Surviving as a Cripple in Murim
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Surviving as a Cripple in Murim

Read full chapter Surviving as a Cripple in Murim, Light Novel Surviving as a Cripple in Murim english, LN Surviving as a Cripple in Murim, Surviving as a Cripple in Murim Online, read Surviving as a Cripple in Murim at Noble Machine translations.
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Surviving as a Cripple in Murim

In a world that values martial arts, I was born as a cripple. Now, what can I do?

The life story of a cripple who knows nothing about martial arts. Until the day I become an expert in martial arts.

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  1. Bob Marley Bob Marley says:

    Meh I like and I’m gonna look forward to updates

  2. ali dd ali dd says:

    Korean names are difficult to read and memorize

  3. Not kool says:

    Uhh since there is incest im dropping this

  4. RealEason says:

    is anyone on this site normal tho?

  5. Des • Des • says:

    I guess I’m not normal 🔥🔥🔥


    It’s not like we would find this remotely as appealing in real life, we just enjoy reading about it. Normal people are able to make clear distinction between fantasy and reality


    F you too!!

  8. oneautumnleaf says:

    F the obsession fanatics they are sick and beyond saving !!!!

  9. milky violet says:

    Omg I already made so many comments so forgive me but I made a error in my synopsis above. Instead of “moon” I meant “was” for the half dragon girl ignored part.

    how tf do you autocorrect to moon 😭😭😭

  10. milky violet says:

    oh yes, they all become obsessed with the MC too.

  11. milky violet says:

    I have completed all available chapters and I can safely say I have no clue what is happening.

    The story? I’m not sure I had a hard time figuring it out but I can safely say that the MC is going to pick up girls each arc cause he has that unintentional rizz. It also takes place in like an blend of the medieval chinese era, seriously you got the Tang Dynasty, Song Dynasty, Sima Yi and Zhuge Liang from the 3 kingdoms period, the mongols and so on.

    The harem? Alright so basically we have, childhood friend who is half dragon and moon as kinda ignored as a child until she started showing talent in martial arts. Then we have the illegitimate sister who was born by their father and a saintess of the Zoroastrian religion?? Uhh yeah not sure where that came from and she can also control fire and crap and she’s destined to burn the world- and also she’s allowed to bang her brother cause of her religion… she’s also ‘married’ to him too because they made an oath under a peach tree (The MC just thinks they’re family lmao). And finally we have the cross dressing young lady of a family who’s daughters are destined to overthrow the current emperor and become empress…

    It is kinda confusing but this is at least what I got out from it.

  12. Des • Des • says:

    Thank you but what about girls?? That’s the important thing!

  13. milky violet says:

    Alright after reading a bit more I can confidently say there is obsession in this novel! Weee less goo!!! Obsession in a murim world hahahahaa

  14. milky violet says:

    Btw I’m not saying don’t read it cause it’s boring, but more because it’s hard to read.

  15. I guess I can do a short summary too.

    Basically MC is born as the second son in a merchant family, he is crippled/his right leg doesn’t work as well and walks around on a cane and also since he is in a merchant family, he’s not really expected to be blessed in the arts of murim so they treat him like a normal family would. He’s also a reincarnated guy. Anyways he finds a master who trains him in the art of cane fighting or martial arts I guess and his master is like super good too since he stole a lot of martial arts from other factions. Anyways this is to where I got.

  16. A review from me. It’s confusing, don’t read it. Any story that is in this novel is ruined by a confusing amount of vocabulary. It’s confusing already because of MTL but the murim vocabulary makes it 10x harsh.

    I have no idea what’s happening but I sense a childhood friend so I’m going to continue reading.

  17. Des • Des • says:

    Any reviews? Even a short summary is fine. I have exams tmrw and I don’t know if I should read this or not… (Rip my mental health)

  18. A murim with romance! lessss gooo, time to read and stuff- idk I’m slee deprived

  19. MISIB says:

    And he was never heard of again.

  20. Khuê says:

    fist demon of mount hua???????

  21. Qes says:

    I’m going in guys wish me luck

  22. Tian ‎ Tian ‎ says:

    the most dangerous poison can be found in murim novels so maybe no tester will appear… if you don’t want to wait for eternity I recommend you read it yourself

  23. Ken Ken says:

    so what this is about ? any poison tester ?

  24. Putu says:

    I’m not too sure about murim in novelpia
    kakao and munpia Is a paradise of martial arts novels

  25. Insufferable says:

    Hoh? You’re approaching me? Instead of running away you’re coming to me?

  26. RealEason says:

    it seems that i am too early for the poison testers to arrive

  27. says:

    Huh, another murim novel, I should read it, but there is no yandere nor obsession then again the two girls on the cover especially the right one look like she can kill horribly me, and the left is looking me like I am trash, so probably I’ll read it now.

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