The Difference Is Like Between a Dog and a Cow
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The Difference Is Like Between a Dog and a Cow

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소대가 개 폐급이다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Difference Is Like Between a Dog and a Cow

A strategy simulation game set in a world where magic and gunpowder coexist.

There, he possessed the character of an officer of a country that would inevitably perish as soon as the war broke out.

Five years remain until the war breaks out.
Until then, you have to get promoted somehow.

ps:title translated by chatgpt

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  1. Meyzda says:

    This novel uses a system from the paradox game (a combination of HOI and CK). with the world situation after the first world war.

    This novel focus about war, even though there is magic in that world, it cannot be used on a large scale. Soldiers from that world use the same weapons as soldiers in the real world. that means they also need the same resources. You have to understand that HOI and CK not only focus on war, but also kingdom building and diplomacy. build territory, so you can build an army. building diplomatic relations so that other countries will help your country when it is attacked.

    The plot armor is very thick when you think about how a country like Uk rania could finance a large-scale war against Russia without any help from other countries or without years of preparation. The main character in this novel comes from the military background who doesn’t have access to intervene in government policies.

    this is more like youjou senki. But in Youjou Senki the German Empire is a combination of modern Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, part of belarus and ukraine and some baltic country. With so many natural and human resources, Tanya Degurechaf (MC from youjou senki) doesn’t need to care about military supply, just lead the army and fight the whole word.

  2. Luis says:

    No es mi taza de té

  3. Enter says:

    Smoking propaganda…
    two lines of smoking propaganda…
    two words
    MC’s thoughts on smoking
    one paragraph and the MC runs like a drug addict to look for friends who are smokers
    this story is just a piece of diarrhea got pissed on

  4. kk77 says:

    ahhh!! u useless bastards! talk so much nonsense but don’t mention that the novel is actually really really good?? almost missed this cuz of misleading comments ffffff

    nevr heard of HOI or CK? how about the actual two world wars we had? the timeline for the setting is obvious.
    and most importanly, like bro said, even if this is based on current conflict who cares!!

    smh… for anyone new checking in, just read it instead of fussing over pointless things. need moar chapters T-T

    1. D1Grandmaster says:

      You’re also useless. You didn’t even mention at least a single reason on why you think this novel is really good. I’m definitely not trusting you on why I should read this when you have really bad spelling and grammar.


        Not really useless, at least it’ll get people who think it’s poison due to the comments to try it out. Also by his personal pronouns used when mentioning HOI and ck you can assume that English isn’t his first language.

      2. kk77 says:

        brub u did NOT just say that to this guy *points thums inward*. you all saw ok!!! i was asked, NO, CHALLENGED to do it this time around!!!

        admin u cant blame me on this 1 okee!! The people(re: 1 guy) WANT ME TOO!
        so i HAVE to do it 2 em. get readsy 4 my biggest rant on this site yet!! here goes!

        *cracks knunkles*

        *stretches and lies down for rest*

        …ye sry i got nothin. i wuz gonna do one of my specials bt turns out im way more motivted to crtique than to praise. so dun rly hav a lot to say on this novel. its prtty good, but mostly upto tutorial stage(circa 160) after that its liek 95% bloated war talk so u gotta be well into that. but it is finishd for once so that big plus points – an to whoever got it so on this site. imma still maintain my original stance & not give any specifics to why good, only actively this time (mostly in spite) – and insist anyone actually curious jus read instead(okayy fiiine it’s ALL in spite).

        And since we are here defending my good name and pristine honour; Ser @Martin, while you happen to have surmised correctly that English is indeed not my native tongue, I must protest out of principle in that it is a most misguided deduction. Though not my first language, it has nonetheless, by far and away, remained the most frequently exercised – and thereby my most proficient – of all others in my repertoire, including, yes, even the native, throughout all my life. As such, while I am left somewhat unclear to your exact supposition responding to my phrasings in connection to mentions of Hearts of Iron and Crusader King, I can assuredly insist to it being made with clear, yet independent linguistic intent and any affiliations or deeper meanings derived could only ever be empty speculation, and is to be strongly discouraged by this humble peer.

        1. Game On Game On says:

          Dude gone through an entire course to reply that guy. I’m shaking and crying rn😭.

