Swordmaster of the Red Light District
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Swordmaster of the Red Light District

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홍등가의 소드마스터
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Swordmaster of the Red Light District

Swordmaster of the Red Light District mtl

I was reincarnated as a character in a novel I had never read.

To prevent the destruction, It’s hard to keep my body healthy.

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  1. LuxX says:

    I happened to come back because I found some information on the wiki. Many reviewers rate the story as good and engaging, with humorous episodes attached, but the story itself always holds an ominous tension (especially from chapter 200+). I was quite surprised to see the novel in the fantasy novels gallery 2022. And the results I got when I did a little research was pretty bad, the criticism about the S-blood author was overwhelming and he was crazy. Haiz, it’s still a good novel and I’ll still wait for the update…

  2. PoisonTest says:

    Personally thought this is a well crafted novel, MC is powerful but with clear disadvantages, makes pragmatic choices and does his best to hide his power for the sake of his family. Story subverts the typical trope of novel reader reincarnating in another world, as he isn’t the actual reader but the guy who paid to access the content for his friend to read. So he barely knows anything about the events of the story or the hidden pieces. This fact becomes irrelevant later on, but because he knows the general direction of the story, he is able to focus on a single goal from the very beginning rather than wander aimlessly. Yet because he doesn’t have access to knowledge about the story, he doesn’t get the usual plot power-ups from finding great equipment or skills, other than the mysterious sword skill he was given in the first place. Not saying he isn’t super OP, but that there is no unnecessary info dump about “because I read this in the story, I did this etc etc” that we usually find in novel reincarnation stories.

  3. Zero says:

    Is this novel good or is it bad?🤔

  4. ISA says:

    I think Bella just want a noble child you know? Their family once noble right. Also, its hard to find a noble man in slum, so why not 😅✌️, try to improve offspring

  5. Gordo says:

    I don’t think your complaint makes sense, considering that bella pretty much didn’t fall in love with anyone, and she probably wanted a child as well.

    Regarding the orphanage thing, the mc literally treats him rescuing orphans as a game and labels then by their usefulness since literally chapter 1,I don’t know why you’ve read that till chapter 92 for a element that was included in the start of the novel.

    Also considering that they also live besides a whorehouse, to a place that may as well be called the slums, in a world as dangerous as this, it’s no wonder they have to be treated somewhat roughly+ their training should be very useful for them too considering this type of world.

    But yeah it would have been a better method to have it with a better character than you know,fucking random nobleman, but i get what you mean in this case.

  6. Layios _ Layios _ says:

    Chapter 92 I’ve got it enough of this shit seriously.
    The last straw was the mother wanting to birth the child of the one who assaulted her and nearly stranggled her to death (needing one month in the church to heal her wound).
    When I say assaulted, it’s more she tried to entertain the client (’cause she’s a prostitute) but got violently handled.
    I’m at the same opinion with MC, seriously it’s so frustrating! Author could have Bella fall in love with who knows anyone a knight or normal villager but rly this!!
    And fk this MC denseness is so high that my heart is roaring to scratch apart the head of this kiddo.
    Anyways, bad novel, bad execution, MC useless and so arrogant, stupid and hypocrite.
    Truly, I can understand a bit MC hate towards this world and the god that sent him there ’cause who want to be randomly reincarnated into an other world without reason and needing to survive and kill the disaster that’ ll fall upon the world. Still, I would have preferred if he was a bit more considerate toward the orphonage kid, not saying he need to be lovey-dovey but at least try to be nice seriously, seeing him asking the kid without parents to force themselves to train hard FOR him pissed me off so much.

  7. Ah! I’m about to reach the last few chapters, ah i feel so sad now. I want to continue reading the story

  8. I love this novel, easily ranked in my top 3 novel in this website. Oh I recommend “The Demon Prince goes to the academy”.

  9. Ángel olv says:

    Mtl please, this novel is very intersting.

    ts 빙의물 속 주인공이 내게 집착한다.

  10. Ozaki Ozaki says:

    Yep. I’m still in the early chapters but potentially, at least.

  11. There should be a harem tag right?

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