I’m Not Coming Back to Earth With a Girl Like You
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I’m Not Coming Back to Earth With a Girl Like You

Read full chapter I’m Not Coming Back to Earth With a Girl Like You, Light Novel I’m Not Coming Back to Earth With a Girl Like You english, LN I’m Not Coming Back to Earth With a Girl Like You, I’m Not Coming Back to Earth With a Girl Like You Online, read I’m Not Coming Back to Earth With a Girl Like You at Noble Machine translations.
너 같은 여자랑은 지구로 귀환 안 해
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I’m Not Coming Back to Earth With a Girl Like You

108 warriors were summoned, and 5 warriors remained.

one man four women.

Only two can go back to Earth, and I’m the only one who can decide that.


I, who had been abandoned in the tutorial, had a choice.

By award winning villain author

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  1. Daver55 says:

    @ASmith everytime I see your comments is always defending 4035, like ok, it’s your fetish or you are one. But you can’t normalize that behavior, or excuse it. It isn’t working, it just makes you look weird.

  2. Enter says:

    This novel is simply the night avenge fantasy plans of the schoolchild in bed at home after the hooligans beat him for the hundredth time.

  3. ASmith says:

    The MC is both a psycopath and a hypocrite; this is perhaps the worst possible combination for a character. The surviving female heroes are unpleasant but even according to the twisted standards of poetic justice some of them are not ethically irredeemable: one is weak and selfish and another is narcissistic and sexually liberal—promiscuity seems to be a big issue for the author, but really let us move beyond such petty chauvinism—but neither deserve to be killed for these faults. (At one point, the latter seems to be killed for the behaviour of her suitors, which the author seems to find quite natural? Naturally it is different when the ex-girlfriend kills people because of the position she is put in by the MC.) For the other two, one is hard to judge since the MC is clearly only capable of viewing things from his own (rather narrow) perspective, but is potentially deserving of their fate (bad or seditious generals should be led to the scaffold!) and the other, the ex-girlfriend, implausibly becomes a psycho—probably because the writer couldn’t cope with the idea that the ex-girlfriend actually abandoned the MC and so had to invent another reason to make her hateful—though ultimately only in response to actions by the MC; that is to say, much of the incidental destruction that apparently occurred could have been avoided if the MC had been willing to let go of his insane desire to punish the living, ultimately for their sin of not dying with his comrades.

    Psychologically this is a rather unconvincing part of the story: the MC does not appear to struggle with any guilt for his own survival, seemingly assured that his own suffering justifies the fact that he was left behind; such a stance is not appropriate for someone who truly empathises with their comrades. If he does not feel guilt then he should also feel less resentment towards the other surviving heroes—unless the source of his resentment is in fact not the memory of his comrades as he keeps implicitly insisting—the nauseatingly self-righteous ‘where were you when comrade x died’—and simply the fact that the other surviving heroes did not suffer as he did. Such a sentiment is natural to a degree, but when you start killing people over it… pathetic.

    And no just saying that the surviving heroines might become demon kings in the future does not justify this MCs actions either: even if we ignore the obvious visceral pleasure the MC and author obtain from the punishment scenes, the falsity of this excuse becomes apparent when we ask why is the MC responsible for the fate of a world that he has already paid for unreasonably and intends to abandon hereafter? If he wishes to assume responsibility for the future of the world he has been summonned to—he probably shouldn’t, the whole mess began when the goddess intervened and the world is generally best left to its own devices—then he needs to stay and guard against the possibility of a future demon king rather than assume that the surviving heroes will become a demon king. Given the conditions he has this can be obtained quite simply: send back e.g. the ex-girlfriend and the weak girl; the remaining heroes can more or less serve to restrain one another and the people of the world have a way to target the heroes by releasing the sealed devils. The MC gets to stay with his lover as one of the premiere global powers. Alternatively, he can recognise that he has fulfilled his responsibilities to the world (if indeed he had any in the first place), or at least to his dead comrades, and return to Korea with his lover. Future generations have a method to tackle the remaining heroes should they go rogue e.g. by releasing the sealed devils as he did, so they can at least fight for themselves if the future turns out negative. As for how the world would actually end up? Que sera, sera!

