I Got Into the Mass Production Anime
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I Got Into the Mass Production Anime

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양판 애니 속으로 들어와 버렸다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Got Into the Mass Production Anime

Big eyes, pointed chin, and colorful hair and pupils.

…Who knew.

To be reincarnated into a world in a real anime that is different from the original world.

It was also in the harem genre I saw right before I died.

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  1. Love this chapter, more wanted

  2. Reafan says:

    Not really recomend , author Try to mimic japan cliche. When we read KR because dont want to read jp cliche :/

  3. sololuminoso says:

    Thanks my Brothers for your sacrifice After reading your comments i Will not dive in this black hole!

  4. Blake says:

    I made an account just to put my feelings into words after reading this abomination

    I feel insulted 7/10

  5. Owlish says:

    Tbf I haven’t read it yet, maybe won’t because of such strong reactions

  6. Owlish says:

    Aren’t you guys being too dramatic

  7. I… can’t help and wrap my head around this…. I don’t have any knowledge of this. How can this be? This is just so… bizarre. You know, I was being constantly abused as I kept reading and diving deep into this novel…. It made me got a spine-chilling goosebumps cause I’m terrified with the setting of this novel as well as the author writing style, and also THE CHARACTERS. It always succeed to make me shudder in horror. All of the characters here are all equally terrifying, it just felt so absurd to me that I couldn’t help but deemed this novel as a Kafkaesque or farce type of novel. Firstly, the characters, especially the tsundere one, are annoying + embarrassing as well cause of how many times she gaslighted people around her that it successfully made me mortified as well as shivering. She always slandered and defamed our MC in the name of what? Being an archetypal cliche characters? Why were you spreading rumours that made some misunderstanding and bad reputation like that? It causes a lot of misjudgment For goodness sake. And For what? Just because being a tsundere? Really? Tsundere? Cause it looks more like a what goddamned yandere might behave in my eyes. You’re sure it’s a tsundere? Or am I daydreaming here? Secondly, the characters just doesn’t seem to sit quite right to me…. They just don’t feel… real? It just doesn’t feel right to me. It’s way too absurd to describe it that I couldn’t help but feel like this is some next level ‘The Truman Show’ literature continuity depicted in just a slightly alternate setting of the world or heck even ‘The Matrix’ followed-up sequel written and serialized in a book. I can’t wrap my head around this and I started to think that the author might be slightly mentally unhinged or deranged or that he put a meth while writing this story. How could the author not getting embarrassed, shuddered, shivered, and cringed while writing this… next-level-Truman-Show-set-in-an-anime-world? I might need to take some medicine after tasting this new-found poison. It felt more like I was smoking some marijuana and then proceed to take some meth at the same time rather than reading this… extraordinary novel. Did I just drug myself while not knowing it? This is not poisonous I swear but it just… 𝘴𝘪𝘨𝘩… I—I don’t even know what and how to say anymore…. I… might need to cleanse my soul after dwelling in this. But the most terrifying fact is… WHY DO I LIKE THIS NOVEL? No, no, no. Why do I like it?! No! This… this can’t be! Am I a degenerate? No! I can’t, please, help!


  8. This novel has the trope “Main characters say they don’t interfere with original work, but seduce heroines themselves without his knowledge”. There are some twist cliches. The novel is already completed at chapter 130 with seven side stories. Despite the author’s comment that he didn’t like cliché in harem anime, the author went with a fake harem ending. MC only end up with one girl.

  9. Zzz says:

    I mostly agree with @kk77.
    So let me explain, first of all i could only read 19 chapters then i checked some of the future chapters with interesting titles

    I am completely convinced either author smoke some next level stuff or this whole novel is written to mentally torture readers.

    The novel is about a guy that reincarnates into anime world but physics are weird as everyone is anime styled with big eyes and all, you can see the anime gestures and blushes etc.
    I wanted to give this novel a try for this unique setting i havent seen before.

    But here we are, it is an anime world so it is japan, this novel feels more like a jp novel than a kr one overall.

    Next on the list, there is a premise he cant differentiate faces of people because of that even after living there for 15 years. Seriously at that point nevermind the anime faces, you could pretty much differentiate between stickmen or even random dots.

