Round 2 Starts With 990,000 Points
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Round 2 Starts With 990,000 Points

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2회차 99만 포인트로 시작합니다.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Round 2 Starts With 990,000 Points

[Points consumed in the previous round will be refunded.]
[Acquired 999,999 points.]

“… … ?”

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  1. there are like 10 chapters left please update the rest noble

  2. Deux says:

    wth was that ending

  3. says:


    I’ve been reading this novel, and so far, it’s been pretty good. I’ve reached chapter 54 out of around 70 (I’m saving up chapters). At the beginning, I noticed several similarities with “Returned Extra became a Genius.”

    Just like in that novel, the MC here already possesses knowledge of the novel world. However, instead of helping the OG MC’s group, the MC decides to live a normal life. Also, similar to “Returned Extra became a Genius,” the OG MC dies due to an accident, causing the world to reset, and the MC regresses.

    In this story, the MC has a system where he can purchase items using points. Gaining points depends on his popularity. Upon regressing, the MC gets back all the points he had accumulated in the previous timeline, amounting to 990,000, as mentioned in the title.

    With his restored points, the MC chooses to buy an ex-level ability, almost exhausting all his points. This prevents the system from being overly broken, as he doesn’t instantly become OP. What makes this novel enjoyable is that the MC doesn’t care about others, unlike “Returned Extra became a Genius,” where the MC tries to assist the OG MC after regressing. In this 990k novel, the MC decides to save the world by himself, driven by his own reasons. He can be quite selfish. For instance, he clears a dungeon with a captured demon companion to claim the one-time elixir reward meant for each person.

    The MC’s main ability revolves around martial arts, and the Ex-level ability greatly enhances his learning in this field. In terms of romance, there seems to be a one-sided feeling from the elf girl, while the guild leader’s daughter is interested in the MC but mistakenly believes he reciprocates her feelings. Although the MC had a girlfriend in the previous timeline, he no longer cares about her. The story also introduces mysteries, hinting at someone pulling the strings behind the scenes.

    This novel is definitely a quick and engaging read, and it’s possible to finish it in one sitting. Overall, I would recommend giving it a try.

  4. It should be underlined that the author has removed the harem tag from this novel and has received criticism on novelpia.

  5. The MC possessed an extra character and did nothing in the first round. In the first round, all characters die. The MCs get a lot of points in the second round, and don’t act passive anymore, in order to changes the story’s ending. At the beginning of the story, the novel is enjoyable to read, but through chapter 60, especially after the 5 year time skip, the quality of the story begins to drop. The author made MC become the strongest character in the novel. The author seems to want to recap and finish the story soon. While there are four heroines in the novelpia who receive illustrations, only two are developed by the author and are romantically interested in the MC. In the first story, the heroine seeks revenge and has the power to see the future. Initially only interested in the original protagonist, but became suspicious of the MC when she couldn’t see his future. The second heroine, seen as a copy-paste from another novel, is a strong-independent girl who has a crush on the original protagonist, but she becomes attracted to the MC as a result of certain events. She thought the MC was his father’s subordinate who was ordered to spy on her and changed the direction of her studies from swordsman to magic user. At the end of chapter of 100, the MC only dates one heroine and plans to get married. The story also becomes strange, because of the author’s undeveloped plot twists.

  6. Nightune says:

    Ch. 82…

    I’ve been having fun reading this despite the tons of plot hole and annoyance of how inconsistent MC gain power but I’ll quit now…

    After MC got stuck in a dungeon for 5 yrs. He suddenly got strong to the point where he become a munchkin after his return.

    It’s as if all settings such as as the academy, preparing for demon invasion, saving orig. characters, eliminating future villains, etc. have been washed away and I’m reading some kind of munchkin who have been sealed and now woken up novel from the very start….

    Anyway, this is just me whining what I dislike in this novel…. I’ll quit reading this…

  7. D F D F says:

    I want to try to enjoy this but i can’t…
    This novel try to hard to copy the novel extra.
    It’s worse version of tne because of the blatant bs luck without any reason.
    He always got any item that perfect for him, when mc literally say martial arts cant use weapon but voila, he can use invinsible cuthilu tentacle from his first dungeon that can transform into weapon and devour anything into stats ( yeah its always glutonny , i getting tired of this power).

  8. Stck D says:

    Its not exactly what I expected but its pretty enjoyable. The MC is getting stronger and stronger in a variety kof ways and the system seems like itll be interesting for a while too. The author also does well writing a diverse cast of characters. I would be happy if there were more chapters.

  9. D says:

    And now suddenly if he uses the points early he gets a 30% tax taken from him? The author is just coming up with excuses to keep him struggling and make the points dissappear like water in the desert. The title is a bold faced lie.
    990000? No. Its 50000 that he cant even use freely

  10. D says:

    Not only is he not customized he doesnt seem to stand out in terms of appearance or strength and hes even poor.
    990000 points my a*s.

