I Just Wanted To Live but I Somehow Became Better Than the Protagonist
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I Just Wanted To Live but I Somehow Became Better Than the Protagonist

Read full chapter I Just Wanted To Live but I Somehow Became Better Than the Protagonist, Light Novel I Just Wanted To Live but I Somehow Became Better Than the Protagonist english, LN I Just Wanted To Live but I Somehow Became Better Than the Protagonist, I Just Wanted To Live but I Somehow Became Better Than the Protagonist Online, read I Just Wanted To Live but I Somehow Became Better Than the Protagonist at Noble Machine translations.
Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Just Wanted To Live but I Somehow Became Better Than the Protagonist

My name is Ye Yong, and I’m in a panic right now. I was just casually reading a novel when I accidentally got hit by a phone and ended up transmigrating into the role of the antagonist.

Now every day I have to worry about avoiding the protagonist, and I have to strategize about how to woo the female lead.

Everything is unfolding according to my plans, but the development seems to have taken an unexpected turn. The most obvious change is the female leads – they’ve become quite different from how they were in the original novel. They are…towards me…

I’d better stop here. Gotta run.

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  1. Ahmed says:

    When will the chapters update to this novel?

  2. Ahmed says:

    More . I need more chapters

  3. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    Read to chapter 200.
    Story keeps going, I like these Chinese cultivation stories so I like it. I think Mc could make better use of his points but oh well.

  4. I really need to say this to whoever is translating this, PLEASE STOP EDITING. This was not as apparent in the first hundred but in the last hundred and especially towards the end there are way to many errors in the cultivation level, even more so when it came to the demon realms. I’m saying not to discredit the editors but that they shouldn’t edit to much even if it feels a little wrong bcs we’re approaching an arc that has demon realms mentioned a lot(nearly every other paragraph), and it would make things convoluted. Like in the 180-190s the city lord goes from being a nascent soul to a void realm(he was the previous one), and the like. For demons they were in the great demon and middle demon realms except for the black wind and lady who were demon kings. Appreciate all the work you do, hopefully you can continue to translate this since I’ve had trouble finding chapters for the arc I mentioned before 🙏

  5. Rader says:

    Laid back Slice of Life Chinese Cultivation novels are one of the best ones on the net. And this is good one among them. Recommended.

    Also, due to MTL algorithms favouring Chinese over Korean/Japanese you will find great Translation overall. It’s on a level of unedited official translation, meaning only a little of correction is enough to call it an official translation.

    1. Can you recommend any novel like this, i think i enjoy this type of novel alot

      1. Rader says:

        There are few of them. Search in Novel Update top ranked Chinese novels, some of them are of similar genre. Basically search for Chinese novels where MC is from modern times and novel itself is tagged as comedy.

  6. Rodney says:

    I needed new chapters.

  7. reafan says:

    if you Read to much KR and forget/never read chinese novel, you will See this novel really interesting and good and dont see below

    but if You Already Read many chinese/jp/kr novel this is my Opinion for you

    its still like other chinese cliche, not to bad , but The author Put to much filler (inner dialoque/Flirting/non mc character story) that doesn’t contribute to main story (Just to reach demanding quota for writer)

    1 chapter and 60% of its its a filler, not every chapter has filler but it was maajority , but you know… its kinda Annoying since Cn normaly have 1-2k chapter and imagine the filler/dump information you must push through….

    , its really counterpart with KR novel where Filler it rarely see , and kr non mc character development is sh#t , and about the ending…. I never read cn novel until ending…..

  8. milky violet says:

    Holy crisp, I just woke up from a dream where I lived countless lives and each time x happened, I f*cking moved onto another life where I have to… oh my god, I don’t think I experienced such sadness and terror.

    It’s kinda like novel: The Nature of Possession. Actually really similar dude, except I have a system where it saves IMPORTANT THINGS, like photos and I can go back anytime to see the photos.

    MY STUDENT I LOVE YOU TOO, god damn it. Why the hell did I dream of that, and why do I remember so vividly. I gotta type fast.

    My student who died? Last thing I remember is those pictures she took and sent me saying she loved me (not like a lover I presume, but like a idol). I think she was bullied and I was her only light. She was so enthusiastic to see me, I’m sorry I failed you.
    A lady, I don’t remember anymore I’m losing her memories.
    My IRL best friend but now a dream version whom I spent 2 lives trying to prank, the first one succeeded but I didn’t like it and went for a second time to do it and it failed, so then I told him I lived multiple lives and I would move on eventually. I think he felt sad so I sucked his soul? My head is bioluminescent? Like Aang when he couldn’t enter the avatar state after getting his back cracked. I’m carrying him with me I know of it, I just don’t know where he is.

    and my IRL sister and her bf (dream version) don’t know I forced myself to wake up because I didn’t want to hurt myself anymore. Before I woke up, I was running in a city barefeet? It was a normal city not a messed up one btw, but I entered the mall and met my sister and the last thing I remember before waking up is her BF taunting some guy to kick down the door of the movie theaters so we’d go in for free.

