The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines
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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

Read full chapter The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines, Light Novel The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines english, LN The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines, The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Online, read The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines at Noble Machine translations.
I Became the Villain Who Robbed the Heroines, I Became the Villain Who Stole the Heroines, 히로인을 강탈한 악당이 되었다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

When I read the development of the heroine getting stolen away, I left a malicious comment to the author.
But then I woke up later, and I’m now the villain who is supposed to steal the heroine.

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  1. Report says:

    [Report] Chapter Inconsistence

    On Chapter 199/200,
    Chapter 200 was nothing in there.

  2. k says:

    Will Princess Elizabeth will enter the harem

  3. I have a few questions if anyone know the answer
    First why laura left him
    And why his child from yureil (the boy) is called half brother when yureil talked to her daughter and why let him live in the underworld with his grandfather
    If anyone know please tell me

    1. Wet Wet Wet Wet says:

      Im confused on why Laura left as well but for your question about Boris i don’t think they were calling him her half brother but calling him Linea’s other half because of them being twins also the reason he left with his grandfather is because of the deal Fersen made the grandfather for him to take yuirel as his wife in exchange to mix the alfred and brutien blood to make the heir for the next head of alfred family which is Boris now

      1. Ok thanks and I have another question why in the hell the mc agreed to lizzy plan I mean she’s mentally unstable because of what happened to her so she want a daughter from him and make it hate her father which she said it before becoming pregnant but the mc is not like her so why make her pregnant then don’t involve in the child lives for 3 years the daughter almost died because of it again I understand that she is unstable and out of her mind but he is not

  4. Suherman Joshua says:

    Finally can read all of chapter. Thanks noble. First of all guys, if you are going to read this, you need to understand that it is not your average story. Mc is a villain and likr comment mention below. It’s more like transmigration rather than possesion. Its not just a normal guy that replaces the villain character, he keeps doing some incredibly dusgusting things (morally speaking). He doesnt really get better, its just that things that he can more control of himself, thanks to his memory as modern Korean. Dont expect him to ever become descent in any way shape or form. It’s mature novel for adults not kids in the first place, author did his research in the mediaeval romances and marriages. This Marriage was arranged for political reasons and the stuff that happens between MC and the first Heroine was realistic from historical point of view. Many alliances were forged this way and women regretfully were indeed treated as trophies. If this is what you want to read, an actual villain, then this is good. The novel is specifically catered to adhere to the standards of mature audience because young audience will only get side tracked by irrelevant stuff mostly.

  5. Virgin_Slayer says:

    First of all this novel has 0 NTR and NTL (Netori) , so don’t let the title mislead you. It’s about a guy who possesses the Villain of the novel who was supposed to do the stealing but later after he goes through his identity crisis he realizes both the villain and himself were one and the same. So the MC Ferzen is more like a guy who got the memories from his past life as Korea citizen rather than outright transmigration.


    Our MC possesses the main villain Ferzen of the novel “Struggling to Survive Together” 2 weeks after sending a malicious email to the author. Initially he was confused about his identity and was suffering from Personality disorder due to two personalities opposing each other. Eventually, he overcomes his identity crisis by accepting that both the OG villain and himself are one and the same.

    True charm of the novel is Ferzen’s OCD, especially symmetric OCD which is based on author’s irl psychological problem. Author was able to show great realism and attention to details when he was portraying the symmetric OCD.

    Ferzen is very similar to Deculein when it comes to its aristocratic cold and regal demeanor. He doesn’t let anyone walk over him Fls or mobs, in the initial arc when one of the main heroines slapped him he slapped her back (cause of his Symmetric OCD as his symmetrical view was distorted when the FL slapped him, so he slapped her back to make it symmetrical lol.)

    The initial arc is painful but after that it gets really good.

    Ferzen was voted Protagonist of the Year in Novelpia contest competing with protagonists of over 30, 000 novels.

    1. SenatorArmstrong says:

      >Author has a psychological problem which he then used as a model for his main character’s psychological problem
      Unironically, unfathomably based. Gooks really are something. When are we getting a schizo novel with a schizo author?

  6. rob z rob z says:

    I notice no one here has had the guts to write a review of this novel despite numerous people claiming its good and should be updated (although Sheizz Coldsasice at least came out and admitted its a freaking deviant novel). What the hell, man – r@pe, younger love interests, stockholm syndrome (on top of the R-19 and fell@tio) – this is the most poisonous collection of tags I have ever seen on this site. This sh!t should be on pandamtl.

    1. clown 🤡🎪 says:

      panda mtl?! i thought there was only one looks like i found something fun again

    2. Daver55 says:

      Nah. This is good. Too good even. Don’t let those tags blind you. The atmosphere, the romance with the girls, said girls too, is god tier. Sadly you will not get those nuances from MTL so I recommend, if you want to start reading it, don’t do it with the MTL.