  11. D says:

    Honestly thats a pretty deliberately misleading title
    All those points only equate to the price of one main character level skill and the leftovers dont get used for any character creation at the start

    I was hoping for some stat and appearance customization but nope it was just buying one vague martial arts talent

    The title makes it seem like hes gonna do all sorts of customization and store purchases and whatever, it should just be called “starting over with a cheat skill” or something. I feel a bit scammed.

  12. Lion says:

    Update pls

  13. Joshua JoeStar says:

    Pls update, i wanna see the duel arc

  14. Ag Sen Ag Sen says:

    for those who wonder if 990.000p are too many, the consumable is at least 5k-10k, skills at least 100kp(C)-950kp(Ex) and quests just worth 5kp-50kp.
    his only life compass is basically big news around him from previous round since he half-assed reading the novel not knowing who he possess

  15. Enoh says:

    It’s a Hunter Academy story, Modern Era, Tower appeared, fantasy elements appeared. First run, MC avoided academy and story which created a bad ending. This is his second run but he still has game knowledge going with a Martial Artist build. If you like Novel’s Extra or The Academy’s Deceased Ate It All. This is probably up your alley.

  16. Rader says:

    Too many academy novels recently. Even if it maybe good, it’s boring for me as even if I don’t want to can’t ignore obvious cliches.

  17. Are you fricking serious, I literally I AHHHHHH DAMN YOU “this page is error” SCREEN DAMN YOU!!!

  18. Eh I’d say the system giving so many points is justified because lots of stuff cost 500k anyways, and unless he does something huge, he usually gets like 100-5000 points per small feat.

  19. Eh I’d say the system giving so many points is justified. Most of the stuff cost like 500k anyways, and unless he does a huge achievement, it’s usually like 100-5000 points per feat.

  20. It uses lots and lots of TNE elements, so if you’re a die-hard TNE fan, you’ll probably turn your nose up reading it…but I had fun. I read every chapter released and would read more if I had more.

  21. Redom Redom says:

    Just straight copy of the novel’s extra just slighty changed…
    Even though this dude has 15 years of experience in that world for some reason he sounds like a kid… besides he is always refering to the knowledge of the novel but as long i can remember he said that he never had read the novel and just rated negativily.
    Maybe it was just me, but everysingle character just sounded so robotic and his relationships looked so forced
    The only good point is the cover 🙂

    Its poison. -.-

  22. 7th Extra 7th Extra says:

    @shinigami has a lot of kakao novels dunno if any novelpia

  23. Nox says:

    @Shikigami quite hard to find most all have subscription and purchase but there one web that is free don’t know if they have the novel u look for but almost all of the work they have is there it’s booktoki u have to find the rest for your self

  24. Eshya . Eshya . says:

    the plot is almost the same as academy flash genius. So it should be added to your reading list

  25. Einar says:

    He possesed an extra and basically in his pre-timeline he acted as an extra and the world got torn apart after the set of main characters died so the big ahh monster ate the whole earth, after that MC regressed back. he thought of not acting as an extra this time and stand the same level as the set of main characters, i’ve read the whole thing and so far the only two complains i have is the Novel MC not having any recognition for the past 40 chapters until chapter 52 anddd MC literally getting showered by points every direction he goes which is ridiculously op when you have a magical shop

  26. Lku says:

    @Shinigami join kmtl discord

  27. Shinigami Shinigami says:

    some of my favorite works are not updated here((((

  28. Shinigami Shinigami says:

    Give me a website where you read from the original, without subscriptions and purchases. Why is it impossible to find Korean pirate sites with short stories?

  29. MilkyNoway says:

    You misunderstood

  30. This is funy. For those who are worried by the point he spends them on one god talent and he has to get achievement of others other sort and sometimes he is desperate. making him do some shit stuff.

  31. SomeDude says:

    So as per first chapter. The MC is a possessor of an extra named Ymir. He transmigrated in the novel after leaving a bad review to a novel he didnt really read. He spent 15 years laying low and let the story play out but the story had a bad ending. He regressed upon witnessing the world end. He realized then that he transmigrated for a reason and that laying low was a bad idea.

    He was awarded points for his previous run and he is now at run 2 with bonus 999999 points for character creation

  32. Reafan says:

    Wish me luck, gonna read it up before sahoor

  33. says:

    Man no synopsis, this is like a russian roulette of tasting poisons now💀. Hope it is not too bad that I’ll bleach my eyes hahaha🗿.

  34. Nah unless it’s obsession, I won’t ever poison test. I mean perhaps I will, who knows?

  35. Red says:

    Any poison testers???

  36. Mick Vick Mick Vick says:

    Can anyone give us a summary here?
    The author have zero intention giving proper explanation for the story.

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