    My friend and sister in my dream treated me better than in real life, how strange.

    WHY???? WHYYYYY????? WHY AM I CRYING DUDE, I’m not even going to remember them soon…

    I’D FOLD IF I WERE A REGRESSOR, IM BEING EVIL if I’m forced to live countless lives where my relationships mean nothing cause I will do something that forces me anew. I don’t want that, it scares me.

    1. milky violet says:

      Wait before the movies, I remember looking at the system and seeing the memories it saved, and just being so stressed and sad that I just ran and ran. The one thing the system saved that really broke me was my students pictures, with the “I love you sensei!” As the caption or whatever. Then a bunch of other pictures and then the more I scrolled down I saw posts about her death. Then I also looked back to see the system saved memories of the Lady whom I forgotten. Of course I forget the adult legal women but I remember my student whom I was definitely older than in my dream age.
      I didn’t even run on the sidewalks, I ran on the roads with cars. I would’ve ran back into my IRL friend in that dream because the locations are close, but for some odd reason I decided to run into the movie theater/mall. Where I met sis.

      Ugh, I think I understand how Kang Inho from The Nature of Regression and Seo Eun-hyun from A Regressors Tale of Cultivation feel like now.

      But I aspire to be like them, to continue making relationships despite them knowing it’ll go down eventually…

      CAlm down dude, it’s just a dream. It’s just a dream.

      1. milky violet says:

        Nature of Possession 😭😭

        I’m just so distraught man, whatever you do authors, DO NOT write novels where the MC lives multiples lives and then hit us with a good relationship that inevitably ends and then hurt us by entering a new regression or life right after that.
        Like haha you thought MC could obtain happiness? Nah bro we got 2000 more chapters left! Kill that b*tch! I need my money!

        Those are good novels but… they just hurt.

        1. milky violet says:

          They were just dreams so I know they’re made up, but even then forgetting about them feels like a crime.

          Like imagine one day there’s a Hunter type outbreak and then magic and other mythical elements break out. Blah blah blah and then there’s just a rip in reality and logic where your dreamed up people come into the real world and be like “why tf did you forget me, didn’t you marry me? Is that another women you married?? And who’s this guy! You married a guy too?!!”

          1. amogustimestwo says:

            I wish i had such cool dreams

    2. Jackysito says:

      what is milky yapping about

      1. rob z rob z says:

        Milky being Milky. It’s his(?) world, and we’re just living in it.

  9. Big Blackclock says:

    Omgg thanks for the update!!

  10. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    Read to chapter 100. Wow is this book Korean? Its al.ost like a chi ese cultivation novel. I’m looking forward to the author not being influenced by Chinese ccp propaganda.

    1. rob z rob z says:

      Nope – look at the top of the page. It’s Chinese.

  11. Marvin Brock says:

    More! Very good casual novel !

  12. Lian Merkl says:


  13. ACYNED says:

    I love this, may I request more of this?!

  14. Zzz says:

    Quite enjoyable
    Chinese cultivation novel but it is pretty chill because mc is not the protagonist

  15. Luis says:

    Estaba entretenido hasta el capítulo 3 donde el protagonista adquiere un “Sistema”, realmente no es mi taza de té, ¿Es difícil hacer una trama donde el protagonista crezca entrenando y sin recibir regalos del Sistema? ¿Porque debe de seguir todas las “misiones” de éste sistema para tener “regalos” cómo si fuera una marioneta?
    “Los Sistemas son el Isekai de las novelas chinas”
    -Un random de Internet-

    1. Luis says:

      …Bueno, aunque escribí eso tengo que admitir que fue una novela entretenida, y dejando de lado lo conveniente que es el sistema para el protagonista es disfrutable, en especial la relación del MC con su sirvienta.

  16. kk77 says:

    weird to see this show up here cuz i’m technically reading it rn independent-like with, um, mtl i gues?? well, technically-technically, i already read it waaaay back a long time ago but then recently saw it show up elsehwere but i forgot i read it so i thot it was new then went 2 read and was liek i know this r8??? but then i wasn sure and went to chec ma list but it wasnt there only i was evnmore sure i def knew it so ofc spent literally 20 mins scouring 100+ entries tryna find it thinking im losing my fkn mind so OBV it turns out it wuz alone by itself in a COMPELTEYLY DIFFRENT place (its complicated) n i was like ffs an decied fk it letts jus rred it again-like cz last tiem sum of the chs wer fkd & now thers mebbe new chs an the old 1s r fixd n so now i cn […]

    Um, anyways.

