The Academy’s Health Teacher Wants to Take a Break
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The Academy’s Health Teacher Wants to Take a Break

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아카데미의 보건교사는 쉬고 싶다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Academy’s Health Teacher Wants to Take a Break

It’s been 10 years since I was dragged into a game and rolled on the battlefield.

Dreaming of a comfortable life after being discharged from the military, too many incidents happen at the academy where he got a job.

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  1. Hu Tao Hu Tao says:

    Finished til ch.120.

    I have a frustratingly mixed feelings about this novel

    There are parts of the novel that are good like the MC’s character is both interesting and funny, but the other characters are genuinely unintentionally annoying.

    The story is way too unfocused. It does not know what kinda genre it is supposed to be and I feel like some of the arcs lead to nowhere and if you remove them nothing will change with the overall story.

    Which is frustrating because this novel could have been better if it just focused on the Mc instead we often follow the POV of an uninteresting character.

    Overall 5/10 experience. The novel finishes at ch134 and I dont know if I have it in me to continue.

  2. Amunmu says:

    Quiero una novela erótica koreana donde el mc reencarna (posee) a una mujer extra que tiene su cuerpo voluptuoso y regordete que ya está desarrollado sexualmente y no puede estar sin tener sexo ☝🥵👌

  3. Poison Tester says:

    TS again? Well, no problem I’ll go and suffer hahahaha

  4. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    Mc had daddy issues in his previous life so he got all twisted lmao ch. 89

  5. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    Well, that sure sounds like one very weird novel. From the no romance tag it is fair to guess she would never win against her mother.

  6. She/he reserved his virginity for his father. So if she/he can beat her/his OP mom, she/he will give it to him. I’m serious here, look at chapter 85, and she/he still loves his dad. And the mother is ok, if she/he can defeat him lol. Now I understand why there is tag degenerate protagonist

  7. Insufferable says:

    Oh did I also mention that she’s still a virgin at 28 during the start of the novel?

    It’s not that I’m fixated about it, but rather the novel keeps mentioning this from time to time.

    Just so you know.

  8. Insufferable says:

    I don’t mind ts, but I mind the teacher part. I just don’t like mc teaching children. Maybe because I don’t like children much in real life.

    Oh sh*t. I’m studying education right now in college. Doesn’t that mean I’ll have to become a teaching assistant for work experience? Fu*k my life.

    Anyways the novel is fine, just not my thing. MC is the “had enough of this sh*t” trope. Which is something I personally like.

    She(He) possessed an aristocratic child. She acted like a proper girl in order to avoid witch hunts and also acted like she had a crush on her father. Hormones jumped in and made that pretend crush into a real crush. So she challenged her sword saint mother and always lost, hence her going abroad to study medicine and healing. She lost again. Finally her sanity returned (although she still liked the daddy) and she was determined to keep her chastity away from arranged marriages so she ran away at 16 and joined war.

    10 years later the war is over. 2 years after the war she joins the academy which kept neutral over the course of the war, as a health teacher. She poses with another surname that was mistaken by other teachers as a low aristocrat or even commoner name. She is looked down upon for this but she don’t give no sh*t. Anyway that will probably be her attitude towards the novel.

    This is just an overview so you can judge whether you like it or not.

  9. I only read a few chapters. MC reborn as an extra female character in the game. The story in the novel takes place when the main story of the game is over, the MC quits the military and becomes a health teacher in the academy. Despite the no romance tag, many character are attracted romantically to MCs, some male and some female characters. There will be flashbacks of what happened to the MCs during 30 past year of his/her life in another world. Yeah, MC’s age already old. Stories are like puzzles, so you need read all chapter carefully. Novel is from story telling point view and the translation is not too bad. But sorry, TS is just not my cup of tea. The story won’t be different with original female character. Even in the first chapter, MC is talk that she/he starting genuinely idolizes a figure like his father as a partner. 🥴

  10. Of all the novels in which the main character becomes a girl, only “The Devil’s Evolution Catalog” was fun. The main character confidently declared to everyone that he is a boy, despite having an obviously female body, which made everyone look at him as if he were mentally ill, but they still agreed that he is a boy. Well, at least the main character had the goal of regaining his masculinity. Novels in which the main characters simply accept that they have become girls are uninteresting because in that case, there would be no point in making them boys in their previous lives. If they had been girls from the beginning, nothing would have changed, so why these tricks with gender swapping? If the main character was a boy and still considers himself a boy, let him at least try to become a boy again…

  11. Bruh! What about this novel? How is it? You guys just talked about janitor novel and now gone. Did you get cleaned by him?

  12. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    So….how is it? Is this one good?

  13. See you guys on the next harem novel yh?

  14. Mofu says:

    Ayo what’s TS?

  15. I hope someone reads that and ignores the sentence written in caps and thinks it’s an actual review of this novel, it would be funny hehehe

    A little tomfoolery~

  16. I can’t believe I spent like 30 minutes making a made up story for no reason only to rate it as mid 😡😡

    I could’ve just reviewed the actual thing instead of making up a story that was rushed at the end


    Mid? 7/10? Idk the story is interesting but the author leans into the yanderes too much. One day the MC will be cleaning up a deadly secret assassin organization after they attempted to murder one of the academy students and the next day the head mistress of said secret assassin organization will appear in his room at night and sexually harass him over and over again until one day she will just start breathing like this “moaning~~” and then… It kinda ruins the pacing ngl because like how tf does she find out about it so fast? I know an organization disappeared in a night but still, way too fast.

    the story is the usual academy story. Demons and demon kings, harem and romance blah blah blah until it turns out the demons were actually a lie made up by the Church of Fuerghaes and the entire ruling class- nah just kidding it turns out it was just the demons messing around and hoping to cause some confusion in the non demon realms. Anyways it’s not afraid to murder people, like half of the main cast will die in this story (besides the harem members). Hell even the MCs dog dies, and then it leads to the third arc of the story. MC is all depressed and sad and blah blah blah character development and then he defeats the super mega ultra hard demon king and spends the rest of his life ensuring no events that will cause children to die young will happen ever again.

    TL;DR: mid, I wouldn’t read it unless you’re bored.

  18. Zero says:

    Now the TS is the fashion 🤨

  19. There’s a janitor story in Novelpia, but also TS. As remember is not academy though, but janitor of evil organization.

  20. I became the academy’s janitor.

    Genres/tags: obsession, harem, academy, misunderstanding, regret, fantasy, possession, no romance, romantic subplot, comedic undertone, overpowered probably

    Synopsis: After beating the infamous game “Oath of Crows” on super mega giga max ultra hard mode and getting the best greatest better than good ending with a perfect clear, I was sucked into the game as the janitor from the academy. Experiments gone wrong, overfilled trash bags, religious cults and stereotypical proud novels, I’ll clean them all up.

  21. says:

    @PolarBearPunch, Actually, one janitor novel exists in Novelpia but doesn’t have many chapters.

  22. says:

    TS is the best genre for now. You guys need to take a break from academy and harem stuff, smh.

  23. Alastro says:


  24. Sephir says:

    noble is into ts tags this week i guess

  25. PolarBearPunch says:

    Me just waiting for that one guy to comment about Janitors after seeing academy health teacher.

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