The Villains Became Obsessed Bosses
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The Villains Became Obsessed Bosses

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빌런들이 집착하는 보스가 되었다,He Has Become a Boss That Villains Are Obsessed With
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Villains Became Obsessed Bosses

I wanted to survive, so I went around embracing the villains.

..But I didn’t expect this.

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  1. Relationships are very forced and pace is too fast.

  2. Shadow says:

    Novel complete here 😢🥳. Noble thanks and pls update its status.

  3. Read up to ch 63:

    This is good, very similar to “I became the villain the hero is obsessed with” but a lot worse in handling relationships. MC travels to a magical girl game world and decides to use his knowledge about the game to make a villain association. The reasoning for this is kind of confusing but it’s main gist is “friends of heroes die while villains care more about family”. This sorta makes sense but it also kind of doesn’t but anyways, that’s what he does. He has around 8 members in his harem: 6 villains (Crow, Haein, Xiao, Pharmacist, Bishop, and Vendetta) 1 hero (Fox) and 1 neutral (Ahab). You might be thinking, “how can the novel support so many heroines” and, well, it doesn’t. I’ll discuss it’s problems later so let’s start with the positives.

    Strongest part of the novel is its world. Powers come at a price in this world, some people pay with stamina, some with lifespan while some with memories. The main method of the MC to befriend the villains is by solving the price caused by their powers. For example, his first member: Crow is able to create magical contracts at the cost of her lifespan. The MC solves this by stealing a necklace that gives vitality to anyone wearing it and giving it to Crow. Another excellent part of the world here are the factions, drugs, and corruption present. Compared to it’s inspiration, this world is a lot darker and grimmer but it’s still told quite lightly.

    Unfortunately, for the focus on the world and details, there is a complete lack of attention to the characters. As said by other comments, the pacing of this novel is too fast to allow the relationships to simmer. There is a specific process on how villainesses tend to fall in love with people, it tends to start with interest, then debt/gratitude, then obsession or reliance (maybe even pure love if an author is feeling risky). This novel does the first two well, it sets up the problems of the villains well and shows how the MC solves them. This is good, but that jump from gratitude to posession/love is completely skipped over. One of the factors that leads to this feeling of relationship level skipping is the lack of internal thoughts from the heroines. Next part is where I discuss each heroine in detail. If the following part is too long for you, I recommend just going to the last paragraph for my final thoughts.

    Crow: despite being the first villain he befriends, she probably is one of the least developed. She has no internal monologue about how she feels. There was never even a flashback of something like “omg I’m crow and I’m afraid to use my powers cuz I’ll die young” and then a monologue of “omg I can live long now how do I repay this I love you MC”. This is obviously badly written by me but the point stands: I don’t know what she’s thinking. I don’t know why she has possessiveness over the MC. You cannot have the very first heroine like this.

    Haein: this one is better. There are good moments where the MC acts like a legitimate older brother towards her. The process of punishing those who hurt her was actually good and made a legitimate excuse of “huh guess she would fall in love with him”. Point is: it believable and it took it’s time to simmer.

    Xiao: Horrible, the MC gave her a speech about being the ground that’ll support her and she just devotes her entire being to him. Sure she was emotionally vulnerable after being betrayed by her family, but after being betrayed, wouldn’t she be even less trusting? Even worse than Crow imo.

    Pharmacist: wait, is this even a harem member? He literally just allowed her to sleep more than she used to. Why am I even mentioning her.

    Bishop: slower which means better. Bishop is by far the one that struggles most with her bad deeds for the sake of good. Her internal struggle is good and she has not shown any romantic interest. She will obviously be a harem member, but the fact the story is taking its time with her is good.

    Vendetta: also a slow one. She’s only in the interest phase of villainess love. I’ll have to wait for the future how the story will handle her.