    As soon as you start reading you will notice main character sighs very often, in fact there are no chapters he doesnt sigh and on average there is at least 10-15 sighs per chapter. This already makes you feel under water while reading.
    Next thing you notice main character loves to complain and complain. He complains about heroines so often.

    Tldr; this was unreadable for me, feels like a jp novel, all characters share a single brain cell

  10. kk77 says:

    Oh, I’m no masochist @Gladiator_02. To be clear, I do indeed despise nearly all the elements present in the novel to a degree I could not do justice in description, but I don’t hate the novel itself as a whole. Well, kind of do, but not nearly to same vitriolic extent I’ve no doubt given the impression of. Normally I have little to no reservations in dropping stories at first signs of mere distinct displeasure; this is an odd outlier of an exception. And to be extra clear on top of that, my original comment *was* meant to be a begrudging recommendation – but upon a retrospective glance, even I can’t derive a positive interpretation of it. It is usual fare to provide lucid reasonings behind forwarding a recommendations, however, I would then have needed to also go into detail on the painful stuff that… I appear to have repressed in realtime omfg i cant no way imnot doing it im not holy fkno plsplspls judt takemy word

  11. @kk77 I congratulate your patience for reading 112 chapters of something you hate that much. Wow

  12. kk77 says:

    this has almost everything that i not only hate, but hate with a burning passion. i could not possibly *begin* to even touch upon all my grievances – there aren’t enough words in the comment limit, and there aren’t enough words in the English language. Suffice it only to say, this is Anime as f%&$.
    @insufferable is justified in their dramatic repulsion, this may as well have yandere and obsession tags. I was thoroughly disgusted by the two major heroines and their actions; I absolutely cannot stand gaslighting and manipulation, fictional or no. at least, one of the two gets more tolerable later, but the other… it’s really hard to tell.

    …With that said, I did read all available 112 chapters in spite of my blistering annoyance… and tentatively added this to my reading list… what can i say, it’s a crazy story. just give it a read, youll probably get what i mean. all i can add to describe the novel is that it’s a__

    slice-of-life school harem anime. there, thats all i could muster x_x

  13. Honestly the main goal here kinda seems unnecessary to me. Mc tries to prevent heroines from entering original mc’s harem because he in the end goes to another world without choosing anyone. The heroines just stay heartbroken.

    So there is no world destruction or anything. Mc doesn’t particularly like the heroines yet. Original Mc isn’t evil or anything. So is there anything worth to work hard for years?

    Or am i just heartless lol. I think I would just live my life without concern

  14. Insufferable says:

    Plus couple the fact that they look like anime characters and not like humans and how the mc repeatedly says that the people act more anime like than realistically it just gives me the sense that the mc is trapped in some kind of horror matrix world. So while reading this, all these facts just rushed up to my face and slapped me twice and pulled a wedgie on my behind while spitting on my dinner and setting fire to my throat.

  15. Insufferable says:

    Well now that I look back it’s not actually creepy. In a sense I was just afraid a little by how shameless the two heroines are and how easily they can spread a rumor that can ruin his reputation just because of some petty grudge and some petty judgement. I’m an introvert kind of guy so I was scared of these characters a little.

  16. Redom Redom says:

    Creepy in what sense @Insufferable ?

  17. Sephir says:

    the guys above me got ptsd marked as poison (joke i’ll read it later intriguates me)

  18. I’m curious now, what happen?

  19. Andro says:

    I’m curious now, mind a spoiler?

  20. Insufferable says:

    Anyways it’s so unreasonable for mc that I feel bad for him. So, I have decided that I will drop this novel and imagine him going to another country for high school and ignoring all these creepy heroines.

  21. Insufferable says:

    I’m only at chapter 20 but I genuinely think this should have a horror tag.

    What the heck are with his childhood friend and the blonde tsundere?! Why the heck are they so unreasonably horrifying?

    Anyways that’s all my “opinion”

  22. Insufferable says:

    Anyways I’m going in to give my inevitably generous review that judges novels very liniently thus making my opinion a bad useless opinion

  23. Insufferable says:



  24. Redom Redom says:

    No yanderes!
    But RomCom !?

  25. Lullaby Lullaby says:

    Need poison testers

  26. Yes yes yes yeeeeeeesss

  27. says:

    Also, I thought noble finally mtl a japanese novel because of the cover💀.

  28. says:

    So early that there is no chapters lol.

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