Love Letter From The Future
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Love Letter From The Future

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LLFF, 미래에서 온 연애편지
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Love Letter From The Future

Love Letter From The Future Raw mtl

Ian Percus was the second son of a Viscountcy in a rural area.
He got a love letter from the future one day.
“The world will end if we don’t protect the future.”
Someone had written a scary warning on it.

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  1. Read until ch 540

    Its a good read would definitely recommend it, good world building, good character interactions, good character development, pace is fine too.. The plot isnt without flaws though.

    1. The power system is a mess. Not sure who is strong or weak.. Only know that some ‘image’ matters.
    2. Extreme obsession with imperial family and ‘Emperor’. Not sure why author is tryna gold plate his face so much? He is exaggerated to the extent as if there is nothing above him, not even the fking god.
    3. MC started to act like a simp after ch 250 or something. He totally lost his balls, upon that he is a dense MF.
    4. More than 500 chapters and yet not sure why should MC save the world… He feels like some hallucinating hero wannabe.
    5. Mysteries keep on piling up. Too many mysteries can sometimes have opposite effect. Rather than garnering interest it will bother you.

    Other than that, I feel it is worth reading.

  2. Yep, this novel is too long, and I haven’t seen it will end yet, there are still mysteries and unfinished problems. Now the story is still focused on his childhood friend who became a terrorist and became an enemy of the MC. In fact, I’m curious why the MC didn’t receive a love letter from his childhood friend, out of all the future lover letters he received through story. There has been speculation that she died or didn’t love MC anymore in the future and ended up with his cousin. So the arc from episode 628 to unknown chapter, will answer that question. Overall, the novel is entertaining with a slow burn harem romance that I enjoy. MC’s journey from unknown and underdog character to hero. Additionally, the MC is the native and not the possessor/transmigator/regressor, which adds more point for me. Throughout the novel, there is an element of mystery that keeps the reader interested, such as how the MC is able to master so many secret moves and other family moves that shouldn’t be passed down to strangers. Although, according to the MC from the future, he is weak like the MC at the beginning of the story and still not strong enough after graduates from the academy. Well, the mystery has been answered in the vampire arc after 500 chapters. This novel might not appeal to you if you don’t like long stories.

  3. k says:

    Tbh, this novel feel quite unnecessary long now, hope it wrap up soon. Kinda tired

  4. says:

    ‘Good’ forgot to add this ‘

  5. says:

    Holy crap…. it got updated. LET’S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, thanks noble I appreciated that you updated this after months of not updating one of the good novels in this site.

  6. ss says:

    Please update eagerly waiting for new chapters.

  7. Apricot says:

    Will this novel see anymore updates?? I am dying. Please update.😭

  8. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    Armstrong is right, it’s a fit frustrating haha.

  9. Sk says:

    Please update the chapters .Looking forward to reading it here.

  10. SenatorArmstrong says:

    Oh and the possession part only lasts for a week or few days during each start of each arcs. It’s also the reason why the MC gets into trouble most of the part since Ian!Alter does some violent shit while possessing his body and leaving the mess to Actual Ian.

  11. SenatorArmstrong says:

    Current Chapter: around 390
    No rating yet

    Plot Summary: MC gets letters from the future from his harem members that states specific events during the arc. At the same time, he gets possessed by another Ian (presumably an Alternate Timeline Ian rather than a Future Ian due to how the current plot is right now)

    The plot of the story is interesting. Its not a regression novel, the MC just tries to get pieces and bits of information using what is written in the letter. Its up to him how he interprets him or acts. MC has some kind of messiah complex though. What I do like is that the MC is imperfect though.

    The way the author writes the MC Ian’s dialogue and character is…inconsistent. Sometimes he’s sharp, sometimes he’s dense, sometimes he’s sympathetic and vice versa. He can go smart to idiot to smart or decisive to indecisive within 10 chapters. Sometimes the author will disregard Ian’s development from the last arc and make him arc like a buffoon.

    This novel requires a LOT of patience. No seriously, it has this weird Equivalent Exchange where the novel is very good but at the same time has very shitty parts. You will be very irritated every start of the arc for various of reason (annoying interactions with each others, very illogical actions of the MC, etc), and the end of each arc is satisfying to say the least (MC succeeds in changing fate, relationship development, etc).

    The fights are one of the best part of the story imo. Each final battle in each arc is stressful to read since you’ll always feel like someone will die, even though you know that MC and his party will win in the end.

    My biggest gripe in this novel would be how the author writes Ian’s relationship with the girls. That’s right, it’s so stupid and horrible that I do not blame the main character, I blame the author’s incapability of doing any improvement without having to go through some drama, mindfuckery, or S&M bullshit. The most horrible one would be the princess’ one.

    Oh and apparently despite knowing the ones who wrote the future letters, Ian is still incapable of knowing whether the girls are in love with him or not. Yes, that one, I blame the fucking author so so much. Because it is logically IMPOSSIBLE for the MC not to know that the girls are in LOVE with him when he was given a future fucking love letter which contents consist of 40% thirsting over him, 40% info, 20% misc unless the MC has a problem with his Frontal Lobe.
    For example, MC had this fucking love letter from the future which came from the shortstack mage senior with contents just screaming “I love you”, and a few chapters later he goes “ohhh does she love me uga buga”, taking him half an arc to realize that yes she does love him.

    Though this novel is very entertaining to read. The MC just doesn’t give a fuck and bashes the head of people who tries to shit on him with no hesitation. Mad dog MCs that are quite smart are awesome.

  12. Duc says:

    Please update

  13. Saintess and Elsie best girls

  14. says:

    Check out KMTL Adult TXT channel for many wholesome and pure love novels ☺️

  15. Finally finish Holy Maiden arc. Absolutely amazing novel.
    Gonna stockpile until the the next arc finish. Thanks a lot Noble

  16. Great story…….it can be depressive and frustrating but great….. the world is filled with sadistic ba*tards from the heroines and the bright side to the MCs family and the dark side………I just hope the author gives it a good ending…..

  17. OnlyTruth says:

    Translate Duke legendary prodigy

  18. OnlyTruth says:

    Translate=Duke legendary prodigy

  19. K says:

    Uowooo Santa Noble drop the Xmas gift!!!!

  20. Phobi21 says:

    Thank you very much for this Christmas gift!!!!

  21. Sigyn says:

    thanks for the update

  22. K 🇻🇳 says:

    So this is my theory , SPOILER ALERT

    The letters were send from the future where he sucessfully save all the girl and live the life of harem while the Ian possessed his body is the original future where theres no love letters

  23. LuxX says:

    Update, please.

  24. K 🇻🇳 says:

    I want moarrrrrrr

  25. K 🇻🇳 says:

    Wow didnt expect this, thank you!!!!

  26. Ahaaa says:

    Oh… Lord of the noblemtl, please update it more. Thanks…

  27. Overseer says:

    ohh finally, thx noble for the novel

  28. It’s an award winning work trending for some time now, let’s dive in fellow harem readers and test the waters~~~
    Thanks to noble mtl for uploading such great books^^

  29. Rai _ Rai _ says:

    Thank you very much for this novel 🙏🏾

  30. The_Black_HER0 says:

    Ohhh noice
    Please translate Solo Swordmaster

  31. cultured_man says:


  32. Putu says:

    uwoooooh!! finally!!
    Please translate “i killed the player of academy” and “childhood friend from zenith”

  33. cupu cupu cupu cupu says:

    Please translate Hard Carry Support

  34. Yuya says:

    Let’s gooo!!!!
    I have been waiting for this thing++++++

  35. Finally!!!, thanks for the novel noble

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