a good job in pushing back and avoiding this (I note this because a few people above comment how they hate academy stories) – the only times he starts giving into the system are when he would basically get killed if he didn’t (but again, at least so far, this is not an academy novel in the traditional sense).

    There is not much of a concept of “leveling up” or “grinding” – MC can purchase items or skills, and has stats, but they don’t really increase even after killing a bunch of evil spirits (from what I have read) – I found this a refreshing change of pace. There is also a way to use “spiritual power” that MC learns how to use that is pretty much the same as what Vera uses in The Regressor and the Blind Saint.

    Also, there isn’t much of a romantic plot line, and the MC doesn’t have a harem (the original protagonist does). There is maybe one female character that seems a potential love interest, but that seems a long way off, if at all.

    My big problem with the story is that on multiple occasions, the author decides to turn the MC stupid to create dramatic tension or plot points As one example, there is a scene along the following lines:

    Character to MC: This quest you are about to do, the requester lied and there is a really bad thing in there
    MC (thinking to self): Should I abandon this and report it to the authorities? No, that’s a bad idea.
    MC (thinking to self again while not getting out of there): I’ve got a bad feeling about this.
    MC (thinking to self again while still not getting out of there): Wow, I can’t put my finger on it, but I’ve got a really bad feeling about this.
    [MC gets dragged off by monster]

  8. Stewing in my thoughts and I’m actually pissed authors haven’t thought of something like:

    Vampire lady with blood manipulation magic or whatever, forcefully causes the MC to get a boner. THAT WOULD BE FUNNY, and erotic. Oh my god, she would be like the reverse flash meme!!

    Remember that time MC? And you got a boner after I held your hand??? It was me MC, I gave you the boner!!

  9. Anyways it’s pretty good but I wouldn’t recommend it because of its small amount of chapters.

  10. Sudden Mersault says:

    I haven’t read the book, but is the synopsis a “The Stranger” reference???

  11. Oh, I think the idea of milky violet is quite intriguing as I find the subtle irony quite amusing. Plus, it will be interesting to see how the main character in such a book will fight against all these yanderes for their right not to be controlled when they realize what is really happening.

    Oh, and I should definitely read the book I am commenting on. The people above have managed to pique my interest.

  12. PerlicaLover1 says:

    The comment above me is happening to me right now (real)

  13. Ah I just had a good idea for a novel thanks to insufferable talking about pride!

    It’s a wuxia, murim, whatever you get the point it’s a Chinese cultivation novel. And the MC is blessed by the gods with the soul of an 21 year old Korean social worker or whatever, and also a system.

    I’d like to write more but I don’t want to, so I’ll give an general gist of it.

    Basically system says “hey MC, be Ling Aotian and I’ll give you some good reward, also no talking to pretty woman!” And the MC agrees because acting proud and ignoring women is pretty easy. And then big twist, the system is actually just a super insane heroine from a previous time line that’s obsessed with the MC so she decided to control the MCs life in the next run. So all canon events that were supposed to happen doesn’t happen, which means more obsessed heroines instead of fine normal harems, which means more competition for the system girl. Funny innit, the more you try to prevent something the more likely it’s going to happen.

  14. satya satya says:

    hmm it’s pretty good so far

  15. Mrvallet says:

    short explanation: it tells the story of a parallel earth where there are evil and good spirits. Long story short, the MC’s only friend in the world, was cruelly killed by one of the good spirits. Who was the Heroine of that world. Why do good spirits kill people? It was because they moved based on their instincts. And note, in that world. Spirits cannot be seen by ordinary people.

    conclusion: the story is quite good, although there are some words that are not solidly understood. at least try to read some chapters. WARNING!! I don’t know why people don’t like it. However, it seems that this novel is not for those who want to read obsession novels, yanderes, harems, or isekai fantasy worlds.

    Sorry for my messy writing (Google translate)

  16. Insufferable says:

    I’m not saying anything about the quality of the novel. But I have to say I like the mc very much.

    So basically, his cheat is a quest system that pays him money for quests and offers products on it’s own shop for mc to use. It gives the mc very forced quests that he could easily complete for a lot of money. But also at the same time quests that will endanger his life as the quests will put him closer to the plot events of the world. Despite the huge money offered to him he chooses his pride and dignity and ignores the quests and does his own thing. Some may say that the mc is wasting opportunities like this but I also think a good novel doesn’t have to have anc that always takes the most efficient route as if playing a speed rum game. It’s rational and realistic but over time you just get overdrawn and get tired of it.

    Plus also maybe because I’m a prideful and petty guy so I relate to the mc very well. I’m the type to never let others dictate what I do. I’d rather just die than let others decide my life path.

    Anyways the novel itself has good narrative and pacing so only thing that can stop you is if the novel is not to your taste.

  17. So basically academic with exorcist theme. MC battles evil spirit and some divine who are harming people. All his love interest in divine spirit. I think there are 3 girls. Well, I think MC is very strong; he can kill a heroine who is one of the strongest spirits, and as long as he has money, he has access to a store that provides him with OP weapons. That’s all, I’m not interested in continuing to read it. But the story is not bad; it’s just not the kind of story I like.

  18. Hash2O says:

    This one is weird, really. I just stopped in the middle of chapter 2, here’s what I know : The MC possessed an extra, as usual, and when he just got in this world he survived thanks to his friend and his mother. Sadly his friend was apparently killed by the heroine of the game, without leaving a body. The heroine is a ‘divine spirit’, a supernatural monster that is too strong, so society decided to evelate them with faith or whatnot, I didn’t understand this part. In short they are considered walking disaster and can kill at will, if you’re killed the governement will just say you had an accident and won’t even mention the ‘divine spirit’.
    So the MC took revenge and that’s where we begin, sadly apparently it’s going in a academy direction because the system keep issuing a quest of going there, presently the MC don’t want to, but since the quest is mentionned, the scenario will make him go there anyway, the so called ‘pretend to be forced’. Honnestly it’s weird, idk if the heroine is really dead, but there’s too much things that are hard to understand either bc its a specially bad mtl or because the novel is not clear to begin with, it’s too annoying to try to understand eveything so yeah this one it’s without me.

  19. Wikka says:

    dunno is it just me
    from the sinopsis, can i assume that MC killed reincarnator heroine cuz she’s a karen?

  20. Insufferable says:

    The implications, as well as the inconsistency of the tags to the sypnosis puts me in an alarmed state.

    I must go in with full caution.

  21. Jajaja says:

    Wow thats a new one

  22. DisqusDestroyer says:

    After seeing there are no comments
    Me : I AM SPEED!!!

  23. Darkness_Enjoyer says:

    Wow, I came too fast. There is no chapters.

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