I Will Carry as an Academy Veteran
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I Will Carry as an Academy Veteran

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Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Will Carry as an Academy Veteran

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I’ve grinded 10,000 hours into the game,
I’ll show you the true strength of a seasoned player.

“I will carry as an academy veteran.”

In the ‘Salenium Saga,’ I’ve been possessed by the villain and infamous playboy, ‘Adrian’,
a character fated to die in the prologue!

“What? I should survive and become a count?”

With persuasive skills that can even charm a professor,
and strategies beyond imagination,

The epic saga of Adrian rising from the bottom begins!

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  1. Roy says:

    i can accept the harem part but is he dense and oblivious ? is he assertive ? Are the girls just having feelings and no progress is done ?

    1. Suherman Joshua says:

      He is so dense. His fiance and childhood friend love him, and show many sign, but he always tell himself, she is the main heroine that must fall in love with protagonist. This bastard forget that he died in ori story, so she have broken heart and ori protagonist become her support. Now, he is not death, what he expect. The situation similiar with “Breaking Up With the Heroine in an Otome Game” but MC is worse

      1. Arcus101 says:

        Wait, really? I have read till chapter 36 and it seems he knows his fiancee likes him, he even said “I like you” to her during a match because he knew it will fluster her and give him a gap to win. At first he doesn’t want to get anywhere near her because he is afraid of the variable it would cause but soon enough he didn’t even mention about the fact that their families want to nullify the engagement and is no longer adverse with going out on a meal with her. So I don’t remember him ever trying to set her up with the OGMC. He mentioned she had a romance route in the game but that is pretty much it.

    2. the mc does flirt with his fiance and show affection, just not with other girls.

    3. Rader says:

      He is not dense to extreme level. He understands that his fiancee loves him and the previous body too, he just don’t want to do anything towards romance till story is not completed. He has personally said to her butler who is more like her father that he can’t decide to be with her as of now because of his main quest to become heir of the family and also because story of game.

      And honestly he is not even interested, he is not gay probably but even then he loves beating this game and finding new settings more than anything else.

  2. I am sorry did something happen. Is noble not going to upload more frequently. I mean I dont read most of them but occasionally some are good enough for me to read. It will be sad but well… That’s life for you

    1. shelwyn shelwyn says:

      Novelpia requested noble to not translate any more novels.

      1. What!! Thats so stupid we are not even there target customer base … Actually from business point of view it makes sense but very few people even read mtl as it is very hard to understand. I dont think any korean read novel for free from here. Still it was good while it lasted

        1. Do you think the novels mtl on this site are hard to understand like other mtl sites?

          The mtl of this site is good.

  3. Carnage says:

    kakao novel

  4. IME says:

    what is the source of this novel? munpia?

    1. Carnage says:

      kakao novel

      1. IME says:

        ok, thanks bud

  5. It’s not poison but I’ll just skip one cuz it’s one of those generic academy harem stories. If you have already seen a few academy novels then you basically already know what’s gonna happen on this one. Pretty sure it has every cliché an academy story that is already been done a thousand times.

  6. LuxX says:

    A purge is going on with novels from novelpia. Please pray… Even though I mainly stay away from those poisons, it’s still a pity…

  7. So, no more daily new novels huh. Only 2 times a week, Tuesday/Friday.

  8. Insufferable says:

    It has every cliche in academy you can think of. MC is a disgraced aristocrat, he ‘changes’.

    There is a roommate that’s a girl disguised as a man and who also happens to have insecurities about ‘scars’ in their hand and whoop, there goes mc saying it’s actually better and the other goes all blushy.

    There’s more but the ones I put are in the initial chapters so you don’t get spoiled or something. Anyway I’m just too lazy to write more lol.

    It’s not a bad read of course I can read it just fine just as long as I read it without expectations.

  9. Reafan says:

    the only thing Kakao novel i afraid was…
    the ending got clifhanger/Not satisfying

    iam not afraid of poison since its kakao

  10. Insufferable says:

    We’re gonna have a different taste and feel since the novels come from a different site.

      1. Suherman Joshua says:

        Kakao have less poison novel than novelpia. Kakao don’t have many novel with obsession, regret, and ts

  11. Wow still uploading new novels! I was worried lol

    1. Suherman Joshua says:

      This novel from Kakao not novelpia, we don’t know if noblemtl will give new novel from novelpia

      1. Luckyzero says:

        We’ll have to observe if that’s the case

  12. Zhen Wu says:

    First time I’m first

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