The Shaman Wants Transcendence
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The Shaman Wants Transcendence

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주술사는 초월을 원한다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Shaman Wants Transcendence

The shaman realized that he had once again been given life.
This time too, he will live a life to transcend transcendence, only through magic.

ps: this a very popular work that got 7m views in novelpia

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  1. Suherman Joshua says:

    Because of that, the East Asia region will never be united. They have too many historical and territorial disputes. They will not have unity among East Asian countries like ASEAN.

  2. Suherman Joshua says:

    The failure of a country to apologise for its war crimes can be attributed to many factors. If South Korea acknowledged war crimes in Vietnam from 1955 to 1975, it would tarnish their national image and challenge the narrative of South Korea’s success story. In this case, Japan and SK same, they have a strong sense of national pride, which often prevents the acknowledgment of past wrongdoings. Admitting such crimes can also lead to legal and financial repercussions, including demands for reparations from Vietnam. The Japanese government may also fear that accepting responsibility for war crimes in SK, could set a precedent for future claims and financial burdens. Another reason for the denial of war crimes is the lack of accountability within the South Korean military.

  3. darking darking says:

    always make me laffin evrytime people mentioning jap warcrimes to kor, meanwhile kor still denying their warcrimes and reparation to viet until this day lmao.

  4. Person who just hate racism says:

    Well, thanks Darius for the warning, but i’ll pass and not going to read it, every single time a korean novel have modern fantasy genre, every single time Japan/japanese is always a villain, EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

    Contrast this with Japanese novel who almost never put other country as villain, the difference is extremely jarring

    But i guess this is one of other reason why most korean novel are popular among korean people domestically (since the synopsis on the bold claimed this novel is popular with 7m view), yet will never see a market on the international stage

    Also quite funny that korean hate japanese a lot but are more racist to other asian, especially SEA, compared to chinese and japanese people irl

    1. Ry says:

      You forgot china bro .. china mostly became enemy too hahaha

  5. Rader says:

    For people not liking Japanese angle in this, it’s inclusion in the story was unavoidable.

    Since Japan has a lot of Ghost stories and even active Omnyoujis it’s inclusion in a novel centered around the witchcraft or shamanism is unavoidable. Moreover, Japan did horrific things to China and Korea in past, so it’s not spot free too, especially when older generation has seen their parents facing Japanese invasion.

  6. The duchess received tons of updates says:

    @Yuki well that’s you get when Japan won’t own up to the atrocities they committed during the war and try to sweep them under the rug instead of paying reparations.

  7. Yuki says:

    @Darius Almost all the Korean novels I’ve come across always make Japan the no. 1 public enemies, especially if there is a setting involving Japan. Heck, even ‘Defense 999,999,999 Corps Commander’ which was just uploaded 2 days ago, the author alway mention the war between Japan and Korea, even though it has nothing to do with the background of the story. So with setting after WW2, I already expect the author must share his hatred toward Japan. It’s pity, even though the younger generation has started to soften, the older generation hasn’t, and they seem to want to pass on their racism against Japan through many media, including web novel and Manhwa.

  8. Darius says:

    This story is good i like it a lot but one thing that keep’s urking me is the racism… I know Japan and Korea have issues but when it spills over too blatantly it urks me i kind ignore it if they keep it low key enough but the bad guys so far have been Japanese after Japanese i mean…Pls don’t take the story down or something cause of what i’m talking about i’m just venting.

  9. veldra says:

    I don’t know why people hate villain mcs. if the novel is good then it doesen’t matter if he is good or evil.

  10. Rader says:

    This is a novel which has too many elements at play. A lot of shaman things, witchcraft, Runes, Stars, and what not. While MTL is passable, it’s not perfect for this kind of novel if you want full or better immersion. Due to MTL a lot of information has been lost, which is a shame.

    Overall novel is quite good. It’s about a MC who is hell bent to achieve his goal. Humans strive for transcendental powers, becoming Immortals or gods/demons and he is trying to become one with Shaman or Witchcraft. Not with magic or power but with Witchcraft which is full of spells and quirks other powers don’t have. And he is unique because he is really mad for it, no he is just committed to his journey after starting it.

    He plant bombs in other people. Loot their money. Brainwash innocent people, brainwash drug addicts, and many things which are questionable and illegal. He justify his actions by saying that he is doing for greater good, but in the end he knows, and we reader knows that he is doing it for himself.

    Is he a Sociopath? Maybe. Maybe every such person is a Sociopath. If they become successful they become legends and if they fail they get hate of society. Being crazy or overly committed to a higher level goal is a double edged sword in many regards. This is a story of man who is willing to give up everything for a higher level goal, he already gave up his humanity, body, and soul for it, and he will do it again in much grander way.

  11. Kaniya says:

    The novel is just trash for me !

  12. Dagonsuznyx says:

    This is the kind of novel that I would read for a few chapters, then swear at the MC and the novel then continue reading it again

  13. Zero says:

    @Jaka: WTF serioulsy?

  14. Jahe Manis says:

    MC has no purpose of saving world and no other desire to love someone. If it help him to obtain magic, he will prevent war, save people, and rehabilitates villains through brainwashing. Novel have low paced storyline

  15. Kaniya says:


    No obsession.

  16. Jahe Manis says:

    Synopsis based on wiki
    A world devastated by World War III. The main character, Park Jin-seong, who has been longing only for witchcraft, returns to his childhood by performing the last witchcraft to dedicate his body to a group of stars right before his life ends. Given another chance, this time, Jin-seong aims for true transcendence through witchcraft.
    Before MC return, he lived as a mercenary (PMC), not simply for the purpose of making a lot of money doing dangerous work, but because he liked to travel all over the world and gather the magic. After encountering magic for the first time in middle school, he obsessed with it. As a result of the magic he accumulated, his body came to the point of collapsing, but the last unknown magic he performed before dying to return in past. MC purpose life only witchcraft. He neatly ignores other people’s gazes and moral standards unless they become a penalty to himself. He break into a shrine and deprive priests and shamans of their divine power and brainwash them into their henchmen. Sometime he use other people as sacrifices or make them puppets to perform magic on his behalf. He justify his action that they harmed him, so it’s fair. Oh yeah MC has twin step sister and his step father is chaebol. So basically MC is rich guy with obsessed to witchcraft and want to transcend transcendence.

  17. Notnot says:

    as usual, the regression storyline… I tried reading up to chapter 3 but this is really not my taste… like regression stories in general, nothing special… please try other poison testers

  18. White says:

    Really no harem?

  19. Zetotantane says:

    The best instructor of card academy plz

  20. SEPHIR says:


  21. Zero says:

    Supicious 🤨

  22. Insufferable says:


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