The Hero Party’s Moms Are Obsessed With Me
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The Hero Party’s Moms Are Obsessed With Me

Read full chapter The Hero Party’s Moms Are Obsessed With Me, Light Novel The Hero Party’s Moms Are Obsessed With Me english, LN The Hero Party’s Moms Are Obsessed With Me, The Hero Party’s Moms Are Obsessed With Me Online, read The Hero Party’s Moms Are Obsessed With Me at Noble Machine translations.
용사 파티 엄마들이 집착한다.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Hero Party’s Moms Are Obsessed With Me

The Hero Party’s Moms Are Obsessed With Me

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  1. MC has the power to open everything including to open feeling of person so that person became fall for him

    1. Became fell for him….

  2. Linda turn off with the idea that he can opening someone heart.
    And its not limited to someone who is a single. A posibility that he can ntr someone is not my cup of the.
    Its cool if can open someone heart, who already close her heart for relationship, like a single mother. But if he can just steal someone girl, i am dropping this.

  3. I hate this shota genre. I used to like it back when I was watching anime but now I just want to kick the shota in head to just fkin kill him. Nothing more uninteresting than some shy and stammering kid who just blush everytime he detects a female

    1. Yeah, any healthy male will atleast ask one of them out. Not only he mentally older but also have sex drive of 10 men do to . Bro atleast need to unleash the load with wet dream or some self relief. And i bet it will be like a gallons lol

  4. It is a Milf x Shota in ‘slice of life’ genre with some fantasy touch.

    MC doesn’t talk even after 50 chapters. And the way Milfs are collected is dumb but profoundly satisfying.

    Just turning off your common sense and brain you can enjoy this junk food. It is not very addictive but just mildly appetizing.

    Would definitely recommend it..

  5. Es God me lo lei entero y aunque habia 3 capitulos medio sosos (lo senti asi), lo demas fue realmente agradable de leer y no tener que apagar el cerebro al extremo. Si adoras a el genero Milf, hay un 90% de que te guste esta novela.

    Mi opinion 9/10. Espero futuras actualizaciones 🗿

  6. Rader says:

    Setting of this novel is simple. Story is about a MC with power to open things. It starts from locks to opening muscles leading to poop to opening heart and mind allowing a person to release tension and love MC.

    Story is secondary, MC is more interested in choosing boob pillow for the night than fighting a Demon King and no one can blame him to do so.

    1. Cero says:

      Man, between fighting a demon king or sleeping with some milfs, i’d rather sleep with the demon king.

      1. Memomo says:


      2. W-wait what …bro the ending got me.

      3. Provided if the demon king is a *Queen*… Don’t wanna imagine some weird genre..

      4. Shalan Shalan says:

        Sounds about right

  7. Ravenn Ravenn says:

    Pffftt ahahahahahaha what the hell is this

  8. I hate milfs, I love mature women but not milfs. Disgusting

    New rule introduced to the codex of silver:

    white haired milfs are bad

    1. Phantom . Phantom . says:

      cmon what about uzaki’s mom

      1. Alright fair. I renounce the rule from the codex of silver.

        I would smash uzaki’s mother so hard- but SHES AN EXCEPTION!!!

  9. It’s the usual misunderstanding comedy where Mc does not talk and gets swayed by others’s opinions of him and etc. But you know what makes this story unique.

  10. Rader says:

    I don’t care about poison. I don’t care about trash. This one has Milf, the holy bastion for degenerates across the universe. Everyone love Milf so everyone should love Media with Milfs and this is the only Eternal Truth.

    So my fellow degenerates, dive in to the mature Milfs and enjoy this novel.

    1. Sephir says:

      Didn’t knew Rader was a degenerate

      1. Rader says:

        Well it’s tiring and boring to be either of the 2 extremes, it become easier when some chaos is mixed.

    2. Reiiii says:

      As you command, Your holiness.

  11. Cero says:

    Ch.32 is just wonderful haha

  12. Fk, even if this is a brain-dead novel, I am going to read this…

  13. Poison Tester says:

    Just from the tittle we can conclude fardy is milflover

    1. Cero says:

      Man of good taste

  14. I need the exact same book, but with lolis instead of milfs.

    1. Rader says:

      You should have talk with FBI, I have heard that they are really good in counselling people like you who go for immature beauties than ripe ones.

      1. Bruh has his priorities set straight…

      2. The term of imprisonment is just a number, and the prison cell is just a room. The sentence is temporary, but the love for sweet innocent girls is eternal. (Maybe I’m just a little broken after all the crap in relationships).

        1. Rader says:

          It’s fine bro, we all are broken some way or another. I mean, look at us, we are here at MTL site, not even a proper translation one and being happy to read machine translated text rather than human one.

          Enjoy the fetishes you like but just don’t hurt anyone else in anyway.

  15. Clown 🤡🎪 says:

    What the fxck is this

  16. Mrvallet says:

    where is Fardy? You have to explain everything to me.

  17. LuxX says:

    This… speechless.

  18. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

    Finally the Milf supremacy novel, i don’t care if it’s good or bad, i only care about milf—

    “The heart wants what wants, and sometimes it beats for someone older and more experienced”

    Milf yaya

  19. Hated Author KR says:


  20. Insufferable says:

    This man has the ultimate power over the hero party. Every your mom joke he makes carry truth and a firepower of the tsar bomba.

    Such power violates the heavenly precepts and laws.

  21. Kaniya says:

    Missing the moms…in the cover … 😢

  22. This is it boys. The moment of truth. The novel of all novels where our wishes are granted.

    (Btw there was something similar on Kakuyomu once)

  23. Newbz says:

    We need the Legendary MILF Hunter! Slay all THOTs.

  24. TerriblyArrogant says:

    Looking at the title of this novel, I think it’s time.

    I think it’s time to detonate all the nuclear missiles all over earth and destroy it in its entirety.
    The world needs to be destroyed to restart.

    1. Cero says:

      Dark thoughts come yo light

  25. Cero says:

    I remember a Manga with this theme

    1. RealEason says:


    2. kuro boss kuro boss says:

      I think is ” The hero took everything from me, so i partied whith the hero mom”

    1. Still, what’s up with the title? This is really something that I would love to read. guys, sacrifice yourself for me and report back on any information you can acquire directly to the headquarters. I will be awaiting for the good news.

      1. Also, fardy, tell me what happens in this novel. You recommended it to noble according to the tags.

  26. WillBeBlack says:


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