The Hero Party Couldn’t Kill Me
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The Hero Party Couldn’t Kill Me

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용사 파티가 나를 못 죽였다
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Hero Party Couldn’t Kill Me

The hero party tried to kill me after I had devoted myself to killing the Demon King.

But somehow, I survived.

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  1. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    Yeah down stairs is right it closed off magnificently. The story had a little to much filler but in the end it only has 101 chapters. Not bad.

  2. Constellation of Dietznatch Onyourchin says:

    They close it magnificently. One thing though, if only they cut the filler, it’s barely even 30 chapter. Most of it also info dump. Just read the prologue, the revenge series, the final battle, and epilogue. Entertaining, only if u’re experienced with redundant authors

  3. Sephir says:

    Indeed it was 3 am when I sensed the message

  4. SenatorArmstrong says:

    I am equally racist and angry at everything.
    Gokubro btw

  5. That will never happen, I am too proud to be a creepy man. If I had even an inkling of “oooog I wanna lick your feet” I’d just jump off a bridge.

    I’d rather be an obsessed man than creepy, wait no being creepy doesn’t mean you’re crazy it just means you’re creepy ahhhh I hate 3 am shenanigans!!!

  6. Spade n Spade n says:

    just to clarify, i read the whole novel till its end. its a rather boring and lackluster novel with the only reason i read it being I was bored and its a short read.

  7. Spade n Spade n says:

    I wouldnt bother reading this, i feel it was just a waste of my time.

  8. Sephir says:

    Stop being hypocritical, U’ll become an obsessed creepy man for a white haired girl.

  9. I am down bad for silver or white haired girls, I would do… nothing for them because I’m not a Simp loser. I would treat them with respect as I would with other people. But if I were to choose between two girls and one had white hair, I’d choose the white haired one.

  10. Well, I only read the beginning and did it just because of the girl on the cover, but in the first few chapters there wasn’t a single girl close to the main character who looked like the one depicted on the cover. Is she even in the book? Is this the saintess? Maybe someone can tell me?

    The book looks pretty decent, but there’s nothing particularly interesting about it. The ideas it presents are quite obvious and straightforward, not even spectacular, and the only question that arises at the beginning is “how exactly will the hero make those who betrayed him suffer?” The text isn’t engaging enough to be entertaining and doesn’t surprise with its depth, but overall it’s probably readable. Although I haven’t really gone far into it.

  11. Bro can they fix I became a Villain in a Dark Fantasy? It’s been like 3 months and they still haven’t fixed the chapters.

  12. Insufferable says:

    I read a few and it’s got a fairly mature writing, the fast pace and few chapters insure that the plot is properly compressed and winded.

    Although those are just conjectures after reading a couple chapters plus epilogue. Ending is realistic and nobody becomes god for once, how rare and amazing. There are still things mc has to do in the end but nothing he can’t handle. And I also think it’s appropriate to end it there and keep the novel within the bounds of his revenge and correcting the wrongs the hero party caused in the world. After that is within the imagination of the reader.

  13. Sephir says:

    There’s a blue tape lane on the top, in the blue tape discord is written on it.
    Click on it, it should redirect you to a discord link or whatever

  14. Click the 3 lines in the upper left, there is a discord link in the window that opens

  15. Without losing interest in this, I only lasted until the 6th episode. The mc isekaied to another world as a tank in the hero party and he was betrayed. The characters are introduced sketchy and the plot is very fast paced. It can be read if you really don’t have anything to read, otherwise I wouldn’t recommend it. Also I read the last word and If you’re curious the story ends with a happy ending, the hero does not forgive his party and takes revenge.

    Frankly there is nothing interesting here. For some, 6 chapters might be too little to review, and it might get better in the future, but I don’t think so. After reading the first chapters, you can decide whether to read it or not.

  16. Bocchan says:

    Discord link??

  17. Sephir says:

    You should ask that on the discord, i don’t think he accepts request directly from the website

  18. _ Izanami9 _ Izanami9 says:

    Dude! My Noble dude! I have a request!!!
    There is a novel called 대뜸 착각당했다 괴물 천재배우로 or in english I Was Mistaken as a Monstrous Genius Actor
    Could u please add this? Woopread is translating rn but fck i really cant wait this is just fcking good! Pls!!!!

  19. Kaniya says:

    Ended with 1 female lead??

    I don’t want to waste my time?

  20. Kirill Popov says:

    I only read the epilogue. The story ended well. 🙂

  21. Forgotten one says:

    Regret tag. I like regret novel, let’s see if it is poisonous or not….

  22. I’m going on an adventure to this far land. This will be my first adventure, I hope I can return to join another adventures. My journey to becoming a senior poison tester begins now!

  23. Sephir says:

    And why are there politics, in all honesty sword, politics, bows and more sucks most of the times cuz the authors don’t even know how these things works

  24. Kaniya says:

    Love the hero !

  25. Sephir says:

    It’s unfair I’m stuck in China they blocked discord

  26. Yorghuul says:


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