I Translated the Necronomicon
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I Translated the Necronomicon

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네크로노미콘을 번역해버렸다.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Translated the Necronomicon

He translated the Necronomicon so well that he was taken away by Gods…

and barely escaped.

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  1. Daver55 says:

    403 So it was full of femboy tips at self pleasure huh….

  2. Hu Tao Hu Tao says:

    Its pretty good.

    I am mainly staying for the depiction of the lovecraftian horror because they are honestly really good. The authors knows to respect the otherwordly aspect of the great old ones.

    But what is honestly holding this novel back is the MC. To be frank the MC is cringe. Too much whining for someone who apparently survive from the realm outside the universe and interacted with various cosmic horrors.

    Honestly I will continue reading because the lovecraftian horrors depiction is that good, but hopefully the other characters get improved.

  3. 69

    The setting is good, with the earth became tourist attraction for gods/dieties And MC is basically walking necronomicon that can summon old gods.

    Im gonna be honest here i don’t like the characters, feels like reading a JP novel. The goddess is dumb & annoying, MC is pathetic and let themselves dragged around by everyone.

  4. Kehsih says:

    27??.. I g, What is this new trend now..

  5. 26 here.

    I remember reading a novel there with a Lovecraftian creature theme, where the main character was too weak in using mana and instead started using sanity because his friend from computer games turned out to be Nyarlathotep. Well, I don’t expect anything special, I hope this book will be at least as funny as those novel was.

  6. Poison Tester says:

    I’m in! 25

  7. Idont Know Idont Know says:

    Unfortunately I’m 21
    I only came here because the cover was a red haired girl

    1. Kewenbrx says:

      ehem 22 let’s go!!!!

  8. Des says:

    20 (chapter)

    Rough summary: MC get tricked by someone into translating Necronomicon and get transported into the Outer Space, he is considered the leader(the guide?) of the outer gods and ancient ones because he knows the entirety of the necronomicon.

    He escape from that hell just to be being contracted by a in debt goddess cuz Earth became an tourist spot (where gods contracts with people to make them fight in an arena to get divine power).

    Mc is basically Op surviving in the Outer Space and he can summon Outer Gods.

    it’s mostly comedy btw.
    Obsessive Love? I think the obsession comes from the outer gods that wants him. His teacher brain fuc with tentacles to erase or search memories. Tbh I don’t know if an outer god could be considered female (?)

    1. Des says:

      I gonna keep reading cuz I love when there are lovecraftian gods

    2. Franz says:

      shub niggurath Is the goddess of fertility 😏😏😏

  9. Reiii says:

    19, lets see who will be get to 666

  10. rob z rob z says:


    This story is a mess. Not sure if I will bother to write a review (don’t have the motivation for it), but it is just not very well written. Also, this needs a gag tag – dumb @ss comedic themes.

  11. Pure Candy says:

    Probably 17

  12. Keonely Keonely says:

    Ебучий скушный пабг. Дроп (8 глав)

    1. Keonely Keonely says:

      В плане популярности сильно переоценено, текст написан скучно и вызывает одно лишь жулание проматывать вниз. Сам жанр арен вызывает отторжение. В общем зацепить это меня не смогло.

  13. Luckyzero says:

    So, uh, should I say 15 or 14 here?

  14. Jack says:

    Regretfully 13

  15. Rader says:

    10/10 for now.

    And chapter 18 is descent of a real Ancient One. Only true heroes could conquer it.

    1. Rader says:

      Good one, has enough comedy so it’s a good read. MC is a living embodiment of Necronomicon, he was an official translator and got a request to translate it into Korean. So when he completed the translation Outer Gods recognised that someone capable of understanding them has appeared so they kidnapped him. A good setting.

  16. Jajaja says:

    12+1= ∆

  17. TheSinglesLord says:

    The 7th comment star shall end this chain

  18. Buckget22 says:


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