    It’s a transmig Villain-turned-good harem Xianxia. The plot – nothing particularly atypical, with the glaring exception of MC is not a lunatic psychopath. It’s quite good, with almost no major hang-ups, and gentle enough (by Xianxia standards) to be almost refreshing, not to mention having a passably-decent writing quality – that is to say, spending more than a sentence on explaining cause-and-effect, more than a couple characters to descriptives, and most importantly of all, less than five paragraphs per each the present, happening, the evident and the given.
    Should also note that it’s a true harem. Now this, to be fair, most Chinese novels do commonly tend to be – however they just as commonly, effectively may as well not be — whereas here can be found some notable amounts of development.
    There also is somewhat of an interesting relationship between OGMC & MC, wherein the MC does his best to distant himself (and his ‘villainous compatriots’) from OGMC in terms of conflict for obvious reasons (it’s the Chosen One template), but also in terms of any camaraderie, as nearly any non-harem allies of the OGMC will inevitably only serve to end up the sacrificial powerups on his journey as per the demands of the plot. Yet, in spite of MC’s best measures and strictest warnings, not only do his compatriots often end up entangling themselves with the OGMC, in manners both hostile and cooperative, even the OGMC develops inclinations to regard the MC as a rival, a distant goal, and eventually a deep benefactor. So you end up with this weird balance MC continually tries to reach by reducing OGMC’s favour with him as much as possible without somehow turning him hostile but of course nearly always backfires due to misunderstandings – with the OGMC getting closer and closer each time to calling MC ‘Brother’; a veritable death sentence. All in all, a worthwhile experience.

    –is all the things I’D LIKE TO HAVE BEEN ABLE TO SAY – as someone who didn’t remember this novel EXISTED until just a few days ago, never mind any of its actual plot since I still haven’t even finished [re-]reading it!! And even if I had, this would have been an overviewed impression of 600+ MTL-ed(???) chapters rather than the 100 available here at time of writing so it’s all up in arms any which way! I mean maybe I saved it separately because I enjoyed it that much OR maybe I saved it separately for implausibly convoluted, unconveyable, ‘practical’ reasons that I will NEVER recall. Who can tell? NOT ME THAT’S WHO!!!

    tl;dr idfk its sum kinda novel prbably, read it if u wan im nopt ur fkn englsh techer

    1. amogustimestwo says:

      I think this text was mtl’d…

  17. Trashtaste says:

    Chinese novel without 1000 chapter, imposibru

  18. xxx xxx xxx xxx says:

    Surprisingly not bad. Not sure would recommend if aren’t interested in wuxia / xianxia genre though.

  19. bozakir says:

    I was reading this on NU but dropped it because og translation dropped it and new one was too slow. It’s variant of the chinese “migrated into evil villain and collecting og harem members will make me OP” pattern. Let me explain the type so you’ll see if it’s for you or not:

    MC goes through with the engagement cancellation thing. But stays cordial with the girl (potential harem member of the OG protagonist). His thoughts being being; Best case scenario I’ll win, get the girl and get upgrades and system points. Worst case scenario she’ll end up with og protag but she’ll remember that I helped her and I’ll use her mercy to escape harm.

    Dude is not overtly evil overbearing type so I don’t think it’ll suit most people here.

  20. IME says:

    im okay with chinese novel if the plot is similar like “im fated villain”

    1. TrashTaste says:

      Nah fated villain is just evil. Every single protag he encounter is a piece of sh1t, to make MC look good.
      Its good read but i was hoping there is a good protag and MC make him into his minion.

  21. Insufferable says:

    I read this before and a lot of reviews are mostly positive about it.

    I, however dropped it because I wasn’t into the trope of a murderous as*hole villain that suddenly becomes a good person overnight especially since the first time the mc came to possess the young master was after that ym r-worded his maid. And then suddenly he’s just kind to her, I know it’s not the same person but still.

    Now, if you’re fine with that, it is good. I did read a couple more chapters after so I can still say I did enjoy it relatively.

    1. Insufferable says:

      Alright sorry for misinformation, he hadn’t r-worded his maid I’m very sorry for that, my memories got mixed up from so many I’ve read of ym possessions stories.

      The maid was a new one that witnesses the ym mur*er one of his servants prior to the possession. So I guess my point still stands somehow

  22. milky violet says:

    Oh this is Chinese, 99% either dogwater or mediocre. 1%= The Legendary Mechanic, no one can beat that novel man it’s sooooo good… well I mean the online player pov was kinda annoying but all in all it was great

    1. Ken Ken says:

      Did you also read astral apostle ?

    2. Insufferable says:

      Man, how nostalgic. I dreamt of having planet destroying seggs with a goddess for so long because of that novel.

    3. For me it’s ‘The King’s Avatar’ and ‘The Legendary Mechanic’

    4. Trashtaste says:

      How about save that witch,
      Its quite good, its not feel like chinese novel at all.
      And little tyrant want to live is also good.

  23. Big Blackclock says:

    Chapters where?

  24. amogustimestwo says:


  25. Big Blackclock says:


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