  4. I think it would’ve been funnier if humans were still alive but they just didn’t believe in the goddess. The new demon king has realized that, while war brings immediate benefits, peace and diplomacy brings long term lasting benefits.

    So she charismatically spun the heroes tale in a way to blame the goddess. Who corrupted the empire and burned your countrymen? It was the goddesses chosen, the wretched 4 heroes who corrupted your emperor and arch-mage with the sins of lust, sloth and wrath. And that’s why, my dear subjects, you should believe in me. For I sought salvation and I received such; the goddesses 103 angels realized their makers unjustness and rebelled against her bringing me to power, believe in me and I guarantee thee shall never suffer like the conflicts decades ago! Aye I proclaim the Actual Goddess Church 🙂

  5. Grivech says:

    No harem. Drop 🙂

  6. Blue Shadow says:

    Not a boyfriend but a ‘strong’ class or power in party
    Well anyway he ended up with Saintess so its all good thing, he keep his promise with saintess

    And @Julio Abel im pretty sure Admin already put 2 novel about security in this site, One is Silver guard or something and Second is recently upload

  7. Misib says:

    @Blue Shadow she get a boyfriend and abandon him to die like mc, mc even said he would bury her with him.

    sry if i am mistaken but thats what i got.

  8. Julio Abel Julio Abel says:

    I’m waiting for ADM to send the academy’s security guard novel and the incredible thing is, I became the academy’s attack helicopter (yes, both exist)

  9. JustEatTheThing says:

    Read the first few chapters and it looks like your typically regret harem. Ntr was mentioned, so I noped out. Saw the comment, and I skipped the the ending.

    *Spoiler Alert*

    This is not a harem.

    All the other girls were either killed or sealed away. MC did end up with ex-girlfriend, but the saint is possessing her body. So main girl is the saintess.

  10. TheBoredOne says:

    Uh ok nvm he ends up with the saintess and they return to earth

  11. Blue Shadow says:

    The only womans who help MC is saintess and elves*

  12. Blue Shadow says:

    Well his EX didn’t cheat or NTR him so all you say is wrong, she never been with another guy, she actually the #obsessive in love with him, its just wrong path she take

    “Spoiler about mc EX is she has a reason she do all that shit, imagine you love one has weak class or power and forced to fight in front line, so she chose to ignore him at least so mc is safe but its back fire, even after all thats shit happened she never been with another guy”

    The only womans who helped MC is saintess and elves, and the heroines is shit all of them

    The commander is just want to back to her parent, but what she did is just wow, she command and exposed the location of hometown of elves who is neutral to demon and humans, and so not only demon attacks elves so also humans

    And that Beach Fox, he make the Great Master Tower, and Emperor became licking dogs, well she is selfish

    The last one is getting less appearance in the novel, she look timid and small, but the weapon she using is big one, that all i read about her

  13. Hmm well I don’t agree with his decision but if he did go back with his girlfriend who NTR’d him, he should gaslight her.

    “Hehe fcking loser, imagine needing someone to take you back home.. ooooo I control your life Omg wow so scary !!!”

  14. Bocchan says:

    Need poison testers guys!

  15. TheBoredOne says:

    Spoiler Alert


  16. Misib says:

    Okay i read only up to chapter 2, so what can i say?

    the 4 girls look like son of a bitchs.

    one of them is mc ex and NTR him.

    They all left mc to die, they all left everyone else to die.

    they were going to kill mc to return back to earth,

    then they learn that only mc can bring 1 of them back.

    Now they regret.

  17. Len Len Len Len says:


  18. Blue Shadow says:

    Well never mind, i take the word back

  19. Blue Shadow says:

    If he’s not willing to take her, im willing

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