    Fox: okay. A stressed little hero helped by the MC by giving her motivation and curing her illness. A case of “the right place at the right time”. A coincidental encounter allowed her to be romantically interested in him. I’m personally not a fan of this kind of romance development but it works well (compared to the others in the novel).

    Ahab: Good. Slow process of seeing her grieve the loss of her family to recruitment to revenge and guidance. She’s a bit of tsundere but her development sort of works well. I do think she should grieve more though, can’t imagine romance entering the mind of a girl who lost her entire family but I’ll give the novel a bone and say it’s okay.

    Overall, this is a good novel that is genuinely dampened by trying to be what it isn’t. It has built a world and an MC that is grim, interesting, mysterious, and dark. However it keeps on trying to be a light hearted harem but doesn’t give the time that sort of thing requires. You cannot make a harem without breaks and daily life segments. You cannot make a harem without giving the heroines time and thoughts on how their feelings develop. You cannot make a harem by just putting pretty ladies with problems and solving them then BOOM: love. I wouldn’t complain about it this much if the novel only stopped making half hearted attempts to having romance scenes. Scenes where they get jealous are horrible and out of character. Overall a good novel with a good world but lacking characters and development.

    1. Romance Adict says:

      I don’t readin allthat

    2. gege says:

      i’ve read all of this💀


      Nice summary

    4. ProbablyTheSpanishInquisitors says:


    5. Im not reading all of this bro 😭🙏🏻

  4. Manchester Black says:

    Harem of villains! What a magnificent tag!

  5. It’s somewhat similar to villain the hero is obsessed with but instead of becoming a villain to help the heroes grow, he’s more of a survivalist guy, he’d rather team up with the villains cuz most of villains would be in his side, not some sacrifice for the world’s greater good.

    It’s more action and almost to none misunderstanding.
    Mc manipulating the other villain organizations behind the scenes to make them fight, offering undeniable deals like a devil, forced to do things he doesn’t want such as torture, threatening, murder for his goal to survive the magical girl world

    Harem is pretty meh for now, it doesn’t focus that much with it nor romance

    Offering help > recruit > girls fall in love with him

    It’s a pretty fun read

    Chapter 63

  6. says:

    Disappear among the sea of butterflies, illusions of the Past

  7. CrovoloDesu says:

    it’s a good read

  8. Truck says:

    Pretty fun read actually. Pleasantly surprised by the enjoyable ride amidst numerous poison swamps on this website.

  9. Wry Vent Wry Vent says:

    MC actually has no abilities at all. The ‘contract’ ability belongs to Crow, the first harem member. He uses his knowledge of the anime the magical girl setting is based on to obtain power and borrows Crow’s power to sign contracts. He wants to survive and decides to make a villain harem. He didn’t go for the magical girls cause it’s common for magical girls’ loved ones to die in order for them to get power boosts.

    It’s decent. The MC feels more human, but the other characters and setting don’t feel as fleshed out, partially due to the fast pace. I would say an inferior version of I Became the Villain the Hero is Obsessed With.

  10. RealEason says:

    from the synopsis above it’s literally sounds like a cheap knockoff mango 🗿🗿

  11. Yuki says:

    So basically, MC enters the magical girl world as a character with ‘contract’ ability. Other than that, MC has a weak body. He wants to unify the villains and make them join forces with the magical girls to prevent bigger danger. So he will be the boss of the villains. He makes a contract with the character named Crow and other female villains. Like you expected in the tag: harem of villains. MC has a confrontation with a magical girl and the police.

  12. White says:

    Ayo this is readable boys

  13. Poison Tester says:

    Hmm.. Not bad, MC looks more realistic than other isekaied Generic MC. He is human, felt guilty for doing something wrong but still forced himself to do it for his purpose.

  14. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

    I accidentally posted half a comment. i wanted to delete it but there is no damn delete button

  15. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

    I think I’ve seen that money-throwing plot in some movie.

  16. Sephir says:

    Noble upload moreeee

  17. So fast there ain’t any chapters yet

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