        2. MARTIN MAGU KINYUNGU says:

          Lmao you used ai :clown:

          1. kk77 says:

            damn, i just wanted to do a fun but polite dissuasion in good humour but 2nd guy opted for cringe too🙄. apparently using casual lingo for your abbreviated sentiments is enough to have your statements discredited at the grand domain of peak quality-controlled scholarly discourse that is this site; and use of illustrative formal speak in gentle refutation is evidently grounds for accusal of being ai-produced text which, if i’m to understand correctly, is allegedly clown behaviour. rly caught me out of left field on that one, but whatever, so be it, im not even gonna bother defending.
            yall have fun now – imma just go back to posting my specialty walls-of-text again from now on

          2. MARTIN MAGU KINYUNGU says:

            They ain’t doin this, that second Martin is not me

  5. Jordinian says:

    Slavs fighting wars is nothing new is a pretty big understatement my guy, thank god I’m not eastern european.

  6. QAZWSX says:

    Hearts of General, not a copy of HOI4 right? haha

  7. Aru Maru Aru Maru says:

    Or maybe (stay with me here) this is based on the war between the ussr (basically the ussr) and ukraine after the fall of the old tsar empire (basically the old tsar empire) which actually happened. Slavs fighting wars is nothing new.
    And even if it was based on the current war who cares

  8. Jordinian says:

    When I say only army building novel I read so far I meant on this site btw.

  9. Jordinian says:

    The time period for this story is based off the 1900s, so basically when the european countries were having a dick measuring contest for 14 years where they then got serious. While the MC’s country is Ukraine, that is the only influence that I could find that could be a reference to the Russo-Ukrainian war. The only other thing that could be very loosely related is the fact that the Soviet Empire is the antagonist, but it isn’t the only antagonist and it’s very much more based off the USSR then the russian federation (surprise, surprise).

    This novel is very much army building, the only one I’ve read so far, and there is smut, you just have to read very far (around 135). The harem so far has 3 with an extra one being 50/50 making it potentially 4. They are not yandere, but still obsessed over him if you catch my drift. It definitely starts off a little slow, with the first battle being quite weak and not really attention grabbing. After that though it’s starts to pick up steam, and once the zeppelins make a show is when the novel really starts to shine.

  10. Comrade Senior Lieutenant, I honestly haven’t read this book! I have no connection to the uprising! No, seriously, I don’t have any friends in Ukraine! Comrade…
    *white noise*

  11. Facil uno dice guau e otro dice muuuu!.
    La cabra: meh
    la ovega: meeeeeee
    El gato: miau
    El gallo: kiriki

  12. quygan says:

    Personally, I don’t think it’s a good idea to include current conflicts in recreational reading, because they are generally too biased about who is good and who is bad, An example of this one is the second world war, many people do not know that the main cause of this was the humiliating treaty of Versalles That Germany had to sign, in short, Germany was the main cause (according to the treaty) of the war and had to pay war reparations to the victors in an impossible period, literally It was known from day 1 of the signing that this treaty was going to cause another war in a short period of time, There is also the callousness of normal German soldiers, they hated the SS just as much as everyone else on the allied side, For these reasons I consider that it is not a good idea to mix fantasy with reality (I tolerate a certain amount of reality, but I think this is too realistic for me) for the moment I’m going to leave the novel marked for when I find more comments

  13. The MC enters as a platoon leader character. He inherited an abandoned platoon with troublesome members. His platoon consists of 5 members including MC, 2 men and 3 women. I’ve seen a lot of these tropes, predictably the MC will became friendly with the platoon members. The story is interesting though, mainly because the war MC will be involved in Eastern Europe with Fantasy element. I think the author took inspiration from the Russian-Ukraine war. The country that belongs to the MC is the Principality of Ukraine. The enemy is the Soviet Empire (basically Russia) that desires to regain territory lost after the collapse of the Old Tsar Empire (Basically the Soviet Union). There is a love story here. The character interactions are also interesting.

  14. Noir . Noir . says:

    Summoning brave posion testers

  15. says:

    Also *** war? Hope it is not ‘that’ probably.

  16. says:

    Salvation, huh? Also, unique title might as well-read it since obsession; hope there is no ACADEMY please.

  17. Ken Ken says:

    so how is it ? any poison tester ?

  18. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    What a unique title.

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