      1. Daver55 says:

        Oh, that takes me to your other point, you don’t see comments most likely because the people don’t read the MTL version, they read the translated one and are waiting for more there, you will see here only those crazy enough for the story that they can’t wait for the translations to read more.

    3. Daver55 says:

      Ok so, little summary, or disclaimer.

      MC gets into a novel after the famous KR letter to the author, because said author made the main girl getting r@pe by the villain.
      He gets inside the villain’s body, its not possession but more of a merging. So he can’t change his views in some things like before, like a normal KR man, because he’s not longer just that.
      So even if he tried to release the girl at first, his body didn’t let him do it, original body has OCD and the girl is important to him because of it.
      So he starts treating her “nice”, still not letting her free, she then slowly falls for him.
      The younger love interests is because MC is a young teacher and 2 girls of the 4 waifus (the one who got r@pe, a female teacher and this 2 girls) are there, as his students, one is a cursed girl MC will help and the other is a crippled girl pre possession MC traumatized.
      And the other seggs tags are… because this novel does a really good show of those moments. They aren’t cheap.

      1. rob z rob z says:

        Thanks, I appreciate the comments and feedback. Your comment about not reading the MTL triggered it for me. It’s about the psycho obsessive compulsive MC, right? Its on Genesis, and I read 40 or so chapters there because of the reviews. Unfortunately, I found this novel f#cking vile, and felt a lesser person for just reading what I had read. Like the whole Euphemia story – there was no romance, it was sexual and emotional abuse. Will never read this thing again. It is quite literally the second worst Korean web novel I have ever read (the worst was the one with the girl who repeatedly cucked the MC and then turned into a vampire who continued to abuse him).

      2. Jahe Manis says:

        More accurate, MC is different person with same soul. Both of them actually reincarnated Hades, punished by the gods with reincarnation repeatedly. Oh yes, MC destroys the crippled girl family, changed her last name with the name of the person she was most hated. So MC married crippled girl, stockholm syndrome again, make her guilty with her child, finally she agree to be good wife and mother. And the last chapter they have sex. Honestly their hate sex story is very hot because both of them hate each other. I rarely find story like this.

    1. reiii says:

      Oh wait…I have read this before, just the cover difference makes the diffrerence

    1. Cero says:

      Nada como desenterrar una novela abandonada desde hace más de un año jajaja.

      1. Tian ‎ Tian ‎ says:

        es una buena sensacion, lastima los tags… aunque en un tiempo de sequia puede que le de una oportunidad

        1. Cero says:

          Jajaja bro, esta novela tiene todo tipo de tags raros. Por lo menos esto no es lo mío.

          1. Daver55 says:

            Los tags engañan un poco con esta novela, no es tan perturbada como estos quieren aparentar. Dadle una oportunidad, el protagonista es un 10/10, tiene ya a X waifus como suyas (casados) hasta donde yo leí, es profesor nigromante + de familia aristócrata… las chicas, oh las chicas, las 4 están construidas perfectamente (especialmente Yuriel), ninguna es “sosa”, todas son únicas.

            Puedo decir más pero he querido dejarlo vago porque es mejor que lo leáis por vosotros mismos, tranquilos, visualizando bien ese mundo donde la historia tiene lugar.

  7. Toolazytothink says:

    I’m having a stroke trying to understand the label

  8. Zet says:

    Entonces esta novela ya no se actualiza?

  9. Am says:

    More, please!

  10. All bad simp novels are updated regularly but good books like these are never updated by admin that’s why traffic so low on site now.

  11. Zhuo fan says:

    Please update 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  12. Aqib Ali says:

    Plzzzz Updateee….!!!!!!!!!

  13. Aqib Ali says:

    Why is this not updated still…???????

  14. TheDoor says:

    Update pleaseeee

  15. Nikhil Kashyap says:

    Upload new chaps please.
    Thanx for the chaps 💫

  16. Nay says:

    Need update

  17. Fasol says:

    Please update

  18. Yuuji says:

    Still waiting for the next update.

  19. Thank you! Finished it all and waiting for the rest of the chapters.

  20. cultured_man says:

    I like taming novels like this

  21. What do I even say, it’s such a deep and unique story filled with mind break, brainwash , taking girls and taming them that not all will like it but if u like it you will get hooked in no time. Thanks to the noblemtl for their hard work. I loved it

  22. Anon says:

    This novel has 260 chapters out already. Why upload only 199???

  23. Thank you for uploading, but where is the next chapters ?:(

  24. RizalJr says:

    where is the next chapter?

  25. bb says:

    Awesome one.
    This novel finished at 260 chapters.
    Waiting for next update!

  26. Rai _ Rai _ says:

    Thank you for uploading 🙏🏾

  27. Phantom says:

    I’m pretty sure this was on already on here before or do I have Alzheimer’s

  28. Phantom says:

    I swear this was already on the site or do I have dementia

  29. Q D Q D says:

    So the mc took his karma 🙂

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